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Biblical Evangelism Strategy that Remnants Must Know




What is Specialized Ministry?


Original Work by: Rev. Kwang Su Ryu,



The specialized ministry that God desires and the specialized worker whom He seeks.


 No matter how similar they may be in appearance, there is a vast difference between a pair of disposable chopsticks and wooden chopsticks that have been handcrafted by an artisan who has put his heart and soul into making it, thus serving as a masterpiece that inspires all who look upon it. Specialized ministry is much like this example. It is necessary for Remnants to first come to the conclusion of specialized ministry. Specialized ministry takes place when a specialist who has this true Gospel (a person who is successful in their field) is raised as a true disciple. As he or she is rooted in the Gospel in their field and their area of specialty, God's perfect guidance leads them to raise another disciple(s).




There are three elements to specialized ministry in this Darakbang Evangelism Movement: the continuous Biblical Gospel 'message' with regard to specialized ministry; the 'specialist (messenger)' who continuously enjoys this blessing; and lastly, the continuous 'system' in the field of raising disciples. The historical flow of 'specialized ministry' from the start of the Darakbang Evangelism Movement In the summer of 1987 (August 2), God began the Darakbang Evangelism Movement in Busan, YoungDo-gu, DongSam-dong in the narrow, 72 square meter Dong Sam Jeil Church (now, Busan Immanuel Church) with approximately 30 church members and Rev. Kwang Su Ryu. Upon being appointed as the senior pastor of the church, Rev. Ryu began the 'Evangelism Basic Training' (1st Annual, November). The six Darakbang meetings that began through this training soon expanded into over thirty specialized meetings (elementary, junior high, senior high, college, young adult, industrial, and regional) just through Rev. Ryu's personal ministry. He was then invited as the main speaker to the Marturese Retreat hosted by GoShin University, and this became the platform for the evangelism movement throughout the nation. After the church moved to a shabby 105 square meter basement church, the small but solid base for specialized ministry (publications, praise, children, youth, college, young adult, etc.) began to be established. Concurrent to this ministry, Rev. Ryu began to push forward with proclaiming the message of the field of Gen. 3 and the evangelism message aimed towards the workers, awakening the pastors throughout the entire country. As a result of the ensuing conflict with Christian ecclesiastical authority, the Darakbang Evangelism Training Center was founded in October 1991. Following this, the system for the evangelism movement was established full-scale throughout the entire nation and the world. As the messages and answers of Biblical evangelism training were being received simultaneously, the respective systems for each missions department began to be constructed. Following the first 'Specialized (Team) Camp Training' in December 1997, the church moved to a new building (1994). With the founding of the 'World Evangelism Alliance' (1996) and 'Evangelism General Assembly' (1997), 30 or so various missions groups and missions departments-namely, the Businessperson's Association for World Missions, mental healing, children, youth, college, young adult, shaman, praise, and Taekwondo-began to take shape as models of specialized ministry. These things constitute the historic flow of the field that Remnants must keep in mind.




If this is the case, we must absolutely confirm the evidence the Bible reveals for specialized ministry. The Biblical model of specialized ministry, specialized church, and disciples (Priscilla and Aquila) More than anything else, Priscilla and Aquila were people who first and foremost were 'rooted in the Gospel' (Acts 2:9~10), who then met with the evangelist Paul (Acts 18:1~4) within God's accurate time schedule. They were specialists in a skill that was greatly needed in that age (tent-making), and God used them as central figures in saving the church (Acts 18:24~28), the home (1 Cor. 16:19), and the mighty nation of Rome (Rom. 16:3~5). They not only served the church, they dedicated their lives in continuously supporting Paul and his evangelism team without losing the sense of unity. More than anyone else, they abundantly enjoyed the blessing of the specialized church through their skills and business, while having their spiritual eyes open to find other evangelism disciples like themselves in the field. The central figures in the evangelization of Rome and the world (the workers of Rom. 16) were evangelists; politicians; and financial leaders like Theophilus, to whom the books of Luke and Acts were addressed; and Gaius, who was the host of the evangelists and the entire church. The historic, commemorative, representative, foundational, and irresistible grace was bestowed upon them and this in turn became their basis for completely saving the fields in which they were situated as well as the entire church.






Remnants, the central figures of specialized ministry who will save the elites in the field with 300% specialty!


The photographer of National Geographic uses 2,000 rolls of film, approximately 36,000 cuts of pictures, for a given theme. In order to choose 20 to 24 of the best images, the photo editor must endure the arduous task of examining each of the 36,000 cuts. In most cases, a hundred or so quality pictures are pushed aside, but that is what we consider to be specialty. Like the evangelist Paul, even if it is just one Remnant, we must enter into the highly selective elite class, and restore our commission for the untouched regions that others refuse to go into. In specialized ministry, you do not always have to be ranked number 1; it is a ministry that most effectively relays the Gospel through similar sentiments that arise from being in the same specialized field. Remnants are 'spiritual elites' who are armed with prayer, the Word, and faith. They are also the 'lifestyle specialists' who do not cast aside the opportunity that God has presented to them (skills, world, self) because of their own laziness. They are the 'specialists who will revive the world' with a Gospel-centered plan for themselves and the world (world, culture, elite).




Let us restore 300% specialty in order to reform the culture through the name of Christ with the cultural centers that will be established in front of all of the schools, and the representative Remnant Unity Training Centers that will be built in every region. Let us prepare as Remnants whose thoughts remain in the greatest place, whose heart begins from the lowest point, and who have the spiritual eyes open to see the facts. Although our studies may seem too much for us to bear sometimes and our skills may appear to be small in comparison to those of others, let us fully trust God who commends us as being 'good and faithful servants.' National Geographic In 1888 with the goal of 'organizing a society for the increase and diffusion of geographical knowledge,' the National Geographic Society was born. It started out as a studious, scientific journal, hardly recognizable to the color illustrated periodical that it is it today, known for pictures of unparalleled quality, realistic journalism, and world-renowned documentaries. From its inception, the goal of this magazine was not to satisfy the intellectual curiosities of a limited audience; rather, this magazine labored to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge to all readers. Nowadays, this magazine not only educates people on matters of geography, but also on nature, humanity, cultures, history, archaeology, ecology, the environment, and even outer space. It has become a comprehensive periodical that has developed new and exciting vehicles for broadening their reach over the past 116 years.



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