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Lay out a 100 year plan - The Biblical Evangelism Strategy Remnants Must Know - Part VI




What is the Regional Church?




Original Author: Reverend Ryu, Kwang Su 




Hae Gyung's Secret Diary


April 5th, 2006 (Earth Day) Weather: clear


- 3rd grade, Gospel Elementary School Name: Hae Gyung Park


- Title: God this is just too much(ㅠ.ㅠ)




My name is Haegyung Park. My name comes from each of the characters found in my parents' names. 'Hae' means grace and 'Gyung' means strength. My name is about 'Being strong in His grace and His mighty power' (2Tim 2:1). But I was really sad this morning. Jihoon, who is my classmate and neighbor went to an amusement part with this family and my best friend Eunhae went to watch Harry Potter with friends. So, I got angry. God, you understand me, right? On top of that, I got into fight with my brother and got my mom angry at me. Mom took my brother to a regional camp and I was left alone and I started crying. I really hate the Regional Church and I hate camp, as well.




April 6th, 2006 (Thursday) Weather: cool wind


- 3rd grade, Children's Evangelism School Name: Hae Gyung Park


- Title: I don't know God... (i _ i)?(^_^)


Mom got angry at me again because I refused to help run her errands. I was sad again and was standing in front of the front door with my face down when my grandfather called me. He asked, "Haegyung, don't you want to go for jjajjangmyun (Chinese noodle) with me?" God, as you know, I can't just start smiling right after crying. Grandfather's rough but warm hand patted my back. I smiled back at him and we went for the Chinese noodles, and it was so good. Then we went to see grandfather's small farm where he grows vegetables. He said, " Haegyung, look," and when I looked at where his finger pointed, I could see the stem of the yams that my family planted last Saturday. I instantly said, "yam grass" since I couldn't remember exactly what it was. Grandfather laughed out loud and said, "Yes, but those are the Regional Churches and camps that you hate," and he continued to tell me things I could not quite understand. Although I don't remember much, I will write down some of the things he said. (1) In order to have good yam, you need to grow the seed of a good yam. (2) You need to take care of the yam as it grows and the land needs to smell like fart. (3) For it to be strongly rooted, it needs to look at the sun and the moon, and needs to drink clean rain. (4) When the stems grow long, within it is a hidden treasure. Hmm, I really don't know, he really gave me a difficult riddle.




 April 5th 2007 (Earth Day) As I think about my grandfather


- 4th grade Name: Hae Gyung Park


- Title: To my grandfather in heaven\ ( ^^)(^-^)(^^ )/


Hi, grandfather who loved me so much, although I was such a trouble maker! How was your journey to God as you took off early last summer? You lived 91 years on the land in which you planted the yams. I am wondering whether you can grow yams where you are now. There is much good news, grandfather. Jihoon finally came to the expanded Sunday school last week and accepted Christ. Eunhae does not miss church to go watch movies, she gives worship next to me. Hehe (*^-^*) and our home became a mission home. On Saturdays, I go to the expanded Sunday school, and after that, my friends and I go to the children's evangelism school. My youngest sibling and mom go to the infant Darakbang meeting on Monday with the ladies with huge stomachs. On Wednesdays, the encouragers and deacons have prayer meetings, share the Gospel, and do forum. Some gentlemen with suits come on Thursdays to give worship. Grandfather in heaven, Haegyung understands it a little bit. I discovered the hidden treasure after taking away the long stems of the yams. You planted them first, and you gave me precious yams to eat. I want to plant 'the yam of the Gospel' in my friends just as you did everyday. I will pray so that our house can become a Regional Church and I can become the Gospel Elite. Grandfather, good bye. I will write you more later.




In the age of evangelism camp, stand as a Remnant, the main figure of the Regional Church and the 70 workers!


When you follow the flow of the message from November 1998 to 1999 (14 messages about the Regional Church), you can see how the messages concentrate on the definition and basic strategy of the Regional Church through the conferences in Korea and outside Korea. From the year 2000, the full-scale evangelism camp message came out and this laid out a platform to realize the regional church in the field. From the year 2001 until now, the system that has no choice but to be continued, and the platform of 'Church Reformation' that is rediscovering the Biblical and historic Gospel message is being established through 'the Gospel Letter', 'EBS Basic Training Message', '10 Foundations of Faith', and 'the Westminster Shorter Catechism.' If the purpose of the Specialized Church is to evangelize to people through your specialty, the Regional Church is about planting disciples in a region in order to reform the culture of the region. It is everyday field strategy through church. Just as it was with the Antioch Church, the Regional Church is about plowing into the following 7 fields - shamanism (Acts 13:5), Jewish people (Acts 14:14-19), culture of demons (Acts 16:16-18), commercial regions (Acts 17:1-19), power of idols (Acts 18:1-4), Athens (Acts 19:8-20) and prison (Acts 28:30-31) - define the origin of the problem, give the answer, and lead to true healing through the spiritual battle with the correct Gospel. The Regional Church can be a visible church as it was in Macedonia, and it can also be an invisible church as it was in Rome, where the church was centered around the disciples. However, the Regional Church system is prepared through a layperson leader like one of the 70 workers in the Early Church, who helped with the mission homes and were responsible for his or her region. When one of the '70 workers,' who is a model in his field that receives true answers, and prays sincerely for his region, other committed evangelists will be raised up around that disciple. With the advent of the age of evangelism camp, which is a systematic evangelism method and the completion of Biblical evangelism, the Regional Church strategy has been greatly strengthened. Now, when the evangelism disciples go into the field and take the Regional Church as their base, they can experience the powerful working of the Spirit through evangelism camp where consecutive answers from Darakbang to specialized ministry take place according to the time schedule of the region. The three components of the Regional Church are the Layperson's Movement that allows believers to receive answers in the fields and be victorious; the Disciple Movement that gathers workers who will save the region; and the Evangelism Movement that reforms the culture so that everyone can hear the Gospel. Remember that you are the 8th Remnant, the evangelism disciples of the Regional Church who will continue this strategy for the rest of your lives with a heart that loves the Gospel. You will be the ones who continue to break down the forces of Satan, help God's servants, and carefully observe God's time schedule. The power of the Regional Church that will be raised up in the golden fishing ponds and spiritual blind spots When I was in college, one friend came to my Regional Church. His eyes were not clearly focused and were filled with anxiety. He participated in the morning prayer meetings, the department mission home and Saturday field evangelism. Over the summer vacation, he was led to the Evangelism Institute. It almost seemed as if he had no other choice and lived everyday like he was living the last day of his life. But I saw the true reality. When a solid system was raised in the golden fish pond and in the spiritual blind spots, a person who was without a place to rest was able to find peace and gain strength through this system. This is the power of the Regional Church the Remnants must experience. I pray that you will one day stand as witnesses and models to other Remnants that will come after you.

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