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Part 09 Team Camp Training

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Lay out a 100 year plan The Biblical Evangelism Strategy Remnants Must Know Part IX




Team Camp Training




Original Author: Rev. Kwang Su Ryu Written by: Assistant Pastor Kyung Do Park (Kwang Ju Dae Church)




Meaning behind Team Camp Training - meeting, place, disciple. 


This happened a few weeks ago. It was a week of blessing where one meeting was followed by another. First was the meeting with my wife who gracefully got over the pain of childbirth with thanksgiving and the very first meeting with my daughter, Hye Kyung, who made me realize what life is all about and I humbly gave glory to God once again. Could there be anything that could stir everyone’s hopes, expectations, love and sympathy than the sounds of a newborn? Putting aside for a moment the joy that hadn’t passed away, I ran to Goshin University. I used to walk up the steep slope panting for breath, but on this particular trip I felt myself taking a deep sigh and feeling the weight of the 10 years that had passed since I was a student. The door to the prayer room, which was stained by my hands, and the musty smell have remained the same. This is the place where I listened to the Word of God, came to know evangelism, and poured out my heart through prayer. Even now this still takes a place in my mind and will not go away. It is because at this place there are disciples remaining even now. I met up with a classmate who had not graduated yet. And I encouraged and comforted him. I shared tea with my juniors who were living at the Mission Home. And I earnestly requested to enjoy the blessing of meetings, places, and disciples. I met with a friend of mine, ChunSuk1). I shared the Word of God and blessed him for walking the way of the Lord and his marriage. Within the short steps that lead toward a meeting, a place, and a disciple, the keen feelings I feel every time and the topic that I earnestly request are always the same. And that is solely ‘the guidance of the Holy Spirit.’




The Team Camp Training model as it appeared in the Bible - the Antioch Church and Paul’s Team Through the disciples who held to the covenant that Jesus is the Christ as their own message, the door of evangelism and missions (beyond training) was widely opened (Acts 2:9~11, 41~42). What is the significance of the meeting of Paul and Barnabas and the sending off of an evangelism team supported by the Antioch Church? What the Bible illuminates intensively is ‘the meeting with disciples’ who will receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit and open the door of the field and continue, as opposed to a gathering of great numbers of people. The Antioch Church, which became a model for team ministry, was able to see God’s grace (Acts 19:23) and within the guidance of the Holy Spirit they saw that the hands of the Lord were with them (Acts 19:21). Rather than placing their emphasis on gathering big crowds in the midst of persecution, they raised up the disciples who would evangelize in the field and were recognized as the people of Christ (Acts 19:26). Even though the whole world was suffering from famine, the financial blessings that could help out the church of Jerusalem were a rightful blessing that these people received. The conclusion of Team Camp Training is to receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit and open up the already-prepared doors in the field of the entire world as we overcome the limitation of the geographic region called Israel, and raise up the disciples who will continue on.




What kind of answers must the Remnants receive through Team Camp Training? From the shock and grace received from the ‘1st Level Camp Training,’ most of the disciples relay the Gospel with joy to whomever they meet. Of course there are fruits and many Darakbangs are opened, but there are a few worries that pop up. “But how come I cannot seem to continue?”, “I do it diligently by myself,” “What is the reason why I feel so frustrated?” Then this is the time schedule for you to ask yourself important questions whether the evangelism movement and the answers to prayer are being continued within thanksgiving and to take part in Team Camp Training2). There are things that we need to open our eyes to and we need to change the course of our direction through Team Camp Training. It is not simply the evangelism that has been misunderstood until now, but we must experience the evangelism of going out to find the doors that God has already prepared. And more importantly, it is opening our eyes to the Biblical evangelism to go out and find the people who will continue, and the field that we will continue. There are two important commissions that the team minister must realize after the training. First, it is the ministry of finding and raising up the minister (Darakbang minister) that will continue the Word Movement within the church. Second is the blessing of finding and raising up the committed worker within the region before evangelizing. From then on the Darakbang materials are seriously needed, and at the same time one must be able to utilize them well.




When I was in high school, I formed a team with friends, and we requested to our assistant pastor to let us listen to the message that would open up our eyes. While praying together, I discovered the field (school) as my answer and we decided the time and place. As we were purposely treading the field several times, we tried to keep our hearts burning and reexamined the message. Ah! It was that day. On one side was the praise evangelism and on the other side were the meetings with new believers, and we sent the people who accepted to our juniors who were prepared as the ministers who would continue. Afterwards, we met up with the new people individually, nurtured and solidified them, opened up Darakbangs, and the ministers led them to the churches they were attending to give worship. This is not just content that we will cherish solely as points of reminiscence in a photo album. We must dust it off and insert a new blueprint. It is because this is something that will take place immediately when you meet the disciples that God has perfectly prepared in advance in the field, for you the Remnants. We can be thankful all the time, not because this can take place ahead with my own ability or be hindered by my lack of ability, but because the Holy Spirit leads us and this is the answer that will undoubtedly be fulfilled.


1) He is a friend of the author whom he evangelized to while attending JinHae High School; he is currently doing his ministry at HaeYang Church. More details are introduced in “What is Darakbang?” (December 2005 issue)


2) This is for those who completed 1st Level Camp Training at least six months ahead and are leading six or more Darakbangs. They need to submit a copy of their completion certificates for 1st Level Camp Training, a written testimony of Darakbang ministry, and a recommendation by the head of the church session to the office of the Training Center (051-403-5692), and after the examination of the application you will receive information (for 4 nights and 5 days). More information and application forms are available at www.darak.net under the link, Training.

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