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Lay out a 100 year plan - The Biblical Evangelism Strategy the Remnants Must Know - Part 11




Specialized Camp Training




Original Author: Rev. Kwang Su Ryu (President, World Evangelism Alliance for World Evangelization)




Mini forum theme: What is Specialized Camp’


Timothy : I sent notes and emails before, but as you were busy with your field ministry, I haven’t had a chance to post the Gospel forum on the online bulletin board. I apologize for this. First of all, I need to add a new friend. I confirmed by checking the cell phone number; please reconfirm whether this has already been posted online or not.


Paul : To my beloved son, Timothy, I pray you may have grace and peace in Christ.


Ananias : I am so honored to be invited to this imaginary interview despite my old age and weaknesses. Timothy and Paul, you are my lifelong joy:)


Paul : Pleasure is all mine. We are always monitoring from far away how you, as the leader of the regional church in Damascus, are raising up evangelism disciples. You are our precious model and true witness of Christ, setting an example for other disciples.


Timothy : Yes, I, too, have heard about you, Ananias, from the evangelism disciple many times at the specialized camp training meetings. So, I have some questions. What meaning or significance does specialized camp training have? Some of the similar terms are a little confusing; please organize them for us.


Ananias : Rather than giving you theological definitions, I would like to give you my own testimony. Because I tend to be introverted, I preferred enjoying the more private answers of the mission home, more so than the answers received standing before large numbers of people. So, the Lord gave me the gift to listen to others, comfort and heal them. I think this was very well applied when I met the Paul.


Paul : The Gospel messenger was praying earnestly for the regional church in Damascus while I was suffering from unexplainable emptiness, questions from the past, without having anyone to confide in. :( Everyone ran away the moment I, the persecutor, approached. But then, I came so see nothing in darkness, and as I was trying to end my life in hopelessness, Ananias came to see me.


Timothy : Can I understand that to mean that when you Paul, came to me, although I was someone who grew up as a Remnant in the Gospel, you relayed the accurate Gospel to me and helped me receive the blessing of world evangelization? More specifically, you helped me solve my conflicts regarding becoming a minister.


Ananias : That is right. I am weak and lacking, but I did my best with the occupation and the field God has allowed me. And because even the very strength to do all those things came from God, I really have nothing to boast about. How the Gospel is being rooted in each field is important. Timothy : I see. Your honest forum as a witness is touching my heart. Lastly, I would like to ask you to share your final words regarding the specialized camp training before we wrap up this mini forum.


Paul : The special answer that Jesus gave as He was expanding the kingdom of God to the ends of earth through regional and specialized church was the blessing of special ministry, called ten million disciples of the world. I would like to let you know that you can receive the kind of training that enables you to heal and give answers through the Gospel to whomever you meet, wherever you meet, and however you meet, regardless of their age and social levels.




The history and meaning of Specialized Camp Training.


After the World Evangelism Alliance for World Evangelization set sail in May of 1995, the third 70 Workers Training began its course. This was followed by the opening of the Businesspersons Association for World Missions in October, and the following year, the first Businesspersons Conference and the Missionary Training Center opened with the purpose of discovering regional church workers who would find disciples in the eight fields. Finally, on September 10, 1997, the General Assembly for World Evangelization was founded. Historically, specialized camp training began at a point when specialized ministries were actively arising in each of the various fields. Also, representing the core of the third 70 Workers Training, it became a training that solidifies the foundation of the true regional church leaders who are the very members of the specialized church and regional church, who have become rooted in their own special fields. Everyone has a special gift that God has given to them. Specialized Camp Training is the most important training for the individuals who have discovered the special ministries through which they will receive lifelong answers. They must receive these answers in order to be commissioned as the leader of a specialized church. Applicants for the specialized camp training must be graduates of the Evangelism Institute, be Mission Home hosts, and evangelists who have completed the first 70 Workers’ Training (Field Camp Training). They are to watch the specialized ministry Lecture 14 (part 1: testimony; part 2: healing, part 3: the mystery of prayer) on videotape and take notes and turn them in. At the time of the training, they have to partake in training for one night and two days with the training participants, and have a workshop with them during Team Ministry Camp Training at the headquarters. After completion, they can apply for the third 70 Workers? Training, and by continuously listening to the messages at each regional church conference, they can participate in the direction of the regional church management and world evangelization.




The Specialized Camp Training that the Remnant must prepare as the central figures of specialization, globalization, and evangelization


When I attended the Specialized Camp Training, my wife, who was a college student at the time, happened to go with me as a training participant. My wife was teamed with the wife of an assistant pastor from the region, who is currently serving as a missionary in Ecuador, and I was put with a team with someone who was a senior to me which was somewhat burdensome. For the content, I was able to become solidly established on the 14 week specialized messages, and it became such a great opportunity to receive an answer for expanding the evangelism field with through field team ministry and specialized (regional) church as our background. However, regardless of all this, nothing really remains in my memory strongly except for circling near the Taejong Dae beach every morning by myself and praying, giving my sincere confession that this training is what makes up my life, blood, and flesh, and makes me be ‘my true self.’ Just like the specialized camp training messages, the souls in many fields are suffering as their fundamental problems (prenatal, preschool-6th grade), cultural problems (youth), intellectual problems (college, young adult), and problems with their present reality (current generation) become more severe. Undoubtedly, the Remnants are the historic central figures of unity, who can solve all of these problems. Let us, then, go deeply into the Gospel, become rooted in it, and discover God’s plans. If our current reality is far from God’s desire, we can run hard toward it, and if God’s plan is before us right now, we can simply enjoy it with thanksgiving and give glory to God. As I prepare the Specialized Camp Training, I hope and anticipate that the beloved Remnants will be raised as the central figures of specialization, globalization, and evangelization.

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