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Lay out a 100 year plan The Biblical Evangelism Strategy Remnants Must Know – Part XII


Evangelism Camp Training




Original Author: Rev. Kwang Su Ryu Written by: Assistant Pastor Kyung Do Park (Kwang Ju Dae Church)




Hae Gyung’s “Evangelism Journal” Story Oath


The first page of the evangelism journal begins with a written oath. Oath ‘II, (Hae-Gyung Park) vow to devote myself to the ministry of Evangelism regional church, Technical (skills) missions, Laypeople missions for God, for the church, and for the pastor in order to fulfill the Lord’s last command for world evangelization.’ December 23, 2023 RUTC Church




Last winter, as soon as vacation began, the 31st World Youth Evangelism Camp Training was held at the RUTC (Remnant Unity Training Center) in Deokpyung. With my Remnant Journal in one hand and the evangelism journal in the other, my senior year of high school that other students face with difficulty was a great joy to me. I don’t have a specific idea yet of which specialty I will take, and because I have a lot of greed, I circled 1, 2, and 3. My friend from France, who received training with me received first place in the international design competition and is going to study overseas in Milan. My other friend from Tanzania vowed to become a missionary so I was able to see him once more at the R.U.T.C. in Deokpyung and for that I was very thankful.




Evangelism counterparts


The second page in the evangelism journal is a blank sheet so that we can write the names of the people we’d like to evangelize to. School - My friend, Dae-Hee Jung, is the complete opposite of me. Whereas I’m a tomboy, she’s very calm and she gets good grades in school. She’s not that popular in school though, because when something doesn’t go her way, she frowns and makes a scary face. Last year, her parents got divorced and ever since, she speaks less. I’ve been carrying around a message tape entitled ‘Family Problems and Gospel Healing,’ waiting for the opportunity to give it to her, but it proved to be much harder than I thought. So yesterday, I bought some pretty stationary and wrote her a letter expressing myself very honestly to her and left it in her desk. Today, she came up to me and asked me if I wanted to go with her to Familyland this weekend. Can you believe it?




Academy - I attend an academy for Chinese conversation and my teacher in class A is really handsome. He has a nice voice, and is so friendly that he?s the number one object of interest for all the female students. I suppose I’m not an exception either. However, he is really interested in transcendental meditation and I’ve heard him explain it during classes and encourage students to try it during their after-school tutorial sessions. Since he’s a teacher that I really like, it hurts to see him in that state. So, after class one day, I shared the Gospel with him but he completely ignored me and responded with a lengthy and redundant discourse and I didn’t know how to answer the things that I really had no idea about. Neighborhood - I like to share stories of Jesus with newborn babies and children. Even the troublemakers in church run up to me saying, ‘Hae-Gyung’ and follow me around, kissing me on the cheek. Even Won-Jun the head of the gang follows me around. At first, he used to come to the extended Sunday school and fight with the other students and scribble in my prayer journal. However, as I began to understand Won-Jun’s painful scars and encouraged him, Won-Jun began to apply the Word of God in his life as well. Now, Won-Jun is serving as the group leader and every Wednesday afternoons, we get into groups with the other students and pray. Then, we go out with the extended Sunday school to do praise evangelism camp.




MEMO Message


Every morning, in my scheduled prayer time, I read over the Remnant Journal and meditate on the Word that will be fulfilled. Then during my evening scheduled prayer time, I reread the memo section of my evangelism journal where I recorded my spiritual problems, my lifelong prayer topics, my history and my will in a loud voice as I make a renewed resolution. ‘What must I do in order to become an evangelism disciple whom God desires the most?’ ‘Am I a disciple that pastors and assistant pastors remember in their time of prayer?’ ‘Will I be remembered by all those who know me as a person as someone who has the image of complete Gospel, complete evangelism, and complete missions?’ I ask myself these questions as I fill up the empty page again. Although it is difficult, it is beneficial to me so I wrestle with myself even today.




The Evangelism Camp Training where I am able to get the true taste of the Gospel, Evangelism, and the Disciple


There are three things that evangelism disciples who will save the field must know and enjoy. First and foremost, whichever field we go into, wherever that may be, we must establish the evangelism regional church where God’s works will arise. We must realize the importance of skills missions (or technical missions) whereby we receive God’s sure blessings in the works that we are undertaking now. In addition, we must take part in lay missions which is the way for us to partake in God’s absolute desire of world missions. Through the evangelism camp training, we must realize who the true disciples are and receive more than grace from the messages-we must receive a message that we can factually apply and put into practice. In addition, through the workshop, we must firmly establish the regional church through the camp and experience a new beginning by raising workers for continuation, namely, the V.I.P evangelism disciples (Rom. 16, Heb. 11). The decisive moment of this evangelism movement where disciples raise other disciples is this evangelism camp training.




On May 19, 2003, a seminar for pastors on the subject of evangelism camp training was held. Shortly thereafter, from June 9th to the 13th, the 1st Evangelism Camp Training was held and 32 people received the certification for this training. The messages in the evangelism camp training helps workers come to a conclusion regarding themselves, and a conclusion regarding the work that they are doing. During these three days, there are a total of 25 lectures, including discipleship messages (11 lectures), practical message I (people of the covenant who have the consuming passion, total 5 lectures), practical message II (put the message into practice with the posture of the watchman, total 5 lectures), practical message III (begin with the heart of leaving a will behind, total 4 lectures). Rev. Kwang-Su Ryu then gives a special lecture and speaks about the evangelism disciple, the history of Darakbang, and gives a precious message about the evangelism camp.




The Disciple Mentality that is relayed from the Remnants who have the Gospel to the Remnants of the Field


It was the beginning of winter, and the weather was characterized by a bitter cold wave. I wondered for a long time whether I was a disciple or not as I decided whether I was fit to receive the evangelism camp training. After making the decision that I would attend the training, God bestowed His precious grace upon me and I realized, ‘Ah! Disciples are an absolute necessity!’ All the scars of my past, my limitations, and my problems were restored in the radiant light of the Gospel and I was able to receive true peace. The evangelism camp training began with the somewhat appalling assignment of recording all of my spiritual problems that I know about, my spiritual problems that others know about, and my spiritual problems that I do not know about. I even tasted an inexpressible gratitude in my heart and experienced the end of my nose tingling with the tears that I was holding back when I organized my lifelong prayer topics and my will. The lecturer who spoke with such passion needed to use the fan to cool him down even in the cold winter weather, the food prepared by the deacon in charge of the Deokpyung Mission Home was as good as the grace we received, and the certificate and the evangelism journal that we received at the end of the training, with the empty pages for us to write the names of our evangelism disciples, filled our hearts with anticipation. This inspired the hope in us to stand as pastors, as Remnants, and as anonymous evangelism disciples who would live for world evangelization, only leaving behind the fragrance of the Gospel.

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