The Outline of the Five Systems (Evangelism School, Evangelism Institute, Missionary Training Center, General Assembly Theological School & Seminary, A.U.C.)




Original Author: Rev. Kwang Su Ryu Written by: Assistant Pastor Kyung Do Park (Kwang Ju Dae Church)




Remnant Day (Saturday) - 24 Hour Field Report File 6:00 A.M. - General Assembly with Assistant Pastor ‘Early Dawn’ Lee I am now reviewing today’s schedule and meetings that are written in my Remnant Journal after having led early morning prayer. Especially today at the core training in Seoul, the students and graduates of the General Assembly will have time to do special praise as they celebrate ‘The Week Sponsored by the General Assembly.’ I am thankful that someone as lacking as I was able to study at the school built solely for the Gospel and evangelism. It is also my great honor and pride that many of my senior as well as junior pastors graduated from this seminary and are scattered domestically and overseas. They are taking up the ministry of the Gospel and evangelism as they play the role of field warfare commanders in the RUTCs and the field.




7:00 A.M. - Senior Deaconness, aka ‘Prayer’ Jun’s Missionary Training Center I used to worry a lot by myself, thinking, ‘What would be the use of evangelism trainings in my old age?’ But as I attended the Missionary Training Center, I came to realize that there would be no value to my 80 years of life that I had lived without raising up any disciples in the eight areas (Darakbang, Team Ministry, Mission Home, Specialized Church, Cultural Center, Healing Ministry, and Overseas Korean Ministry). Because I listened to the Word of God along with the youth, I seemed to be changing everyday and the old men at the welfare center for the elderly tell me that I have gotten prettier. Go figure! Today the elderly center is taking us on a tour bus to see the autumn leaves. This is a secret, but among the welfare volunteer workers for the elderly, there are some deaconesses from the specialized ministry training center. We decided to form teams and do evangelism camp, and I am now making lunch. Do you want to try this’ Let’s talk more next time since I am really busy right now...




11:30 A.M. - College student, aka ‘Evangelism’ Chin and Evangelism School Hello, Big Brother! Thanks for all your hard work. Shh, we need to talk softly since I am at College Evangelism School right now. The friend sitting next to me is a fellow classmate of the same major. He accepted Christ during the worship service at the college regional church this week and came with me to Evangelism School for the first time. He told me that he had an older sister who had difficulties similar to his and that she must hear this Gospel by all means. I prayed and prepared sermon message tapes and a evangelism tract/brochure, and I am meeting her to share the Gospel together with the assistant pastor after evangelism school. Please pray for us. Evangelism School starts at 11 A.M. simultaneously in all levels, age groups, and regions, and during lunch and in the afternoon evangelism camp follows in the field. I have to go now since the friend that I evangelized to is inside waiting. Tell your troublemaking little brother not to be late for College Evangelism Institute in the afternoon.




2:00 P.M. - A.U.C. (America University of California) with Pastor ‘Field’ Chung Hahaha! We’ve met before. Last time you did a good job editing the video on evangelism materials for the shamans’ camp and it was a great help. As we are doing the camp according to each theme centered on the children of shamans or families with extreme idol worshipping, I am writing a thesis about the cause of the sufferings of mankind and its consequences, and I am in the final stage of finishing it. I now know what evangelism is, and this thesis is something that I can leave behind as the Biblical evangelism material in the A.U.C., so that other pastors would not go through the troubles that I once did. I posted my writing on and committed workers here and there are telling me that they need it and have requested a copy. All I have left to do is review over and over again the grounds for the interviews of the witnesses who have accepted Jesus and changed. It is time to go to my regional Darakbang, where a former shaman attends. Would you like to come with me to do evangelism forum and pray for our prayer topics.




5:00 P.M. - My family’s happy trip to Evangelism Institute My mom and dad go hand in hand to Kwang Ju Evangelism Institute. HyeKyung, my teenage sister, participates in a club at Youth Evangelism Institute although she denies that she is going there to meet a boy named Joon Suk, and insists that she is going there to listen to the Word. I am worried a little bit since I have tests next week, but I am going to the playground Field Evangelism Camp that is held once a month at Children’s Evangelism Institute. I teamed up with Won Joon, and we have been praying since last week to evangelize to the cotton candy man. I hope the door of playground Darakbang would open through him. By the way, I gave him the video ‘Happy Gift’ last week and he really liked it. I am going to the Remnant Core Training message later let’s go there together to share the Gospel. Hurry up!




<From the Saturday Remnant Day Special “Model-like field of the Biblical Evangelism System”> Five evangelism systems for the continuation of the evangelism movement (system) As each individual grabs hold of the vision of the 20 Biblical Evangelism Strategies, how can he or she receive continual blessings without crumbling? The Remnants can be victorious in any field only if they experience the five basics (Darakbang, Team Ministry, Mission Home, Specialized Ministry, and Regional Church) and equip themselves with true healing and the reasonable attitude of the Remnants. In addition to this, they must grab hold of the five trainings (First Level Camp Training, Tour (traveling) Team Camp Training, Field Camp Training, Specialized Camp Training, and Evangelism Camp Training) as their answers and be rooted in the Gospel, which will become the turning point of their life. Afterwards, as they receive guidance according to the Word of God inside of the five systems (Evangelism School, Evangelism Institute, Missionary Training Center, General Assembly Theological Seminary, and the A.U.C.), whoever it may be can enjoy the mystery to continue with the covenant of world evangelization. Also the evangelism systems can become the stepping stone for the success of the Remnants, who are rightfully moving forward to the future. Evangelism School is there to help you understand evangelism through the Word of God and the establishment of committed workers in order to penetrate through regions and social classes, and to continue the evangelism movement in the field; Evangelism Institute helps root down the regional workers who will save regions everywhere by looking at the Bible and field from an evangelist’s point of view; the Missionary Training Center trains leaders and reproduces disciples in eight areas, in any field, by helping them understand missions and correct discipleship; the General Assembly Theological Seminary, which lays out evangelism camps and evangelism theology through the Word of God (the Bible which is accurate and free from flaws), and helps raise up correct pastors; last, but not least, the A.U.C which helps continue world evangelization through the organization and research of Biblical evangelism and missions materials: these are the evangelism systems which are the platforms of the Remnants. The prayers of the Remnants are surely and definitely answered by God. Perhaps your prayer topics may not be correct and if that is the case, God will lead you precisely in the direction where your prayer topics will be gradually revised, supplemented, and completed. Although the beginning may seem poor in the eyes of business people and feeble in the eyes of politicians, when you look at the evangelism systems through the eyes of the Gospel inside of the guidance of the Holy Spirit, it is a perfect piece of God’s work in order to continue with world evangelization. When we run and fall down inside the ark of salvation, we can put on some bandages and get back again but there are those outside the ark in the midst of life’s storms. They have lost hold of the solution to life and are running after their success; as we look at them, what must we prepare? I hope today will be a day to prepare a life that is worth living, a life that can present the accurate solution within the Biblical Evangelism Systems.

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