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Part 14 - Evangelism School

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Lay out a 100 year plan The Biblical Evangelism Strategy that Remnants must know - Part XⅣ




Evangelism School




Original Author: Rev. Kwang Su Ryu (President of the World Evangelization Evangelism Alliance) Written by: Assistant Pastor Kyung Do Park (Kwangju Dae Church) Illustrator: Seul Kee Yoon




Evangelism School Essays


Northern Busan Evangelism School - My face became red. Not because of the piercing winter wind but because of emotions coming forth out of my heart as I was remembered the message given by Pastor Chun Rok Oh. Pastor Oh passionately described the Gospel and evangelism with his signature Kyungsang regional accent and his unforgettable wide eyes. I silently wept when the messages of ‘Only Christ,’ ‘Solution to all problems’ and ‘Only evangelism’ were proclaimed. I was shocked to find out that evangelism is something that naturally takes place, and I was so shocked to learn about the fundamental spiritual problem. As harmony and sounds are orchestrated when different instruments come together, when the messages on the Gospel and evangelism came together in my mind in unison, my heart throbbed with indescribable emotion. Because we were disciples we were gathered together late at night--at an hour that is difficult to get people together--and we were proud to be addicted to the Gospel and evangelism.




Busan Region College Evangelism School - We were always very punctual. Every Saturday, we gathered, listened to the message, went out to the field and cried. We gathered to share our testimonies in the field. We listened to the profound messages of the Gospel and the realities of the spiritual battle. We went out to evangelize the region and the field. We cried for the thirsty souls to come back to the Lord: it was so enjoyable. Every weekend we continued to evangelize in Haeyang, Dongah, Dongju, and Goshin universities. Evangelism was rooted deeply in our minds, and the Gospel that had become placed in my heart was relayed to others.




Kwang Ju Children’s Evangelism School - People with all kinds of backgrounds and personalities accepted the Gospel. They became slowly rooted in the message as time passed by. Their forums were pure. My heart pounded as I thought of the Gospel that would be rooted within their hearts. They claimed to be the Gospel elites, the 8th Remnant, and the main figures of the Remnant Unity Training Center (RUTC). There was never a happier time in my life than when I went around with them preaching the Gospel. The Kwang Ju Dae Church Evangelism School It wasn’t an obvious or familiar sight. The people around them were unaware of the power of the elderly senior deaconesses, who walked about dependent on their canes. Who would understand the passion of the deacon who came late, running to the Darakbang scolding her crying children to keep up with her? And what about the elders who continued to participate in Darakbang despite their busy schedules at their workplaces? It really touched my heart. They said they could see the field as they continuously listened to the Gospel. The fruits of evangelism in their field testify of their faith and the Gospel.




The Evangelism School that will discover the disciples who will understand the Gospel and continue to evangelize


Evangelism School is a place that supplies the field messages 1) to the committed workers from various regions and of all ages and backgrounds, so that they can continue the evangelism movement in their fields. At Evangelism School, they gain strength from understanding the basic messages on the Gospel and evangelism, and disciples who are prepared in the field are connected to this system for the continuation of the evangelism movement. Through Evangelism School, the disciples among the new believers who will continue to do evangelism in the field are discovered. When these disciples receive the Gospel messages that will be delivered in their respective field, they receive the filling of the Holy Spirit.




When their understanding of evangelism is rooted in their minds, they are led to take part in the continuous stream of training at the headquarters through institutions like Evangelism Institute, and the Missionary Training Center. In order for Evangelism Schools to be continued, strategies that are fit for each field (e.g., school, apartment complex, factories), based on a thorough field analysis, are needed. When the workers receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit for full-scale evangelism team ministry, the organization of complete teams and the resulting testimonies are possible. When the fruits of evangelism come forth, a new evangelism strategy and school will emerge, and the evangelism movement then spreads to local churches. The purpose of Evangelism School In order to have continuation, Evangelism School must possess the mystery of evangelism and be rooted in it. In any field, five organizations can be established with the start of EvangelismSchool. Therefore, it is important to find disciples to plow into the field, while at the same time serve as cornerstones of this ministry. Rather than having Evangelism Schools based out of the local church, it is important to have Evangelism Schools anchored in the field. When an Evangelism School can unify disciples with the answers of the Gospel and evangelism at both the local and para churches, then it has truly captured the essence of what it means to be an Evangelism School.




 As witnesses of evangelism arise within the Evangelism School, the rest of the disciples gain strength and it helps everyone to correctly understand evangelism. The contents of the messages need to give real answers to the problems that individuals have, and at the same time they must be supplied with the correct diagnosis of the problems in the field. The answers to the problems that come from religion, the forces of darkness, the culture of corruption, the economies of darkness, and the spiritual problems that affect individual lives need to be given through the Gospel and evangelism; this is the purpose of Evangelism School. The management and system of Evangelism School Receiving the detailed guidance of the Holy Spirit is a must for the management and utilization of the Evangelism School as a system. Evangelism School lies at the core of Christian living, and it helps and raises the disciples for the world evangelization by giving them the correct motive and stimulus for the Gospel and evangelism. Through Evangelism School, disciples who are elected by God can open up their spiritual eyes to correctly see the field from the trainings that are provided at Headquarters. As the field training is conducted in a designated region, a worker who matches with the level and direction of the field can be raised.




When an Evangelism School is rooted in its system, Evangelism Schools by specialties and local specialized churches, and the Evangelism School that is centered on the local church can be established as well. Through mission homes for committed workers, works at Evangelism School should be directed to save unbelievers in the field. The Remnant evangelism disciple who enjoy the blessings of Evangelism School in the field How can a Remnant enjoy and restore the blessings of Evangelism School in the field? God’s desire is to save the future generation and to raise the elite Remnants. The reason to head out to the schools, hidden fields, and golden fishing grounds with the Gospel is so that we can raise up these Remnants. The field where these committed Remnants meet is Evangelism School. At Evangelism School, healing through the Gospel and a correct diagnosis of problems can take place. When the Remnants pray for their schools, workers for evangelism will arise and teams that will receive specialized blessings will form. As a result, the blessings to continually save hidden co-workers and unbelievers in the field will come about. We pray that the Remnants will pray so that the Biblical time schedule for Evangelism School in their fields can unfold.

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