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General Assembly Theological School & Seminary, a distinguished school for the establishment of Evangelism Theology




The story of Hae-gyung’s first love




             My father was always pleased at the fact that whenever I cried, I called out, “Daddy” rather than “Mommy.” Of course, when provided with the supplementary explanation that right after calling out, “Daddy,” I would, without a moment’s hesitation, run into my mom’s embrace, my father would chuckle and cast a reproachful glance at us. Saying that I was his pretty little daughter, he would rub his rough beard on my face and enjoy giving me kisses, “smooch smooch,” all the while employing his awkward sense of humor. This is my father.


             Do you remember? You first planted your church and were constantly running to the field dong ministry, and I gave you a letter… Last month, as I was organizing the study, I chanced upon a postcard in the drawer.


             Now I understand. You were always so devoted to other people, but you remained almost neglectful of your own family. When I was younger, I evangelized to my friend Jung-eun and in my immaturity, told her, “Let’s change places. Then maybe I’ll see my dad more.” Afterwards, I cried loudly in front of you.


             That year on your birthday, I wrote you a short postcard. “Dad, you may not be able to see this because you’re so busy, but Hae-gyung loves you very much.” After that, mom got mad at me for making you cry so much. No matter what anyone says, I’m your firstborn daughter. And I love you now more than ever before. Although it’s true that our relationship has become a bit estranged, I believe that you know my heart and will understand me better than anyone.


             The reason why I’m writing such a difficult letter to you is because of the following. (Rest omitted)




Dad’s response




(Heading omitted) During my time at the General Assembly Theological School & Seminary (GATS), I was given the opportunity to go to Tanzania prior to the missions convention. The vast land that lay before me was covered with grief and yet, there was still so much left to it. Unlike the night sky in Seoul where it is difficult to find even one star, the stars that shone in the sky were so clear and bright that no astronomical diagram was needed to distinguish one constellation from the next. The continent of Africa had a mysterious appeal that continued to draw me and hold me fixed in place, and that interest has persisted until today, with the construction of the RUTC in Africa.


             I am so thankful that Doongdoka is coming to study in the Dukpyeong RUTC and especially in the General Assembly Theological School & Seminary. As you said before, I saw his unfamiliar skin color and held stereotypes about his foreign culture instead of recognizing his true character, and for that, I am still ashamed. On one hand, I am in deep admiration of my daughter who has grown up so quickly, and on the other hand, I am afraid that my role in your life may be undermined by your new boyfriend. I think that is why I acted like an immature child, getting angry without cause and sitting anxiously by myself because of my inability to apologize for my reaction.


             All night long, I read your letter again and again, and it’s now engraved upon my heart. Although it seems a bit too late, I have now come to realize Doongdoka’s heart for the Gospel and his love for you, as well as your deep concern and truthfulness. Your mom and I have begun to pray for you and Doongdoka that the two of you may have a respectable, clear, and commendable relationship.


             Also, I hope that you would let Doongdoka know the following things about General Assembly Theological School & Seminary. (Rest omitted)




General Assembly Theological School & Seminary, which raises the leaders for world evangelization who have a clear understanding of evangelism and missions




             The General Assembly Theological School & Seminary was established for the purpose of “raising leaders (ministers) who have a clear understanding of evangelism and missions following the Lord’s greatest command of Mt. 28:16~20 through the study of the Bible and theology founded upon the accurate and unmistakable Word of God and orthodox theology.” This is the college that raises the spiritual leaders who will serve as the central figures in the movement of World Evangelization that the Lord has established upon the basis of the existence of the Darakbang Evangelism Movement and the Evangelism General Assembly. If we take a look at its connection with the previous five evangelism systems, the evangelism institute was established because failure in understanding evangelism is failure in everything. Missionary Training Center calls for the accurate enjoyment of missions, and because we must come to the conclusion in our skills in order to be used all lifelong, the Specialized Ministry Training Center was founded. The General Assembly Theological School & Seminary, then, is a place where disciples who have a clear understanding of evangelism and missions are chosen to be prepared as pastors and leaders. It is the place where theological students are serving the church which is the body of Christ, lighting the night as brightly as if it were day, and humbly raising the bar on academics under the motto of Gospel nature, prayer lifestyle, and world evangelization. The General Assembly Theological Seminary first began in early March 1999 when the cold gust of wind envious of the oncoming spring had yet to disperse. Youth barely over the age of twenty and white-haired seniors all gathered together in submission to Heaven’s decree of world evangelization. In 2001, studies continued in Sungnam in the Gyunggi province amidst the loud cries of the egg vendor on the streets in a neighborhood cluttered with motels. Through the devotion of all the Darakbang members and churches in Korea and the world, the school was moved to Icheon, Gyunggi province in August 2002 under the name “General Assembly Theological School & Seminary. No one can deny the fact that this school is playing an integral role in the RUTC and that all the students are fulfilling their commission as spiritual leaders devoting their body and soul in evangelism theology and the field as an army brigade for the worldwide evangelism camps.




Remnants who pray for General Assembly Theological School & Seminary where the 10 million disciples for world evangelization are being established




             My friend who had prayed for me endlessly and had eventually shared the Gospel with me told me that he had come into a bit of money from tutoring. He stalled a little, and then proceeded to ask me for my bank account information. I told him, “It’s fine, man! Wattaya see me as?!” I laughed the matter off, but I was very thankful. Last week, one of my college friends told me that he had just pulled off an important deal and that he was going to help out a few of the seminary students. “No, more than that, we need an alumnus to be established in our school. Contact them. The phone number is…” We were sitting together eating chicken deep into the night when we heard this, and all of us were moved yet again. One senior deaconess handed me an envelope that I carried with me with a heavy heart. I saw another assistant pastor who was having a harder time than me and when I shoved the envelope into his pocket, I felt so refreshed and happy. That’s right! We are students of the General Assembly Theological School & Seminary and perhaps for this reason, we are free from assessment and judgment. But what can I do. It is one month before graduation and now, as a graduate, I vow all the more that now, more than ever, more than ever before, I will stand before God and speak only of this Gospel in the church and in the field.


             The pastors of the General Assembly Theological School & Seminary stand before you Remnants, sometimes as drivers, or perhaps messengers, sometimes your life counselors, and other times, your friends. They receive strength through changes in the Remnants, love from Remnants, and the prayers of the Remnants. Through the continuous interest and concern of all the believers, the students of the General Assembly Theological School & Seminary are, even today, making their way into the camp field with light feet, holding only the Gospel as the main figures of the 10 million disciples.



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