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The Biblical Evangelism Strategy that Remnants must know part XIX




An outline of the 5 goals of Biblical Evangelism- “Unity is our future”




Original Author -  Rev. Ryu, Kwang-su (President of the World Evangelization Evangelism Alliance)


Written by - Assistant Pastor Park, Kyung-do (Yeil Church)




The first birthday of Hye-kyung – “This or that” (what will she pick?)




“Wah wah wah” (Why is it so noisy in here?) I cried because I didn’t feel good. My mom spoke as she was wiping away my blurred eyes. “Hye-kyung, today is your first birthday” “Wah wah wah?” (What is that?) I put on a pretty dress.“Wah wah shriek!” (I love this dress!)


There are so many people. The pastor and my grandma and grandpa are all smiling. Many people have come here including friends Yuh-kyung, Suh-yeon, Ye-na, Ye-won, Eun-chan, Kyung-won, and Hyun-ju. “Babble babble”(everyone, hello) There is so much food to eat but too bad my teeth are not fully developed (only four lower teeth and three upper teeth).


We are all giving worship to God. I also put on my ‘hands together to pray’ pose that I learned last month. It looks cute when big people chew away at their food like babies.


I have caught everyone’s attention and all eyes are now fixed on me. “Whine~”(bashfully) “Hye-kyung! Why don’t you pick something?” Among one, two, three, four, and five things, it was too hard to pick just one, so I opened my arms wide and took everything in with all my strength. “Whine~wah~”(All-in, everything is mine)




Gospel-oriented reinterpretation of the first birthday pick-up (“dol jabee”)1)




As her mother, I’m so thankful that Hye-Kyung is receiving God’s abundant love and growing well as a Remnant. There is something different about her; her kicking when she was in my stomach was no ordinary kicking. Though she could not open her eyes yet and was looking for milk, she was truly a gift from God. I put the pencil, yarn, and money aside. What would be the use for jujubes and cotton yarn? Instead, I put on the table the ‘future’ (unity), which I wanted to relay to her for sure.


There was a round globe sitting on the table. Next to it were the neatly stacked posters of the “Covenant Journey.” On the edge of the table was the RUTC offering box that looked like a loaf of bread. There was also a brightly shining red brick for the construction of the new church building. My husband wrote, “The Main Figure of Conquest, Park, Hye-kyung” on the offering envelope that was rather thick. I was very curious to know what she would pick. As she was raising her eyebrows and staring at them, she opened her arms wide and took everything in with all her strength.


“Yes, please be the main figure of the future and of unity by taking your mother and father as your platform.”




Five goals of unity to save the future




Seeing tomorrow’s blessing ahead of time as today’s answer is called “vision.” The goal of Biblical evangelism is accepting the inevitable blessing of Gospel unity as the rightful truth and enjoying it and receiving God’s irresistible grace of all grace. Then, what exactly are the five unities of saving the future?  




First, it is “business & industry missions”2) of breaking the economy of darkness and carrying out world missions.


Second, it is the “cultural center (ministry)”3) of challenging the culture of darkness with the Gospel.


Third, it is the “healing ministry”4) of healing the diseases of darkness using methods that are Biblical.


Fourth, it is the “specialized ministry”5) of raising up the evangelism disciples in the field of darkness.


Fifth, it is the “Remnant ministry”6) of completely saving this age of darkness with the Gospel, which is the greatest commission of building the Remnant Unity Training Center (RUTC).


The professionals who will save the elites will first gather together with the covenant in each of their specialties as the Gospel unity. Then workers in the field of culture with the Gospel will be united as one and lay out the cultural ministry that has the influence of changing the culture of darkness. Ultimately, only through the one and only unity ministry and business missions can the foundation of saving and raising up the Remnants be established. That is why we must open up the age of the RUTC. This is the very reason why we desire to become the stepping stone with the sincere heart in the face of various hardships.   




Remnants will save the Remnants!




No matter what anyone says, adults are the platform for the Remnants. That is why they are so precious and we must be thankful for them. I recall the 2006 World Remnant Conference, which was held last year. About ten thousand people gathered, but there was not even a word of complaint. In the midst of the fiery passion for the Gospel that the Remnants were exuding, the summer sun was ashamed and hid himself behind the clouds.  


That nameless person who stood shouting at the top of his lungs as he was ushering in the parking lot; the one who put the dazzling spotlight towards the back of the stage and was running feverishly behind the stage; the one who gave all of himself to the newly gained soul during the evangelism camp even without anyone noticing; and the one who staked his life on receiving the Word as to engrave each and every word into his heart—all of these people are the Remnants, the main figures who will lead the age of the Remnants.

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