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Business Missions breaking the forces of darkness and doing World Missions




Original Author: Rev. Ryu, Kwang-su (President of the World Evangelization Senior Board)


Written by Assistant Pastor Park, Kyung-do (Yeil Church)




 Hae-kyung’s disorganized financial diar-“The Memory of Summer Bible School”  




  After listening to the message in the afternoon, I hurriedly ran to the lecture hall. The rain that was falling hard and tempting me to skip theBible School, became thinned out as if all of its strength had been consumed. I wiped off beads of sweat from the sweltering hot and humid weather, and waited for my turn with my heels up.


  Woah! There is my favorite “bijujangshik” (drinks) and “matdongsan” (cookies). And, I can also see ‘Winnie the Pooh.’ Without a second thought,  I took out the fake money to buy cookies and drinks to treat my friends and became even happier as I purchased a pretty hair band. Whew! I felt the weight of the ‘future’ as I reminded myself to be mindful to calculate the ‘answer’ of a tithe even at that very moment. I even thought about my pledged offering for the RUTC, and my ‘daily bank account.’


But, then, what happens! I bought cookies for my classmates to tempt them to come to the Bible School Camp, but I was the only one who didn’t receive any prize, although I brought in the most number of friends. I was so sad that I drooped my head and ran out of the place. How much time must have passed! I was sullen circling around in a wooden swing, but I soon realized that the assistant pastor was standing next to me with a big smile. I was cantankerous as soon as I saw the assistant pastor. “Hae-kyung, this hair band may look very good on you,” she said, as she was the one who encouraged me to purchase it. For all that, as I carefully read through the report data of teachers’ meeting that the assistant pastor proffered, and as I listened to the Word and carefully thought about it, I became so embarrassed. I nodded my head knowing what it was all about, and I heard my stomach rumbling. The assistant pastor asked me to get in to eat, but then I felt it was one of the most terrible day. “Oh! When will I come to know better?”




Teachers’ Meeting Report Data(No.06-C017)


Yeil Church Children’s Sunday School


Title: “How must we teach the Remnants about finances?”


Objective: To enable children to realistically apply the Word they received and have them experience the answers in finance.


Content: 1. During the Summer Bible School, we will hold the ‘Remnant Bazaar.’


2. Distribute fake money(₩10,000) and have children purchase necessary items.


         3. Teachers will instigate and entice children to use up as much money as possible according to their own will.


         4. Place ‘tithe,’ ‘thanksgiving offering,’ ‘missions offering,’ and the ‘RUTC offering’ in one corner.


         5. Measure financial reasonable attitudes and discipline by placing the ‘daily bank account’ and ‘cashbook’ at a place that cannot be found easily.


Measure 1. By analyzing the economic activity of the children, we will help them with being equipped with a realistic reasonable attitude.


       2. Encourage and award children who have a correct reasonable attitude in finances.




The Businessperson’s Oneness that Opens the Age of OMC


  God did not call a gigantic multinational company or conglomerate at first. He pleasingly called the businesspersons He wanted, who confessed that only the Gospel is necessary and that the Gospel is the only solution. The purpose of business missions is to deliver the Gospel in business fields overpowered by darkness, to save businesspersons like the Ethiopian eunuch, Tanner Simon, Lydia, Aquila, Priscilla. Furthermore, it is also to restore the economy necessary for evangelism and missions, and to do world evangelization thorugh answers through works (OMC: Oneness Mission Club) by taking the role as a foothold needed for the Remnant movement(RUTC, core etc.) and the cultural reformation. 


 On October 27, 1996 when the businesspeople started the meeting for the first time by receiving the message, the business missions department was launched in October the same year, along with the World Evangelization Evangelism Assembly. Afterwards, with the establishment of Seoul branch as the vanguard, 18 regional branches and 16 regional branches overseas have been added to date. After the opening of the 1st International Businesspersons’ Evangelism Convention, you can see the purpose, direction, future answers of business missions as you track down the flow of the International Businesspersons’ Evangelism Convention’s messages until its 10th Convention. Following the year of RUTC and reformation, this year started with the blessing of the business people through the first year of the launch of OMC and the three conquests. In a broader sense, the International Businesspersons’ Missions Club is a meeting of all those who have the Gospel and interest in industry(finance). In addition, OMC can be understood as a organization to realistically and specifically help the Remnants and the evangelists who will do world evangelization in the premise of devotion, service amongst the business people who have been prepared with the Gospel so far. The International Business Missions Club will extend and sponsor the participation of, not only business people, but also pastors and Remnants who are interested, and will continue to be as a gathering centered around the Gospel according to the direction of the message. At the same time, OMC was launched to secure the financial resources needed for world evangelization, the financial resources needed for the management of the RUTC that will be raised throughout the world, and the personnel necessary for mentoring.




 The Financial Study that the Remnants must do




 For the Remnants to truly enjoy a blessed life, we must accurately realize the Gospel and realistically understand the world.  Remnant. It is especially essential to retain a financial sense of value in accordance with the Gospel. If we possess a false concept concerning economy, it may appear to succeed at once, but will have no choice but to fail at last. Some people become more and more secular and fall into materialism resorting to all kinds of method, even playing tricks, in order to desperately rake in money or to squander it.


  Remnants must possess the correct thinking before thinking about finances, in order to have true success. Remnant. Even finances are God’s blessing, and it is even more important to stand as Remnants who are ‘like’ Remnants enjoying great economy and true success, rather than running after money. Moment by moment, study real economy that can match and overcome the principles established by the Jews, and try to form habits to save in every matter.  Let’s enjoy answers of Remnants to prepare the future by changing your outlays filled with expenses spent on eating, drinking and playing into the concept of productive investment. Utilize the ‘Financial Planner’ on the last page of the「Remnant Journal」and participate in the RUTC to get ready and be used as main figures to enjoy the blessings of OMC to raise the Remnants.

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