What is Darakbang ?

Upper Room

Q. What is Darakbang Evangelism?

It is the life movement that began with the Early Church or "Mark's Upper Room". Believing that God has his purpose and his plan in every field, Darakbang conducts evangelical activities in all regions.

Q. What did they do in Darakbang (attics/upper room)?

It was a prayer meeting to preach the teaching of Jesus, his resurrection, and things after the resurrection. This was not intended or planned, commercial or religious meeting, but rather it was a naturally organized gathering; a scene of confession and evangelism. This life movement hit Rome. It was because God was with them. At that time, Rome was a powerful country but after 250 years, it was completely conquered by the Christianity (in the days of Constantine around A.D. 313).

This is what we call as evangelism which Christians misunderstand the most. For Christians, their prayers being answered and the fruits of evanglism (life) being borne should naturally take place. It's not about going around places to evangelize random people but it's about introducing the Lord to the desperate souls. When this continues to happen (Matt 28:20), the word of God begins to be actualized. It is the will of God to make this work bigger and that is why the Darakbang movement sends out workers to every region.

Q. What did they usually preach about?

(1) They preached that Jesus was the Christ, the one the world had been waiting for in the Old Testament.
From the very evidence of "Christ", all problems of the Early Church were solved. As we know, Christ means "the anointed one". Jews knew what this meant but they did not know who it was. That's why Jews fell into a failure without being saved while the Early Church saved the world with this. Only the prophets, priests and the kings could get anointed; and the Christ is the true prophet who is the way to meet God (Jn 14:6), the true priest who cleansed all sins (Rom. 8:2), and the true king who overcame the world and Satan (Jn1 3:8). When a person accepts Jesus Christ as the Lord, he/she meets God and becomes saved. This is called salvation, or the dwelling of the Holy Spirit (1Cor.3:16). From this point, real proof of being saved starts to manifest itself and this is what the Early Church mainly preached about.

(2) It is the movement that testifies how Jesus resurrected and how he is still working even now.

(3) It is the movement that testifies that the Holy Spirit works in every believer and in every church.

(4) It is the movement that testifies how He rules over the world with his word and that He will come back as the King of all kings.

Many proofs were shown and are still being shown even now.

Q. The goal of the Darakbang Movement

Darakbang is not just a mere Bible study group but a complete evangelism field. Once qualitative change takes place in me with the grasp of the fulfilled covenant that Jesus is the true Christ, I turn into a true witness that evangelizes the region, nation, and the world (Mt. 28:18-20)
The reason why we need this is because there is no way we can solve spiritual problems of humankind even through politics, economy or any form of education. It is necessary to proclaim the fact that the only way is Jesus Christ. After all, Darakbang is where people gather for the genuine evangelism movement.

(1) Biblical evangelism - everything including the methods, system, contents should be strictly centered on the Bible.

(2) Gospel-centered evangelism - any evangelical movement that has no Gospel, that has the vague Gospel, or that has the modified Gosepl can never block the disasters.

(3) Evangelism that saves the field.
① Five basics are the exact replicas of the Early Church.     
 - Darakbang meeting, Team Ministiry, Mission Home, Specialized Ministry, Regional Church
② Five trainings are the principle of "with" that Paul discovered.
 - First Level Camp Training, Tour (traveling) Team Camp Training, Field Camp Training, Specialized Camp Training, and Evangelism Camp Training)
③ Five systems mean changing the field with 'only field, only change, only answer'.
 - Evangelism School, Evangelism Institute, Missionary Training Center, General Assembly Theological Seminary, and the A.U.C.
④ Unity strategy - the movement aimed for business people, Elites, cultural fields, healing and Remnants.
 - Elite ministry, business mission, cultural ministry, healing ministry, Remnant ministry