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20200516 Business and Industry Missions Message
Title: Personal Answer

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSwId0GaEic


You may have a lot of problems around you. However, if you can personally receive answers, you can easily overcome all these difficulties. Even if all these people around you are all strange, if you can receive personal answers, you can overturn all of that. I want to say this even to unbelievers.


1. Unbelievers. There are a lot of individuals who can succeed even though they don’t believe in God, but what is the standard of success? Even among the unbelievers, there are outstanding individuals and there are a lot of people who are quite smart even though they don’t come to church and they don’t believe in God. They do become successful, but what is the standard of success? They say they just want to live well and die well; in other words, it’s about the necessities of life, just food, clothing, and shelter, but is that really the definition of being a human being? If simply living a good life is all about eating well and living well off, then it’s no better than my daughter’s dog Tori who’s living at home. When I look at that pet at home, that dog is living very comfortably and everything is well taken care of.

Among some of the juniors to me, there are some people who do well in their studies because they’re conscientious, and that person went to Seoul National University very easily because that person, by nature, is very studious and conscientious, and everyone in that family studied very well. This person very easily passed even the bar exam and other exams. Once you pass the national administration bar exam, even though you’re young in your age, you can become a public official, and once you pass that exam, you can be designated or assigned for positions within the government. That person studied very well and reached a high position, got married, and had a lot of children, and because that person was close to me.

I asked, “How much do you get paid?” That person was an elite. That person graduated from Seoul National University and also married someone who attended Seoul National University, and their kids were also very studious. Because he was my disciple and student, he answered when other people may not have, and he told me what he earned. It was less than $5000, even though he was an elite. So for you to raise a family and children, it’s not that easy. I’m not saying that he doesn’t have a good job or that he doesn’t earn much money, but for you to really do God’s work, in fact, you cannot do all of God’s work. On the other hand, there are people who are heads of the conglomerates and scientists, and you can get a lot of help from them.


2. Spiritual Problem (Gospel). Why are there so many problems on this earth, and why is there a rise in spiritual problems? Why is it that, even though they study so well, that they still have so many spiritual problems? Is God someone who just uselessly and needlessly orders us to come to church? Many intellectuals claim that, “If we don’t have time and we’re so busy, we don’t have time to go to church. Is God so unreasonable that He simply demands us to come to church?” This is what I want to tell the unbelievers. Are you unbelievers claiming, then, that God is so unreasonable? That God doesn’t know how busy you are, but God commands you to come to church? It’s because people don’t really know, that’s why they have no choice but to have this consistent rise in spiritual problems.

So, what is this spiritual problem and how is it manifested? To good-natured people, it manifests in depression, meaning they’re personally so depressed. They have nowhere to share what they’re going through. Even if they get married, they can’t share very easily with their family members. What about those who have a bad character? It swings to the opposite end towards addiction and gambling, they simply go off and live a [reckless] life. Unseen to our eyes, all these horrendous problems are arising all throughout the world.

So, we see in politics that the politicians are fighting over whether to legalize homosexuality. I have no intention of interfering with their arguments, but I’m sure there are homosexuals out there who are listening to my message. I would like to surely tell you this: you will face a severe spiritual problem later on, continuously. Then, what are you going to do? That is why, in the Bible, God tells us not to engage in homosexuality. There are many sorcerers and shamans who are practicing divination in the world. You have no choice but to face spiritual problems. Those are the things that the politicians can never take responsibility of, because politicians have no power or ability to resolve spiritual problems. They recklessly reference the Bible and simply use the verses without knowing the Bible. They’re like immature children who just [babble].

Severe spiritual problems will come, so for example in Europe, an entire class full of students is homosexual. I’m not saying that’s good or bad, but I’m questioning, “Why is it that way?” And, what if a student is not a homosexual? Then that student will become an outcast. Why must it be that way? Do you see this as a normal situation, in a normal country? I’m not making any assessment about whether it’s good or bad or whether it’s okay to have it. We’re saying that this is a rampant, explosive rise in spiritual problems all throughout the world.

Throughout history, all the powerful nations don’t know what spiritual problems are, so they take people as captives and kill people. Weak countries have no choice but to be taken as captives and slaves. It’s this incident that happened at this time. There was one person who understood the gospel and realized the mystery of answers to prayer. So, what is the greatest blessing that God gives to us through the Bible to all the businesspeople?


3. Spiritual Summit. It’s to become the spiritual summit within the gospel. It’s because the spiritual problems can be solved only by the gospel. “But I already go to church! Why do I still have all these spiritual problems?” You will receive healing to the extent that you become gospelized. Even though I take this medicine, how come my illness is not going away?” The root of that illness must be uprooted, in other words, the spiritual problem will become worse and worse. What happens when you’re inside the gospel?
1) Trinity. What is taking place right now? Christians are not aware of what’s happening right now, but this is taking place right now: the Holy Triune God is at work even now.
2) Status ? Background. Our status and background are at work even now. Because we’re God’s children, God has no choice but to be at work, and because our background is the throne of heaven, we have the blessing of the throne of heaven working upon us right now.
3) Authority. According to our status, our authority will be revealed, isn’t that so? Only when you become the president that you can exercise your authority and privileges. If you are not the president, you cannot exercise your authority. God has given us the right to become God’s children, and even with that, we have this background. These are the things that are unseen to our eyes, but who are the people who are least aware of this and so ignorant of this? It’s the Christians, but who are the ones who at least acknowledge this and know about it in the opposite sense? Those are the shamans. At least, they acknowledge spiritual facts, but Christians don’t acknowledge spiritual facts, so I don’t really understand why they believe in God. If they don’t know spiritual facts, I don’t know why they come to worship. Why do you spend all your hours in worship to God in church? God is with us at all times, but when we gather to worship, God is with us at all times and is working powerfully upon us. Do you know what happens once this takes place?


Main ? Work of Revival (Joseph, David, Esther)
The work of revival will arise. It really has nothing to do with that. I’ll give you the examples of three people, starting with Joseph whom you know very well. Joseph enjoyed the spiritual summit, so everything around him was revived. What I must and should do are important, too, but what you must carry out first and foremost is your surroundings and the people around you must be revived. Does it really have anything to do with the work that you do? Of course, because it is related with people. When the people around you are revived and come to life, everything will naturally take place. Let me give you an example of another person, David. David was in a terrible situation because David was enjoying the spiritual summit, it doesn’t matter what situation he was in; he was able to bring people to life. What kind of problem are you facing right now? Why don’t you concentrate on this [introduction]? And a person I would like to introduce to you today is Esther. If you enjoy this blessing, then three things will arise. First of all, what will come?


1. Covenant ? Summit Time. The answers regarding the covenant will come to you, right? Simply put, you are bound to enjoy the summit time. That is what is going to come.
1) Benjamin. She’s a daughter from the tribe of Benjamin, so that’s the background. That tribe had the covenant. Being a Benjaminite was a special thing. Jacob had 12 sons and Benjamin is one of those sons, and Jacob loved Rachel the most. Rachel had two sons, Joseph and Benjamin, and Rachel died as she was giving birth to Benjamin, so that’s why Jacob had special care and love for Benjamin. Even humanly speaking, I’m sure he had so much pity on his son because he didn’t have a mother. The one who really took care of Benjamin, the one Benjamin really looked up to, was Joseph. Also, when Joseph became the governor, he had two great interests. First was whether his father Jacob was well, and second was whether his younger brother Benjamin was well. Maybe that’s the reason why the first king of Israel was King Saul who was from the tribe of Benjamin.
2) Esther (Star) ? Hadassah (Flower of Heaven). Her name was Esther, meaning “star,” and her Babylonian name was Hadassah, meaning she has a great name. She lost both of her parents and was raised by Mordecai, her uncle.
3) Mordecai. She had a great, most important upbringing through Mordecai and learned faith through Mordecai.
4) Queen. One day, she becomes the queen. That’s how God works. God brings people within the covenant and calls them within this covenant, and then raises them within this covenant. That is the answer you will receive.


2. Identity ? Summit Posture. Once you hold onto the covenant and wait, you will receive the answer of the covenant. What is that answer? It is the answer of your identity. Ultimately, you will gain that posture, the attitude of the summit. It’s a tremendous thing. Right now, regardless of what is taking place, you need to confront it. If you don’t believe in it, you’re an unbeliever. No matter what other people say, you’re an unbeliever. Even if you do confess with your mouth that you do believe, you’re still an unbeliever. But even right now and tomorrow as you worship God, this [introduction] is taking place. It’s taking place even right now, and as you pray on a daily basis, it is getting fulfilled. How is it getting fulfilled? Likewise. Undoubtedly. If you don’t believe in it, there’s no need for you to go to church; just go to the Buddhist temple and bow down 108 times until you sweat. Why do you go to church while you’re not even saved? It’s good that you bow down 108 times and you go to the mountainside and get all the fresh air and breeze and drink fresh water, but you’re bound to go to hell. Undoubtedly, to God’s people, this is what’s taking place right now. What’s even more important is that it gets fulfilled. Simply, once you gain that summit posture and attitude, you’ll be able to see it right away.
1) Esther 2:10. Do you know the background at this time? It wasn’t a time of gathering the people of faith, but it was the time of gathering the most beautiful women, and at the time as Esther was being selected, this is what Mordecai warned her: “Do not ever reveal your nationality as a Jew” because it contained the covenant. Why is that? Because she was there as a captive. Then, does she need to conceal it? No, but there is a time schedule.
2) Esther 2:20. The first part was that it was now a gathering of all the beautiful women, and now there was a selection. Now they’re interviewing and looking at women one by one. As these women are being interviewed one by one and being examined, they need to reveal their nationality, their family background, and who their parents are, but when Esther was going to get interviewed, Mordecai warned her because Mordecai was also in a high position in the government, and that’s what he told her then, “Do not ever reveal that you are a Jew.” And Esther did not reveal it. Somehow, that was not even asked, and she got appointed. Later on, she was actually selected to be the queen. In the process of all that, many things happened. All the unbelievers are only concerned about clothing, food, and shelter, and they have no choice. Others see that because of all the outstanding Jews, they thought they would lose their positions. Of course it wouldn’t be that way, but they were afraid of losing their positions. “Because of all the Jews who are doing so well, my position is shaking,” and because they were so concerned and worried, they began to use their brains to come up with schemes to bring the Jews to their demise, and that was Haman. So, Haman brought the entire process towards their demise just as you know.
3) Esther 7:4. That’s when she revealed it. When was that? The moment when they’re all going to die. In the most critical, decisive moment, Esther revealed her identity. Right now, this [introduction] is taking place. Don’t you find it believable? If there’s anyone like that, don’t come to church; why do you come to church? The church is a place where only the saved come. There’s no need to come to church if you don’t believe in it. If you truly believe in it, all the worries and prayer topics you may have are all useless. No matter how close that person may be, whether that person’s your close family member or close friend, if they don’t believe in the spiritual summit and all these aspects, really, we can’t communicate.


3. Field ? Summit Vessel. Then to Esther, absolutely, the answer is bound to come in the field, which means that the summit vessel is bound to arise.
1) Esther 5:1-14. Ultimately, what happened? Esther opens up a banquet and invites the king to her banquet. Because it’s a royal palace and she’s the queen, I’m sure there’s a palace for her, and that’s where she invited the king. The king of course is very quick to his senses, so he asks why Esther even risked her life to come to see the king. Even then, she did not reveal anything.
2) Esther 6:1-14 (7:4). Let’s look at the Bible. She invites the king one more time. She didn’t disclose her identity when she was selected as the queen nor when she invited him to the banquet for the first time. Even for the second time he was invited, she did not disclose anything. If you truly enjoy being the spiritual summit, it doesn’t really require many words. She finally says and reveals, “All the Israelites are going to die because of the plot of evil schemes of one person, over a lie for the sake of money.” The king became extremely enraged and asked, “Who is the one who plotted this?” That’s when Esther says, “It’s Haman. I’m a Jew myself, and because of Haman, all my people and I are going to perish.” God orchestrates such a perfect timing and gets rid of Haman.
3) Esther 9:20-32. As you know, we call this the festival of Purim. And the king ordered this edict to be recorded in history. May you restore this blessing. This is the summit time, attitude, and vessel. This is your journey. So, don’t be deceived, don’t perish as you plunge into this. No matter how intellectual you may be, how outstanding you may be, if you don’t know this gospel, you have no choice but to perish. We must not become fake Christians, we must become true and genuine Christians who proclaim and relay only this pure gospel. Of course, age by age there are things that are needed, but every age, we must only do this gospel movement.

Much time has passed. During the election time, many Christians appeal to me, and perhaps, “Pastor, you are the extreme right wing.” I did not answer that, but even on the right wing side, they ask me, “Pastor, why aren’t you coming out to our rallies?” It’s not even to that extent, but they even made a video clip and sent it to me, finger-pointing and criticizing me, “Why aren’t you coming out to rally with us?” This is what I said then, “I’ll see you after the election is over because what you are doing right now, if you’re on the right wing side, it will cause you to be destroyed.” I told the person, “What you are doing right now is actually bringing more harm to the right wing, so really take that as a reference.” I’m sure that person got frustrated, and since that person cannot curse at me, that person called me a coward. I think that person is listening to the message and is a believer, but I didn’t answer that.

I’ll actually tell you that, if you repeat that again, you’re going to lose again. On the former side, the person wrote this, and I actually said to the person, “If you are only to that level of IQ, it’s actually a benefit to not do it.” It’s not a matter of ideological fighting, but it’s a matter of your IQ. Of course, when you have certain ideologies, it may bring certain sets of values, but it’s not even a fight of ideologies, it’s a fight over your IQ. That’s why, do not be deceived. Really, if you’re a true, genuine believer, don’t be deceived. If you don’t know the blessing of the spiritual summit, you have no choice but to perish. Really, do you understand?


Conclusion ? Most Essential
Really, why do we need all this, you may ask. It is most essential. We have run out of time but let me tell you one more thing. This is what Elder Young Boom Ha who crossed over from North Korea to South Korea said, because he’s already the owner of a conglomerate and yet he’s so worried because all these cabinet members of the corporation would always drink on Sundays, but he could not go as a believer. They were just simply living for pleasure all night long, but he said he couldn’t join that group, and that’s why he prayed and that was the elder’s confession.

Since all the people were drinking and having fun together on Sundays, they could do business together, but since he couldn’t, he prayed. As he was praying, he remembered his sons and daughters that he left in North Korea. He doesn’t know if they’re alive or not, but he prayed for his own sons and daughters in North Korea. That’s when a great answer comes across his mind. He is going to establish a scholarship foundation to help the children of his business partners. And these people always drank and had fun themselves, these business partners came to realize the true intention of the elder. What happened after that? We don’t have time for that, so we’ll stop now. It’s so closely related. As you’re in the world conducting business inside the world, this [introduction] is what is most needed for you. Let us pray.


Now may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the great love of God the Father and the working of the Holy Spirit, upon the heads of all the businesspeople who must become the spiritual summit for this age, be both now and always forevermore, amen.


Scripture: Esther 4:1-16
Speaker: Rev. Ryu Kwang Su
Interpreter: Claire Rhee