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20200208 BIM
Title: 2nd RUTC movement 




5. MT. OLIVES - MARKS UPPERROOM - all of these were fulfilled.
● One day you are holding on the covenant and Word and the works and answers will come.


1. ACTS 17:1-9
3) CUSTOM - this is very important. 3 WEEKS - CHRIST the rightful of Christ. Why Jesus had to be the Christ.

2. ACTS 18:1-4 - when he met important individuals he took them here.
1) ABSOLUTE DISCIPLES (ACTS 2:10) priscilla & aquila
2) ABSOLUTE MEETING (ACTS 18:1-3) - meeting with Paul. This is a miracle and shock. If you don’t know that then you cannot receive proper answers.

3. ACTS 19:8-21
1) SUMMIT TIME - because you will be those to save the world you must have your own summit time. (ACTS 19:1-7)

1. COVENANT - GOD BEGINS TO WORK. when you hold onto the covenant.
3. GOD’S DESIRE - FUTURE everying is prepared.

20200208 Business and Industry Message
Title: 2nd RUTC Movement
Scripture: Acts 19:8-21
Speaker: Rev. Ryu Kwang Su
Interpreter: Missionary Deborah Kim

The title for today’s businessperson’s message is the Second RUTC Movement. Then, there may be the question, what happened to the first RUTC movement? Originally, the program for yesterday and today was supposed to be a special missions conference for the Chinese-speaking nations, but right now, we’re in a situation where the conference was postponed due to the corona virus. But if we were supposed to do that conference, the first message was supposed to be yesterday and the second one would be today. So, the world missions convention had also been postponed, but the message doesn’t have to be, so that’s why we’re doing this message now.

Introduction ? First RUTC Movement (Leaders, Church Officers, Businesspersons)
In the introduction, let’s understand the first RUTC movement. We saw that a few leaders possessed the gospel, and we also saw a few church officers and businesspeople who possessed the gospel, and naturally, just like you, they were doing the Word movement and gospel movement.
1. Deuteronomy 6:4-9. What did that turn into? It turned into a great movement that took place in the wilderness.
2. Mizpah Movement. Those few with the gospel gathered together and the Mizpah movement arose, isn’t that amazing? What you need to hold onto sincerely and pray for as you’re sitting here is, “What is it that God is going to do?” How are you going to give worship? You shouldn’t just go to church to give worship, but what was the message that God gave to the servant last week, and what is the message that God wants to give to me right now? If you’re not going to do it that way, there’s no need for you to go. You’re listening to the messages and looking at the resources, and that will help you to be imprinted or maybe rooted in the word, but works take place when we are gathered in this place. The Holy Spirit works at this time, so this is why it is such a precious time where we leave everything behind to worship. In this place where we have gathered here together, this movement is happening.
3. Dothan Movement. The church officers, leaders, and businesspeople just gathered together and the Dothan Movement took place.
4. Watchman Movement. It was a time of utter desolation and all kinds of problems came with their captivity, but inside of that, the Watchman Movement took place.
5. Mount of Olives ? Mark’s Upper Room. All these works took place from the Mount of Olives to Mark’s Upper Room. Isn’t that amazing? You’re holding onto the Word, the covenant, and one day, the works take place. When they do arise, there’s a chance for you to misunderstand. It’s such a precious moment when the Word is being fulfilled, but if you’re not careful, you won’t see that. Some people say such foolish words, “I went to his hospital and tried everything but nothing worked, but I took one medicine from one person and I got better,” then I would say to myself, “Your spiritual eyes are so dim; it was God who did that work.” We prayed so much about something and all of a sudden we got an answer, but we say, “Oh, it was because I met that person,” but that’s not true, it’s not like that at all. The covenant that you’re holding onto today will surely be fulfilled. Only when you know this, you can have success in worship tomorrow and you can understand world evangelization as you are sitting here. When they gathered together, all they did was hold onto the covenant and these works took place.

Main ? Persecution, Framed, Law ? Something No One Could Block.
This was the age of greatest persecution, they were framed wrongly during this time schedule, and what was even scarier was that they tried to block Christians using the law, but it was at this time that the Evangelism Movement arose and no one could block it. That precisely is the second RUTC movement, can you understand? So, hold onto this covenant correctly. Before you ask the question, “How can I diligently and faithfully live my Christian walk?” You need to accurately hold onto the covenant. It’s very important. You as a leader, church officer, businessperson, and pastor, you need to hold onto the covenant.
1. Acts 17:1-9. That’s why Paul, with the greatest heart and mind, went here in Acts 17:1-9
2. Acts 18:1-4. Where did Paul take the very important people?
3. Acts 19:8-20. Also, in preparation to go to Rome, there was a time he prepared in Acts 19:8-20. What is the location of these three events? The synagogue, so if you can understand the flow, you’ll see why the remnant movement is so important.

1. Acts 17:1-9 ? Thessalonica Church
1) Jason, Prominent Women, Greeks. What was the first thing that God gave? He prepared Jason, do you see how important this is? He also prepared Greeks and a few prominent women. In other words, the Lord provided those with great skills and the elites. Where did all of this take place?
2) The Synagogue
3) Custom ? 3 Weeks ? Christ. In Acts 17, we see something important here, “According to his custom.” This phrase is very important, what does it mean, “As was his custom?” It talks about the lifestyle that was deeply placed in his heart, and he knew that he had three weeks, so he didn’t just speak about anything, but he spoke about the rightfulness of Christ, that Jesus is the Christ. He was even transcending that level. When you say that Jesus is the Christ, that’s evangelism, isn’t it? The people who are saved will say those words, “Jesus Christ,” but Paul gave a message that even transcended that. He explained the reason why Jesus had to be the Christ. It was a powerful message. It wasn’t just saying that Jesus is the Christ, but why we need the Christ and why must Jesus be the Christ, why Jesus is the Christ. He delivered this powerful message. After doing this, the Thessalonica church arose. You, too, need to accurately know what you’re involved in, and this is so important.

This morning, we’re gathered here but not anyone can come. People all over the nation are here, and people who understand the covenant from all over the world are joining this worship. There are even students who are studying in the United States who are joining in this message, and more importantly, there are even people who are not members of our ministry listening to this message. In our walk of faith, it’s very important to understand the Word of God being given to us at this time. So, what is a sermon? What is the Word that He wants to give at that time and place? There’s no need for a good sermon, it’s not a nice sermon, and it’s not about giving a nice sermon, that’s not what God needs. What God desires is the message that He wants to give. Now, here in Acts 18, Paul gives an important message to the couple, Priscilla and Aquila.

2. Acts 18:1-4 ? Corinthian Church
1) Absolute Disciple (Acts 2:10). As you well know, they were absolute disciples who surely participated in the answer of Acts 2:10, or at least they were the people who received the gospel from someone who was present in Acts 2. They were absolute disciples, and at this time, the Lord allowed this absolute meeting with Paul.
2) Absolute Meeting (Acts 18:1-3). It’s a miracle, isn’t it? They didn’t agree to meet; they just met. You need to know that the meetings you have with your pastors and church officers at your church are a shocking miracle. If you don’t know that, then honestly, it’s going to be very difficult for you to receive answers because you have actually denied the existence itself. I see all of you as very important individuals by acknowledging your existence.
3) Absolute Ministry (Acts 18:4). Only then can the absolute ministry take place, that’s Acts 18:4. You know that these works actually led to the church in Corinth. God has done this amazing work.

3. Acts 19:8-20, 21. Also, there’s a reason why we want to read until Acts 19:21. In order for Paul to end up in Rome, he allowed the Word movement to take place in Tyrannus, but where first? The synagogue. Here, you can see the actual theme for this week.
1) Summit Time (Acts 19:1-7). You are the ones to do world conquest, so you must have your own summit time. The people who don’t have their own summit time, they’re so diligent in their work and I feel sorry for them. Yes, you have to do your work well, but more important than that is this summit time. What kind of work do you want to do so well? Of course, it’s all important, but this is more important, and I’m sure you have to find good methods, but this is more important. There will be limitations to finding methods, so many limitations, and even your age comes with limitations and your abilities have limitations, isn’t that so? So don’t be deceived. Summit Time. That was Lecture 1 of the College Retreat. What else is there?
2) Summit Posture (Acts 19:8-20). You must have a summit posture or attitude, and that’s found in Acts 19:8-20. If you don’t have summit time, we can’t really help you. If you don’t have the actual posture of the summit, how can works take place? Do you know how important your attitude is? When you turn the TV on, you might see wrestling or UFC on the TV, so if you’re a pro wrestler or you know sports, when you turn on the TV and see a match about to happen, you already have a feeling of who is going to win. What’s different? Their posture is different.

The people who are about to win a championship move differently. I know women don’t really watch this much but there was a match I had watched between two players. MacGregor was going against his opponent who was very good, but his opponent didn’t get hit, and in the 8th round, someone did an illegal move. From the beginning to end, the opponent did not change his posture, so finally he started to hit at the end. By the time they reached round 9, you might not know this, but for professionals, they could see that he was about to beat his opponent to death and they tried to stop it. If you get hit in that kind of manner, you would die, so the referee stopped the match. The difference is the posture.

3) Summit Vessel (Acts 19:21). Absolutely you will be receiving answers, so prepare your summit vessel. What is that? I must see Rome as well. He held onto the one thing that God wanted the most, do you understand? From now on, hold onto the covenant correctly. There are so many words going in and out of the church, but people are holding onto the wrong covenant. You don’t need so many words, but as you worship today and tomorrow, you’re entering into the one thing that God desires the most. If that is the case, you have to find the one thing that God desires the most, then what kind of things will arise? Always remember.

1. Covenant ? Beginning of God’s Work. What happens when you hold onto the covenant and begin? When you hold onto the covenant correctly, God will begin to do His work, isn’t that so? Sometimes you make a mistake and after worship, you’re quick to leave, but you have to know what is most important.
2. Fulfillment ? Spiritual World. When this covenant becomes fulfilled, that’s when the spiritual world completely changes.
3. Desire ? Future (Synagogue). When you know this, there’s one thing that God desires the most. His desire, when you do this, everything in your future will be prepared, and that’s why he went into the synagogue. You need to hold onto this covenant and then go. And who will be doing the work? There will be things that God will be doing and there are things that God wants you to do. In your heart, I really want you to hold onto this covenant. If we give the proper devotion, then these kinds of works in the movements in the introduction will take place, but it doesn’t end there. Truly, to our next generation, this RUTC movement will be delivered, and one day, you will confirm that this very important covenant will be fulfilled. I’m always confirming the fact that the covenant I held onto so long ago is being fulfilled even now, and it’s something to really be shocked by. I believe that God will allow the covenant to be fulfilled all around you. I bless you all in the name of Jesus that today and tomorrow will be a wonderful time of worship where the covenant is fulfilled. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ who is the solution to every problem, and the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, upon all the people of God who will hold onto the correct covenant, be both now and always forever, amen.

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