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20200201 Business and Industry Message
Title: Economy of Light
Scripture: Matthew 5:13-16
Speaker: Rev. Ryu Kwang Su
Interpreter: Sora Han


Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zwB9h9HXTc


As you know, Professor Kim Young Suk is getting older in his years, and as I watched him give his lecture, but as I watched him give a lecture, even though he’s old in his years, when he gives his lecture, it’s just like any younger professor. That led us to realize that if you’re able to renew yourself, then your age really doesn’t matter. So, when you look at the Bible, it’s not that the women just played the role of a servant, but they played a really important role.

Introduction ? Hidden Main Figure
Many times in the Old Testament, they played the role of the hidden main figures.

1. Old Testament ?Jochebed, Rahab, Ruth, Hannah, the Widow of Zarephath, the Shunammite Woman, Esther. So as you get old, you’re not just playing the role of a cook, but you must realize the important role of women in the Old Testament. If you look at the Old Testament, you see the woman Jochebed who carried out the work that men couldn’t carry out. Also, look at the Prostitute Rahab and a figure like Ruth. This is the role that only women can play. As you know, Rahab went into Canaan and got married to Salmon, and then gave birth to Boaz. Ruth also enters into the land of Canaan and gets married to Boaz. Ruth’s son was Obed who gave birth to Jesse. Who is Jesse? The father of David. When you look at the roles that these women played, these are things that only women could do. Unless it’s the era of homosexuality, how could a man marry another man?

Also, look at Hannah. When you look at these people, you see they played the most pivotal role in the Bible. Also, when Israel was hard-pressed and facing great hardships, we see the widow at Zarephath and the Shunammite woman. In each and every age, they played such an important role. We see in the age of captivity, Esther plays an important role. As you sit here right now and give worship tomorrow, the most important thing is for you to be aware of the blessings God is bestowing upon you right now. So we see this field right now where all the main figures of the Mizpah movement and the watchman movement, all these individuals are gathered here, as well as in the wilderness movement.

Tomorrow, when you go to church, look at the church bulletin ahead of time and you’ll be able to see the scripture reading. Before the worship even begins, you must read that passage ahead of time, so read that passage and if there are any terms or words you don’t know, ask people around you. Before you even begin worship, you need to be aware of the answers that God will bestow upon you at that time. What does that mean? Right now, you are studying in the field of answers, the same field of answers where, in the Bible, these women played such critical roles for the gospel.

2. New Testament ? Romans 16:1-4, Lydia. Look also at the Early Church in the New Testament. Look at the figures of Romans 16:1-4, especially people like Phoebe and Priscilla. Even when Paul was carrying out his first, second, and third missionary journey, we see individuals like Lydia. To say that they played an important role would be a clear understatement. They carried out the most absolute work of all. So now, you must play this role, and starting now, you must begin the prayer for the economy of light. What is the economy of light? This is what you must begin praying about starting now.

1. Reason for the Economy of Light. To say, “We’re just simply women; what can we do?” That’s the wrong question, but “How can we play this role?” We must know the reason for the economy of light, so look carefully at this today.
1) 237 Nations ? Disciple. We need this economy of light to save the 237 nations of the world, but don’t think about this as going afar to the 237 nations; there are people from these nations who are here in this country as disciples. Find those people, meet with them, and pray with them. This doesn’t even require a huge amount of funds, and you don’t need a lot of time either. It’s just a lack of thought and prayer. So, as you meet with these individuals, what must we do for them until they return back to their homeland? You must raise them as disciples, and at this time, God is bound to give you the economy of light. Look at all these people, they keep making you work on these projects, but they’re not doing realistic, actual works.

2) Remnant Summit. Whether you’re living here in Seoul or other provinces, there are so many remnant summits among our remnants. You must realistically look for these people. Especially, all the people in the nation are receiving this message right now, but right now we’re here in the metropolitan region of Seoul, and as much as it’s possible, I would like to encourage all of you to have a lot of mission homes here in Seoul to help all the remnants who are coming from overseas or other provinces to live there. If I were a woman in that region, I would pray for that. If I were like that, I would do that, and if I had a washing machine, I would wash all their clothes for them and tell the remnants to study and have that sense of expertise in the work they are carrying out in their workplace. I don’t know how the finances are flowing right now, but as much as possible, I wouldn’t want to receive any money from them. So, you must have the eyes to look around you to see if miraculously, these disciples from overseas have come around you, or if remnants from other provinces have come to you.

3) Healing. There are also so many people who are diseased, and if you just meet with those people and have these encounters with them through the Word, even that alone will restore the economy of light.

4) Businesspersons ? Businesswomen. Against this background, we also ask this question. You’re also businesswomen, so what is the role that businesswomen play? If you look at the Bible, they really played a crucial role.

5) 2020 ? Bible Verse Accessory Mark. We also are in the year 2020, so at this time, what role must we play as businesspeople? This isn’t difficult at all. The role you played until now, every time we have had the world businessperson’s conference, it’s not a small role that you play. Everything you possess is sufficient to restore the economy of light, so let’s try this, beginning this year. We have all the masterpieces and Bible verses, so make them into a character, something you can put on your bag like an accessory so that it becomes symbolic of not just the businesswoman, but all of Darakbang. So, you must be able to continue to plow into these things that are hidden. This may not seem like anything at all, it may seem very small, but all this will be manifested as the economy of light. Of course, we must attempt to do great big works as well, but even the things we already have and possess are sufficient as-is.

2. Prayer for the Economy of Light. How much we begin our prayers for the economy of light?
1) Repent ? System. When we repent over what we’ve done wrong, what does that actually mean? When you say, “I did this wrong, that’s a misdeed,” that’s regret, not repentance. But repentance is looking back on your misdeeds and establishing and equipping yourself with a system where things can actually take place. That’s what it means to turn back on your ways. Now, when you look at all the things that God has prepared, you’ll see, “This is where God has led me, to establish this system,” and because it’s the sure answer of God, you’re able to concentrate on that.

2) Concentration. Because this is surely God’s plan, we carry out trainings with that.

3) Training. This is the prayer for the economy of light. Then, what kind of system must we establish? How can we establish the system for the economy of light?

3. System for the Economy of Light
1) 3 Entrepreneurships (Mission). You don’t need to try to do some great, extravagant work, but just do one of the three entrepreneurships. Just begin this from a very small scale, and use the profits that you reap for one part within the church, whether it’s evangelism or missions, instead of taking it for your own income. When you now return to your churches, all the women must come together, but it doesn’t need to be a large scale and you don’t have to make calculations about this at all. Begin to make this with the mind that, starting now, we’re going to create this so that we can serve and devote ourselves for evangelism and missions. Remnants, you must begin this starting now. Expect failure at first, but with that kind of expectation, begin this realistically. If our remnants grow up and go into society and have the three entrepreneurships then, it’s already too late.

2) Roadmap. Inside of that, you must now have this kind of roadmap of what direction you must take in the future. If you think that you’re a failure right now, begin anew. If you find yourself in financial hardship, begin again. If you think, “Oh, the ministries within the church are not going well right now,” that’s not the case, but begin again with the genuine things.

3) Strength. It’s at this time that God will give strength to you. There’s a reason why men are used less. If you look at the Bible, God uses the women in greater ways. If you organize all these individuals listed in Romans 16, there are far more women, and when Paul was ministering in the field, yes, there were men as well, but the major roles were played by women. Do you know why that is the case?

Conclusion ? First Order of Business
Because men, by their very nature, have difficulty holding onto the work of the Lord as their first order of business, but the people who held onto this as their priority were used by God. All of you, you don’t have to worry, but carrying out the work of the gospel must become your life’s priority. We’re now engaged in three fights.
1. Satanic Culture ? Gospel Culture. It’s this kind of fight. Why are we constructing the temple? The fight is simple.
2. Satanic Temple - Gospel Sanctuary. Do you know why we give our offering? Do you know why people who do not have financial means, they take out a debt or loan to give their offering? Because ultimately, it’s the question of whether it’s a Satanic temple or a gospel sanctuary. It’s this fight. For what reason do you save up and give your offering towards the church? We’re engaged in a tremendous warfare.
3. Synagogue Movement ? RUTC Movement. Is it the synagogue movement or the RUTC movement? It is this fight, and that’s why you must take hold of the gospel as your first priority as the economy of light.

The work you’re carrying out today may seem so trivial and small, but through that, God will carry out a great work. It is not conceit; I do believe with great gratitude in my heart that the reason why God continues to gather us like this is for the gospel, and all of you are standing in the centermost place for all of that. There’s really no other place where continuous training is being provided and remnants are being sent out, and so, it’s not just about being a women’s evangelism group, but you must hold onto the covenant and play the most critical and pivotal roles within your respective churches. You must hold onto the work that God desires the most within your church as your personal covenant.

So, this year’s task for all the businesspeople is to find how to play this role in all of our conferences, meetings, and gatherings. Hold onto the two tasks you must carry out. Make a missions entrepreneurship so that the pastors within your church can devote themselves to missions work. The amount of funding may be small, but you must absolutely do this. What is it that the people in the world businessperson’s association must do? You must carry out the movement of the people who held onto the covenant of the RUTC and played the most important role in Romans 16. Just hold onto that covenant.

Perhaps you’re facing difficulties right now, but God is telling you at this moment and time to begin accurately and begin anew. If you just have the ability to begin anew, it doesn’t matter what age you may be, but if you don’t have that capability to begin anew, even if you’re young in your years, it amounts to nothing. I bless you in the name of the Lord that this new year 2020 may become a new opportunity for all the businesswomen to receive new strength. Let us pray.

God, we thank you. Even today, our business women have gathered. May they not lose hold of the most important role that the women played in the Bible, and may they restore that role. Wherever our businesspeople are, may RUTCs be raised up and may their families become mission homes. May they play the roles of the most important Romans 16 individuals in all the churches that they serve. May this be the day that marks the start of the missions entrepreneurship. In Jesus Christ’s name we pray, amen.

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