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20200118 Business and Industry Message
Title: Start of Absolute Answers
Scripture: Acts 2:41-42
Speaker: Rev. Ryu Kwang Su
Interpreter: Esther Chang

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CQdMgeAxww

The start of absolute answers. We don’t usually use the word, “Absolute,” but it’s a word applicable only to God, so what is the start of absolute answers? May you newly restore it this year. Acts 2:41, in the midst of a difficult situation, 3000 disciples arose. If that is so, you must begin the correct evangelism movement.

Introduction ? Correct Evangelism Movement (Correct Gospel)
When you talk about the correct evangelism movement, it must be the correct gospel, and when you begin that, the absolute answer starts. Most people think, “How should we do this?” Let me give you an example through one remnant. The mission of world evangelization was given to Joseph.

1. Joseph. Joseph was so sure about the covenant that it even appeared in his dreams. If it’s to that extent, then he began the correct evangelism movement. What kind of dream do you have? When we talk about dreams, the contents are kind of blurry, but there is one sure thing. If you’re always being chased by something, that’s actually how you’re always living your life, and if things are very hard in your dreams, the it’s a sure fact that your life must be hard. It’s a tremendous thing for this point to be overturned. He went as a slave and he went to prison, but that was evangelism. When you say, “evangelism,” you may think that it’s something special, but when he became governor, it became an even greater evangelism.

2. Babylon (Daniel 1:8-9). Let’s take a look at Babylon, especially Daniel and his three friends. That was evangelism, but the important thing in Daniel 1:8-9, he resolved in his heart. Evangelism starts with this, he started the correct evangelism, and he was in a situation where he had to make a resolution. The Israelites had been taken captive and perished because they lacked the gospel, and even though Daniel was also taken as captive, thankfully because he had the skill, he was appointed as a government official. Then rightfully, what must he do? Rightfully he should look for God’s will, and that’s why he resolved in his heart. That’s evangelism. He resolved in his heart, saying, “If the opportunity comes, I will relay this covenant.”

Deciding that small thing, we saw that four kings were attached to Daniel. To say that he influenced four kings is tremendous. That’s why God caused this incident, he was able to interpret King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, and after King Nebuchadnezzar died, Belshazzar became king and he interpreted the writing on the wall and enjoyed great success, and he was also one of the proconsuls during King Darius’s reign, and that’s why his enemies tried to attack and kill him. That means that he greatly influenced King Darius as well, to the extent that when he was going to be executed, King Darius grieved and said, “Daniel, servant of the Most High God,” and after seeing that Daniel was alive, he brought him out and killed all those who were framing Daniel. Then it says that King Darius greatly praised God. That is evangelism. History can be overturned. We saw that King Cyrus came and attacked Babylon, but again, Daniel was an influential figure for King Cyrus. Cyrus was so moved that he said, “All you Israelites, go back to your own country and rebuild your temple.” That is evangelism, so evangelism is not a difficult thing. From the moment you know this and resolve in your heart, the doors of answers open.

3. Early Church. Especially in the Early Church, they were not in a situation as we are today. Back then, if you proclaimed the gospel, you would be imprisoned, and yet, still 3000 disciples arose. If you were to be put in prison by preaching the gospel, would you be able to easily do that? If the correct evangelism movement begins, then absolutely, absolute answers come. First of all, set up a plan. For me, I’m not going to just evangelize to 300 people. I’m going to find 300 disciples, but even if I found one a week, it would be hard to get 50 in one year, so I’ve got to find one per week. When I thought about doing that, I realize, “Whom am I going to utilize in order to find these people? What kind of communication must I have?” I began to see this step-by-step, and great answers come. I decided in my heart that I need to train the people from the 237 nations, and as you well know, instantaneously, all of you were able to give such great offering, and it’s to that extent that we’re connecting in prayer. The absolute answers begin. There are a few things you must keep in mind.
1. Old Frame. It’s very difficult to break our old frame, but once you do, great answers begin. As you well know, there are demonstrations arising continuously in Hong Kong, but these took place starting in the 1800s. Back then, there were the Opium Wars, and simply put, it was the British selling opium to the Chinese, and of course, they were smuggling it and it began to spread throughout China. Of course, China isn’t going to let that happen, so Great Britain attacked China with a different excuse. They couldn’t say it was over drugs, but actually they wanted to sell drugs, so they attacked with a different excuse, so China was very surprised, and I think China still doesn’t know. What don’t they know? They don’t realize how much they’re stuck in their old frame. They got into a battle with England and they couldn’t fight their way out. Prior to that, China was thinking, “We’re a very powerful nation and we don’t have to talk to nations outside of our nation,” but they were just completely broken.

Then, when they finally formed a treaty, there was a request, and that request was really not a simple thing. “You have to open up all the closed ports,” and they had to. That was the extent that China was still stuck in their old frame, and one port they lost was Hong Kong. It originally belonged to China, so just as if they were making a show of it, Britain took Hong Kong and made it into an international port. So, honestly if you think about it, Hong Kong still belongs to China, but now they want to make Hong Kong criminals stand trial in China, and that’s why everyone is rising up in demonstrations. I believe that China is still stuck in their old frame. If China would just break out of their old frame, they would become a tremendous nation, but they’re still locked up in it.

1) Satan’s 12 [Traps]. We can’t be stuck in Satan’s 12 traps.
2) Lines. That’s why we’re standing on the three lines to completely break this: the line of the covenant, the line of evangelism, and the line of light.
3) Romans 16:20. This itself will crush Satan. So, with the big thing in mind, set up a small plan. The correct evangelism movement isn’t about including all these grand things. It’s about something that is so small, but that is something that God wants. Then naturally, you will have the new frame.

2. New Frame. If you break the old frame and have the new frame, real answers come. What kind of answer? This comes.
1) Romans 16:25. What was hidden from long ages is now visible. What is that? The work of the Triune God that existed from long ages past and exists even now will continue, and because we are His children, our status and authority is revealed and our background is tremendous. This also begins to appear.
2) Romans 16:26. What is this? What is revealed right now? Right now you can see the field of evangelism, of missions, and of disciples. It doesn’t end with just that.
3) Romans 16:27. The throne of heaven and eternal glory. You see what will exist forevermore. Starting now, every single one of you without exception, think about your lifelong evangelism journey. You must think about this.

3. Lifelong Evangelism Journey. What will I evangelize with my whole life long? Just thinking about this alone is entering into God’s plan. In my case, I think I thought about this [correct evangelism movement and correct gospel] my entire life, and I was able to see all kinds of things. It’s not going to work with our power, but answers came to the point where the entire world is being moved by that. You can see how God opens all the doors. Let’s make some standards here. I’m going to find 30 proper evangelism disciples.
1) 30 Disciples. My whole lifelong, I want to meet 30 proper evangelism disciples. The people of Romans 16 were included here. You businesspeople, if you have 30 evangelism disciples underneath you, then honestly, that’s it. I’ve seen people like that. Elder Lee Junsu and his wife, he was the dean of Haeyoun University and his younger brother happened to run a business in Seoul. He was a disciple who went together with me, but he had only one prayer topic: “God, let me raise disciples in my company,” and he really received answers. All the workers underneath that elder were all disciples.

We saw that that industry was hit very hard. That can happen, the entire industry was hit hard, and we saw that many businesses in that field closed their doors. The elder didn’t tell them to do anything, but the disciples gathered together and said, “Until this is resolved, let’s not receive our salary or our bonuses. Let’s save our company,” so the employees got together and did that. The elder didn’t know this, but they got together and saved the company. Almost all the other companies in that industry perished, but his did not. Think about it, they got together and they were able to save their company. The elder was so blessed and gave his testimony and said, “I never knew that these workers would become workers who love the gospel so much,” and from that point on, there was something that this elder did. So, when God blessed their company a lot, he says, “This is how much income we received,” he would tell his employees and share it with them. Telling me that, he asked me to do the Word movement together with him, and when I went to visit his home, I could tell that he was well-off for a long period of time. This is how important disciples are.

2) 3 Regional Church. Each disciple maybe cannot reach 30 places, but they can at least reach 3. If they can properly run 3 regional churches, they can gather together 100 people, and what does that mean?
3) 3000 Disciples. It means, immediately, 3000 disciples arise. Everywhere I went, I received this answer. I was doing ministry with the youth group and when I reached out to them and a few disciples arose, they reached out to thousands. So, coming into Yeongdo, what did I do? I myself reached out to 30 different places to find those 30 disciples. I did that just for 3 years, and then I entrusted them all to others. I did the Word movement just for three years, and 3000 disciples arose. Currently, right now, we’ve got over 3000 church officers. So, I heard from last year’s report that we have 1000 deacons this year. Putting aside all the other church officers, our yearly appointed deacons number about 900. Spreading the Word movement, immediately, disciples begin to arise, then what will happen to your business? The same thing takes place. You don’t have to worry because if God absolutely answers, no one will block that. At that time, personal dependency, field dependency, as well as church dependency will also be blocked. Let me give you an assignment.

Conclusion ? Deep Prayer Time
Starting now, you must absolutely have this, a time of deep prayer. Those over the age of 60, if you don’t do this, then one day, you will suddenly realize you don’t have any strength and problems come, so you have to make this time for yourself, a time of deep prayer. Do this at least once a day. Because you have the gospel, you will be completely different. Even unbelievers can have this, but the problem is that it’s not from the Holy Spirit, that’s the problem. Unbelievers, even though it’s not the work of the Holy Spirit, they can have this time for themselves, but that’s the real problem. But you don’t do this, then make this time of deep prayer. I’m going to tell the remnants as well today.

There was a broadcast where an unbeliever came out and talked about transcendental meditation. He was sitting there and continued to say, “I love you.” That’s what he continued to repeat over and over again, he said it about 1000 times, then what’s going to happen? When you look at his face, you can tell that he’s completely entered into the depths of that meditation, and at the end, he puts his hands together and says, “Thank you.” A person who has not received salvation is doing that, then two results will come. Great power will be revealed and problems will come. But Christians don’t do this, and because they don’t, what problems follow? They have no power whatsoever and they still won’t perish, it’s a very strange phenomenon, but nothing is working out for them. After everything passes by, they realize, “Oh, it’s God’s grace,” but that’s how fearsome it is to be saved. From Satan’s point of view, it’s something that makes him tremble in fear.

As the saved, just hold onto the covenant and slightly make this time for yourself, then this answer will come to you. It’s not a difficult thing; it’s a very joyous time. While others are usually sleeping, make this time for yourself and that’s how you will become unstoppable. The time you make for yourself while others are having fun? No one can steal this away from you, but it has to be the correct prayer. If it’s the correct gospel, then undoubtedly, these works [in the introduction] will arise, and then the rest will follow. How great of a blessing is that? May you truly enjoy it this year in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ who is the King of kings, and the love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit be upon all the church officers and the businesspeople who will save this age, be both now and always forevermore, amen.

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