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20200111 Business and Industry Message
Title: Age of Concentration for the Church Officer Businessperson

Scripture: Acts 1:14
Speaker: Rev. Ryu Kwang Su
interpreter: Sora Han


Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOvOaOKtUlM


Today we have our business association for world missions officer retreat, and in actuality, there are so many things that we must do. At the same time, we all face our limitations, then what must we do? There are so many things towards which we must use our money, and so many things to give our offering for as well. At the same time, because we face these physical constraints and limitations, many times this proves to be impossible. There is a need for us to look deeply into how the Early Church was able to overcome the worst, dire circumstances.

All of you are church officers and at the same time, you are businesspeople. In other words, you are businesspeople, but when you go to the church, you’ve also been given important positions as well. Then, what kind of age of concentration must the church officer businesspeople open up? You must believe this 100%. These people gathered with that faith in Acts 1:14. The Jewish people could not even fathom this at all, they could not even imagine or fathom that these people would overturn and transform the world. Later, even Rome began to persecute them because they grew in number, and no one could even possibly imagine that these very individuals would then overturn all of Rome, but through Rome, world evangelization took place. If that’s the case, how should we have this concentration?

Introduction ? Concentration on Oneself (Things of God) (Spiritual State). The most important thing, in some sense, is the introduction. You must begin this concentration on yourself. This is very important. These people received the covenant, came down from the mountain, and devoted themselves solely to prayer. You, too, have this right, so if you just carry this out, you will absolutely have victory, and that’s possible because you’re doing these things with the things of God.
1. Eternal, Unchanging “Triune” God (Word, Salvation, Prayer). Even now, there is an eternal and invariable blessing of God. There is an answer that is eternal, invariable and unchanging, that is taking place right now and will arise moving forward, and that is the mystery of the Triune God. It existed before the time of Creation and will continue to exist for all eternity. That’s why, if you hold onto this very important covenant regarding yourself and you concentrate on this, the very first thing that will happen is that the Word comes upon you. Perhaps you can understand this way. When you say that you don’t have answers, it means that the Word is not aligned with you. When we look in hindsight, the fact that we’re receiving answers and sitting here right now is also because of the Word. Even now, the Triune God is carrying out the works of salvation. Even now, most precisely, He is giving the answers to our prayers. It is, of course, all the same thing essentially, but we can categorize it as God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There is a need for us to concentrate on this because the more time passes, things become even more complicated and you’ll become busier, so this is why you must receive this strength. Acts 1:14 is the concentration on this. When this happens, something tremendous results from it.

2. Status ? Authority . From that point on, your status begins to come out. How do you see this manifested? The Triune God is with me. If that happens, so much of these works arise that you no longer need the things from yourself any longer because the things that God bestows upon us are far greater, exceeding the things that we already possess. In line with our status, authority is also manifested. What else?

3. Background. The reason why there is absolutely no reason for you to be concerned is because of your background, our background. Unbelievers are completely oblivious to this, and that’s why they face spiritual problems. Even many Christian believers who go to and from church do not know this, and that’s why all they do their entire lives are running the errands of unbelievers, and that’s how they live. Many pastors look down on this, and theologians do not place importance on this, either, but because our background is the Throne of Heaven, wherever we go, the tremendous works arise where the armies of angels are at work. Only those who know the spiritual realms can concentrate on this. This is not at the level of disputing whether you’re receiving answers or not.

Receiving answers or not comes later on. What we’re speaking about right now is your personal spiritual state. The very first concentration that all of you church officers must have is this. Businesspeople, you must live your lives in this world, so you must possess this strength that you cannot see with your eyes. It’s not about how we must carry this out, but it is about your personal, spiritual state. How you ought to carry this out? God will give it to you at a later time, but what follows after this?

Main ? Concentration on the Biblical Stream (Covenantal Stream). What is required is this concentration on myself, but what follows after that is the very important concentration on the flow and stream of the Bible. Even more precisely and accurately, you’ll be able to focus on the stream of the covenant. This word, “Concentration,” is not your average word; it’s a tremendous word. Why is it that in the Bible you see so many accounts of disciples going up to the mountains? Why did they go next to the riverbed and oceans? What does this mean? All of this speaks of concentration. We have already received this, but for a long time moving forward now, you must continue to enjoy this strength. If you truly taste this and if it is ongoing, you’ll come to a point where you’ll say, “We don’t need to receive answers.” This may sound a little strange to your ears, but do you know who said this? It was David, and these words are not your average caliber or level. When he says he doesn’t need answers, it doesn’t mean he has a lack for answers or is missing those answers. He says he doesn’t need nor require them, and he expresses the reason for this as well, “For the LORD is my Shepherd, so I lack nothing.” These are tremendous words. If you’re able to enjoy this during the year, then healing and peace and tremendous things will follow.

This is how I want to express this to you. If you’re sick, don’t try to receive treatment or cure for the disease, but just enjoy this. That’s what I want to say to you. If God calls you back to His embrace, that’s where you’ll go. It’s a happy thing, not a sorrowful thing, so just enjoy this; don’t be concerned. We see people who suffer from mental disorders, illnesses, and a lot of depression. All of you, just enjoy this power because it is not just an immense power, but it is perfect. This is not at the level where you say, “If I know this, how great is that?” If you don’t know this, then you will die. Starting from this point on, you’ll be able to follow the stream of the covenant.
1. Age of Concentration. From that point on, what kind of answers will come upon our church officers and businesspeople? The Age of Concentration will open where you’ll be able to explain this. What does this mean? Where does the Word of God continue to flow? To the point where Satan will completely surrender and fall on his knees. In some regards, isn’t this the most complete answer? If this is our personal spiritual state, that’s the answer we will receive. May all the forces of darkness be completely bound in all our churches, denominations, and in Darakbang as well.
1) Church. That’s the genuine answer, and if you receive this answer, then your church will be revived through you. No matter what anybody says, you must live in order for your church to live as well.
2) Field. As much as you are revived, your field must also be revived.
3) Next Generation. No matter what anybody says, but to the extent that you receive this answer, your posterity will live. This is an astounding thing. This covenant will absolutely flow towards the stream of the field, right?

2. Stream of the Field. If you enjoy the blessings of this spiritual state, the first answer that follows is that all the forces of darkness will crumble down.
1) Hebrews 11:1-38. It’s expressed here, that the world is not worthy of you. The world cannot overcome you. We may be deceived and believe we are being threatened, but this world cannot overcome you. Already, the forces of darkness have knelt in surrender. It is a matter of us being deluded and deceived; we are already taking the path towards the fight that we have already won. Already, the forces of darkness are on their knees before Christ.
2) Acts 1:14. That is why it may appear that the people in this state are facing danger, but that’s not the case at all. Many church officers speak so easily saying, “This is a problem,” but it’s not a problem at all. For those who are unsaved and seized under the hand of Satan, of course it’s a rightful problem, but here in Acts 1:14, we see the scene unfold where it is the field of greatest answers.
3) Acts 2:9-11. The businesspeople who are in the field of the greatest answer. No one could possibly imagine that this would serve as the door for world evangelization, but all of you are now within this, so you must now correctly and accurately hold onto this, and that is concentration. It’s not just seeing the simple flow.
4) Acts 6:1-7. Church officers rose inside of this and began to change all of Israel. It doesn’t matter even if tribulations come.
5) Acts 11:19. They raised up the Antioch church. These are tremendous words. Those who scattered due to the persecution of Stephen. Hold onto the covenant once more. Even if problems come, it’s all right. For us, even if tribulations come our way, it’s all right. When you return back to your churches, you must stand as this missionary. Most believers look at things that aren’t problems and call them problems. The true problem hasn’t even come, but they fall into that false problem. This is an absolute fact; I’m not speaking my own personal words, but this is the historical evidence that we see inside of the Bible. It wasn’t just at this mere level for these people.

3. Stream of the Future. This is what you must hold onto, you must see the stream of the future. What we must do will be addressed more in lecture 2 during the core message, but right now, we’re speaking about the true state in which you must remain. The very first thing that happens is, wherever you go, the forces of darkness will be bound. It may appear as though hardships have come upon the fields where you must go, but you must hold onto that which is most important here.
1) Mount Calvary (Matthew 28:16-20). Already, these people received the covenant of Mount Calvary. A lot of people just see this as an incident that arose 2000 years ago, but that’s not it. Matthew 28:16-20 is a message that preceded the age. “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations,” He speaks of this tremendous future. Nowadays, we just hop on a plane and it’s as simple as that, but back then, it was very bleak to them, but at that time, He said to go and make disciples of all nations, and this was the covenant given to them after He triumphed on Mount Calvary. What’s even more astounding?
2) Mount of Olives (Acts 1:1-8). Look at the message for the future that He gave on the Mount of Olives. He surely says to them, “Go to the ends of the earth.” If these words came out nowadays, it would be a bit more understandable, but these are the words that He spoke 2000 years ago when there were no cell phones. If you wanted to go from Busan to Seoul, you would have to walk all the way there. Do you know why people ate scorched rice? It could be carried around and eaten. They didn’t have planes back then, but they would take boats and ships, months on end. These are the words that He spoke at that time, so when I thought about that, it was shocking; how could He speak those words at this time? He saw this tremendous, immense stream of the future, and they actually did go! Even though their situation is considerably different from the situation we’re in now.
3) Mark’s Upper Room (Acts 2:1-47). This covenant began to be fulfilled in Mark’s Upper Room, right? At once, it began to spread to 15 different nations, so these words are amazing. This is how God has prepared it all, Acts 2:1-47. Wherever we go, the forces of darkness will crumble because these are the things God has given to us. When should we be strengthened and invigorated? When hardships come. That’s when you need to be strengthened. When should we be devoted to the church? When the church is hard-pressed. People are so foolish; when hardships come to the church, they all run away. I don’t think these people exist in Darakbang or the reformed denomination. People like that have nothing to do with God’s salvation. Those who are saved find themselves helping the church when the church is hard-pressed, without even trying on their own. There is a far more important future that has been reserved for you. May today become an important day for all of you. There’s no need for worry because there is no need for us to worry.

Conclusion ? Raise the Next Generation (Remnant). What must we concentrate on? It’s very simple, focus and concentrate on raising up the posterity. Simply put, it’s the remnant. Whether we’re doing this well or not, this is the only meeting on this earth where people are gathered to raise up the remnants. When will fruits be borne? There’s no reason for you to be concerned with that, even. As long as you’re inside of this, it’s fine, why?
1. 3rd Industrial Revolution. We see that this age of the third industrial revolution changed a great many things.
2. 4th Industrial Revolution. Now we see that the 4th industrial revolution will transform everything
3. Age of Integration, IT. We see that the age of integration will follow, an integrated economy, and even integrated religions will arise, and going beyond that, integrated governments as well. We have this kind of system and scheme in place where this has no choice but to result, so this now is our prime opportunity. This is our prime and golden opportunity because spiritual problems have no choice but to come inside of this. In order to solve this problem and save the world inside of this problem, what must we do in terms of skill?

We must raise up the next generation. If I give a task to somebody, I can see a very smart, intelligent remnant right now does the work of 20 adults. He or she does the work of 20 adults, and that’s how vast the difference is. If I give a task to somebody to run that errand, people who are older in their years make a lot of mistakes, but remnants come back to me with their results that surprise me. I realize that there really is a difference. Where does this difference lie? Here [age of integration]. Simply put, it’s the difference in utilizing the skill of IT. If that’s the case, then what we see in the coming ages, everything will change and be transformed like this and head towards IT, so that’s why you must raise up the next generation.

You spoke of raising up the next generation using the Young Businessperson’s Association, you’re holding onto the historic covenant of this age. There’s no need for us to argue about whether there are answers or not. We must do what we simply must do. Why should we do things that we don’t actually need to do, the things that would just be nice for us to carry out? If there’s a matter of choice about whether we should carry something out or not, why should we partake in such matters? We must hold onto the absolute covenant where we have no choice but to carry this out. The weapon you possess is the gospel, and that’s why we must concentrate now on delivering this covenant to the next generation, and in just a short period of time, you’ll see the answers begin to come. That’s what our businesspeople must do, so just wait and see.

I said this 15 years ago, do you know what I said? The Age of Personal Broadcast is going to happen, and it’s happening now, right? Just wait and see. A few remnants will gather and we will have the results where they can move the entire world, and you must understand that right now, you’re establishing the platform and foundation for that. Our businesspeople and church officers come early in the morning and make such a long journey to come, but you’re setting the foundation for all of this. May you firmly hold onto this as your covenant, and I’ll speak more of this in lecture 2. God has already answered you, He has already blessed you. I bless you in the name of the Lord that this may be the year where you discover and enjoy all of it.

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