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12 February 2020 (Wed.) Prayer Journal

Platform - the Actual Summit

Acts 17:1, 18:4, and 19:8 And he entered the synagogue and for three months spoke boldly, reasoning and persuading them about the kingdom of God. (Acts 19:8)

♬Hymn for scheduled worship: Korean/English Hymnal #309 My Soul Today Is Thirsting (Unified Hymn #409)

[Message Video]

Many people gathered around the well that Abraham had dug. That was the answer of a platform. (Platform) Paul penetrated the place where many Remnants gathered and raised actual Summits. There are facts that you must know in order to raise Remnants as actual Summits.

1. The Three Organizations (the New Age movement, Freemasons, and Jewish Organization)
The three organizations are competing through powerful nations in order to attract Remnants. They take away gifted individuals who are important levers (Leverage) and use the possession movement as their vessel (Vessel) in order to become possessed by demons. By manipulating the important a tool called “culture,” they influence the entire world. (Transmission) Furthermore, through the masterpieces that have captured the field where nobody goes, (Nobody) they have created a platform (Platform) so that people have no choice but to gather. They have raised an outsourcing (Outsourcing) system that has influenced the entire world.

2. The Remnant Movement, Remnant Healing, and Remnant Summit
The RUTC is a place for “those who remained, those who remain, those who will remain, and those who will leave behind” (Remnant) to gather; to become rooted in the Gospel; (Christ) and to receive training to enter the Covenant Journey. (C.V.D.I.P.) However, Remnants must first receive healing concerning their desolate spiritual conditions. They must, also receive help to discover the Gospel worldview, (God’s Kingdom and Satan’s kingdom) and their background. (the Triune God, the background of Heaven, and angels) Finally, in order to make Remnants into actual Summits, you must relay the blessings of WITH; Immanuel; and Oneness. Afterward, they will receive the answers of the three enterprises. (Cultural, Social, and Missions)

You must also pray for Summit School where important gifted individuals gather to pray. The sincere hope is for Remnants to discover their God-given talents, (Coming-of-Age Ceremony) to cultivate their expertise, (Missioning Ceremony) and to enter the world with the answer (Commissioning Ceremony) that will create works of overturning Rome like Paul had.

[Covenantal Prayer] Dear God, help me to heal the future generation and raise actual Summits.

Japan Evangelism Conference (Osaka), Lecture 2 / October 2, 2019

[Deep Questions] Q. What Is the Remnant Season?

The Forest
Are you the “one who will leave behind” and establish the forest even though other trees that have been cut down leave the mountain?

The Tree
Are you the “one who will remain” and steadily mature as a tree belonging to one stump in a forest?

The New Sprout
Are the “one who remains” and aligns your time schedule with God’s inside this world that is full of envy and competition?

The Stump
Are you the “one who remained” inside the strong and sturdy covenant that withstood the long winter?

The Roots
Did the seeds of the Gospel fall and become rooted in “Christ?”

“‘And though a tenth remain in it, it will be burned again, like a terebinth or an oak whose stump remains when it is felled.’ The holy seed is its stump.” (Isaiah 6:13)