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Gospel Letter 01  Why Are People Unhappy? 


Gospel Letter 01 - Why Are People Unhappy? 

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. (Romans 3:23)





 They are afflicted with many problems such as family, health, financial, mental, and worries about the future. In a desperate pursuit of happiness, some turn to drinking, gambling, dancing, or loose living only to fall deeper into despair. Why?



1. It's because people are separated from God.  

  (1) Because of their disobedience they became ignorant of God(Jn. 10:10, Rom. 3:23)

  (2) As a result, they have fallen into a state of sin(Rom. 3:10)

  (3) Inevitably, people have fallen into all kinds of suffering.

       ① They have mental suffering(Mt.11:28)        ② They live worthless and unbalanced lives(Mt. 12:25)

       ③ They are afflicted with physical illnesses(Acts. 8:7-8, Mt. 8:16-17)

       ④ All of these are results of the spiritual cause.

  (4) To find a solution, they have turned to superstitions or religions.



2. The Bible tells us when this unhappiness began.   

  (1) It began with the very first people, Adam and Eve.

  (2) The true cause:disobedience of God(Gen.3:1-6)

  (3) The result(Gen.3:16-19):

      ① separation from God(Gen. 3:1-6)       ② fell into sin and cures(Rom.3:23)  ③ became children of the devil(Jn.8:44).



3. How long does this unhappiness last?

  (1) It continues even now(Eph.2:1-2) 

  (2) It is continually increasing(Mt.11:28-29)

  (3) It gets worse in spite of our endeavors to solve the problem(Mt.12:43-45)



4. Why are people still unable to solve this problem?

   (1) There is a being who brings us unhappiness.

   (2) What is his name?

       ① Satan                   ② The Devil

   (3) Who are his followers?

       ① Evil spirits(false spirits)   ② Demons

   (4) When did he appear?

       ① An angel became corrupt and fell from heaven(Ez.28:14-19)

       ② He was thrown out from heaven, hurled into the air(Eph.2:2)

       ③ He roams about the earth to ruin and destroy people.

       ④ Eventually, he will be sent to hell(Mt.25:41)


5. What happens if you remain ignorant of God?

   (1)Child of the devil(Jn.8:44)

   (2) Suppressed by sin, death, and Satan(Acts.8:7-8, 10:38)

   (3) Mental sufferings(Mt.11:28)

   (4) Physical sufferings(Acts.8:4-8)

   (5) Destined to go to hell(Lk.16:19-31)

   (6) Inheritance of curses to descendants(Ex.20:4-5, 1Cor.10:20)



6. The peace you find from this world is only a temporary peace.

   (1) It is worldly.    (2) It is carnal.    (3) It is only for temporary pleasure.    (4) It causes greater unhappiness.



7. Divination, fortune-telling, exorcism

   (1) Experience in this area-end result(failure)

   (2) The way to be eternally freed.

       ① Realization(Gen.3)        ② Acceptance(faith) (Jn.1:12)        ③ Spiritual Power(God is with you)(Matt.28:20)


  * Are you truly satisfied and happy?   * How are you going to solve your problems?


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