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Basic Message 1: The beginning (The problem - The Answer - The Result)


Basic Message 1.txt


Let’s read God’s word. This is the very first confession of Peter. In Matt. 16:16 it says, Simon Peter answered, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God." And this is how Jesus replied. Jesus replied, "Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by man, but by my Father in heaven. 


This is what I felt when I first visited France. This is a country that has so much to learn from. This is true for many countries in Europe, but I really felt that about France. There is so much to learn and so much to see. For us to do world evangelization with the country of Korea, it’s quite impossible. America must arise to save America, and Europe must arise to save Europe. And also for France, France must arise to save France. But I have discovered the reason why it’s not so. The USA is not able to do America evangelization. It’s a country that is capable, but it’s not able. Europe must do Europe evangelization, and they even have the strength to do it but they are not able to do it. What’s the content of that? 


But this content is the same to Korea. Can Korea do Korean evangelization? No, it is difficult, too. The amazing thing is the problem within Korea as well as Europe, America, or Japan, it’s all the same. The only difference is that in Europe or America the things are much more advanced than Korean or Japan. In Korea, people hide to do drugs. But in Europe, they do it out in the open. In Korea, they do it hiding in rooms behind places. But in Europe, people do it out in the open streets. And it’s the same thing for everybody. But that’s not all. For this reason, there are so many people with mental problems. Of course, we don’t broadcast that out. It’s not out in the newspaper. Just people are unaware of it. And right now, so many patients with depression, and mental problems are arising. That is why people commit suicide. And the number of suicides is rising. 


And that is why I feel if you don’t really hold onto the covenant right now it’s not going to work. That’s why I felt even though I am so small and insignificant, even a small thig, if I can do it, I wanted to try. Maybe I can’t save the whole world in the place that I am at, I can try. In the very first place that I went into was the factories or industry area. Then I went into the colleges. So the people that I met, the only different was whether studious or not, or learned or not. But the problems were the same. The people in the colleges were learned but they had more serious problems. And the people who worked at the factories. Yes they may be poor but they also had the same problems. The greatest problem of all wasn’t that. God gave us the greatest answer in the Bible, but the church is not able to give the answer. And the church members are not able to solve these problems. I’m not telling you to rise up and save France. That’s something that can happen later. But if there is someone facing hardship right next to me, shouldn’t I be able to give them an answer? For me not to be able to give them an answer is actually a big problem.


The Bible absolutely has the answer. Then what is a spiritual problem? There are so many different kinds of spiritual problems, but where was the start? This is not recorded in any other book except the Bible. Where is the start of the spiritual problems? And all these problems, where did it start from and what are they? I’ll continue to share this but even now these problems are arising. Without any reason, hardships come. And even if there was a reason for the hardship, even with the realization, problems aren’t solved. And in the same way, problems come to mankind. And then I fall continually in corruption even though I don’t want to. Even though I know I shouldn’t do drugs, and I don’t want to I fall into drugs. If you think to yourself, ‘I should quit drinking,’ you end up drinking more. And some people drink more so that they can quit. And that’s how the problems continue to increase. 


Where did all these problems begin? It started from Gen. 3. Satan that we cannot see without eyes attacked. And only the Bible reveals this. The Bible is the only place that reveals it, and it’s called original sin. This problem does not disappear, continue but people are ignorant. Science cannot discover this. And that’s why even though people live very well off, they continue to fall into problems. Satan broke down Adam and Eve in one shot. Right now families are broken down. Satan knowing this, he comes in to attack the family. He doesn’t go anywhere else first but he goes to the family. You are all facing hardship in your family, right? This is the work of Satan. 


That’s not all. Satan now goes into the society. As he does that, he brings great corruption.  This is what happened during the time of Noah. But that’s not all that Satan did. In Gen.11, the people tried to gather the strength together. And they said, let’s have success. Without God. I have spiritual problems, though. So what they are doing is they are covering themselves. They are disguising themselves. That’s the Tower of Babel that fell. But you see, that wasn’t the end. Now the problems spread throughout all nations. And all the different nations started to build their own towers. Great Britain, Germany, France, they started to have these towers, so every nation started to build their Tower of Babel and they broke down again and again. In the midst of all of this, the spiritual being is involved in a different work. 


Right now, he is implemented or come into the lives of people. It’s idol worship, and civilization or culture. If this cup came from 5000 years ago, it would be a great piece of culture. But it’s just a cup. And the fact maybe is that it is created 5000 years ago. Then, they put it inside the museum. It’s just a cup, they put it in the museum saying it was made 5000 years ago. But if you sit in front of this cup and bow down to it continuously, something will happen. And that’s what we call an idol. Right now this is the culture that spread throughout the whole world. And right now in Japan, there are over 8 million spirits or gods. So, of course, spiritual problems have no choice but to come. 


And finally people are now possessed with demons. But still science does not acknowledge these things. Of course they have no ability to. 11 sorcerers came together and they created the new age movement. Right now, that movement is conquering the culture of the world. But see, that’s not the end either. Right now we have over 300,000 fortune tellers and sorcerers. And right now the biggest disease is mental disease. Depression is also a mental problem. And right now, in all of the world, 30% of the population had depression. 17% they actually have to take medication for that. And 10% of them, they are actually admitted into the hospital. But still they do not know this. What is the answer? Shouldn’t there be an answer for this? 


The Bible gives us the answer. And the Bible promises that he will send the Christ. And the church takes this so lightly. The Jews could not grab hold of this. And as a fact, Europe could not hold onto this. How about Korea? Has the people of Korea held onto this? No. That’s why they criticize me. They criticize me saying who are you to say that we haven’t held onto Christ? They haven’t. If I have this Christ, I should be able to share this Gospel with somebody right next to me. Don’t you think? Just because the bank has a lot of money, it does not belong to you. You need to be able to use this money for it to belong to you. You have to possess money in order to give money to others. If you don’t have it, how can you give it? You can’t say that you have it then. It’s possible for you to spectate. But you cannot possess. 


So the word Christ is an amazing thing. God sent the Christ. The word Christ, the meaning of Christ is tremendous. The very first thing that he did. 1John 3:8 says, “The reason the Son of God came was to destroy the devil's work.” Mark 10:45, what does it say? he would get rid of all of our sins and curses. John 14:6, it says he opens the way. How does he open the way? He says as long as we just believe, he will work by his holy spirit. That’s the evidence. As long as you accept this Jesus Christ, then God works by the Holy Spirit. And only when he works by the Holy Spirit can you overcome the Satan. Isn’t it amazing? Because we were ignorant for such a long time, we don’t know what the problem is. These amazing things are happening, I’m in a very difficult mental state, and I don’t even know why. This is the problem that is covering the entire world. 


This is the meaning why we say Jesus is the Christ, solution to every problem. You see that there are so many curses. But God needed to get rid of these curses. So he came as the true king. To destroy the devil’s work. And he was sent to be the True Priest. And he has called him the True Prophet. These words are tremendous words. Peter confessed this. You are the Christ the son of the living God. Who do people say that I am? Most of the churches of America, Europe, and Korea, they don’t know what Christ means. They might know the word. But they don’t know the content. That means they don’t know. 


When someone comes to visit you, you should know who it is before you open the door. If you don’t even check who is at the door, and you open it, what if it is a robber? You don’t know who Jesus is but you say I believe in him, is that really believing in him? Can you believe in what you don’t know? You want to help somebody on the street, how can you help them if you don’t know? These words are such amazing words. That is why Jesus asks, “Who do the people say that I am?” And they all answers incorrectly. They didn’t say he is Elijah, but he is like Elijah. They said, people say you are like Elijah. So it’s very vague. And it says not just ‘you are Jeremiah,’ but ‘you are like Jeremiah.’ So in their own way, they’ve misunderstood Christ. This is number one strategy of Satan. They say that you are like one of the prophets. They didn’t say you are John the Baptist, then that would be truly a heresy but you like John the Baptist. All the other theologians, they don’t know this amazing fact. Right now the churches of Europe, they are closing their doors. The buildings are still there but no members. Does that even make sense? If you give them this one answer every one would be revived. But here Peter answers, you are the Christ, the Son of the living God. 


And then he gives a promise. And verse 18, it says, and I tell you that you are Peter, on this rock, I will build my church. He says something amazing. He says upon this rock, I will build my church. And if you see in Matt. 16:18 it says you are Peter. A Rock doesn’t move, right? He says upon this rock, I will build my church. He didn’t say, “Build my church.” He says, “I will build my church. Even if one person in France can give this correct confession, Jesus says I will build my church. All you have to do is to grab hold of this covenant. And it says the gates of Hades will not overcome you. What is the gates of Hades? It is Satan, who appears in Gen 3. This authority of Satan cannot overcome you. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. What is the key? It is the key of heaven. If it’s the key of heaven, you can open the door of heaven. You can receive answers to prayer. After realizing this fact, that’s when I started to get answers. 


If I knew a head of time, then I would have prepared, but after realizing this, the doors of world opened up. I went to Busan, and we stared to evangelism movement, and so many people came to the Lord. If I knew ahead of time, then I would have been doing this with so many other people, I was seeing so many works. I didn’t understand at that time deeply the words ‘I will build my church.’ So it’s not your level that is the issue at all. God says that he will do it for you. The very important word here is in verse 20. It says, “Then he warned his disciples not to tell anyone that he was the Christ.” Why did he say that? These words are very important. Now I have my sure conclusion in Christ, why isn’t it working of me? What is this verse mean? We should tell people, why does he say don’t tell people? Shouldn’t we go and tell everyone that he is the Christ? But Jesus warned the disciples not to tell anyone. Does he really mean don’t preach the Gospel? What do you think about this verse? 


What he is saying is don’t go misuse it. Don’t freely say it in the wrong way. These are very important words. Sometimes we make the mistake of not being able to enjoy or share because of our own level or mistakes. There are certain people that I met 50 years ago. I shared these messages and they were shocked. Then we started evangelism movement. People started to become revived. The after a few years, they all left. And now this person is all by himself. I said why is that? This person realized the Gospel, but the personality is the same as long ago. Even though we have this gospel, we are not able to enjoy. And it looks like he realized Gospel, but in reality, he is not able to enjoy. You might have a lot of money, but if you are not using it, you could starve to death. If you had a billion dollars in the bank, but you are not using any of it, you can die by starvation. Most people this is problem for them. They can’t even understand these words when he says, don’t tell anyone. 


For me, I consider this very significant. When we first started the Darakbang evangelism movement, so many people gathered together.  Without understanding these words, they started to make mistakes saying, “This is everything, everyone else is wrong.” The Lord says don’t tell anyone, but now they are going around saying all these wrong things, and then people called us heresy. So I feel like these words are very important. With Christ, everything is finished. If you can grab hold of this covenant starting today, you can save France. I hope that you will not lose hold of this blessing. This is the same for everyone who is listening to the message. For me, I’ll start over again. Just have a new start starting now. Then, amazing things will happen. If you are enjoying this answer, then naturally, realistically these other answers will come. I thought that studies were too hard, but after enjoying this blessing, God gave me answers in my studies. I used to think that my businesses were so difficult, but after enjoying Christ, these answers started to come inside of my business. Without these answers, how can you do it? One day I found myself in the situation that was impossible, then I started to receive answers. And the sure fact is I really had assurance and faith in this covenant. If I have it, I can give it to others. It’s different from just saying anything. Jesus promised. Go to all nations. To the ends of the earth. To all people. Go to them. Because they are dying. 


I pray that today will be the greatest day for you. And Jesus said this. Simon son of Jonah, blessed are you. This is not revealed to you by man but by my Father in heaven. The Holy Spirit allows you to realize. That’s the answer. You don’t realize just by listening to my message, but the Holy Spirit does the work and the great work of saving France will arise. It’s not by our own strength. He says I will build my own church, and I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. This is the message that the Lord gave at the most important time. Before that, it was not the true beginning. It’s after this confession of Peter that Jesus took his disciple to the Mount of Transfiguration. After Peter’s confession, Jesus spoke about him taking up the cross. Before this confession, Jesus only healed people, healed diseases, did miracles, and taught. That’s the work that the church should be involved in but that’s not the essence. We are doing everything that is not really the essence. Then, how is it going to work? What about the spiritual attacks that are coming against me. It’s Christ who is the solution to every problem. That is the number one promise of the bible. I really pray that this movement will arise in France. And I pray God’s greatest gift will come upon all of you today. 


Let us pray. God we thank you. We pray that France can be evangelized. And let us enjoy the blessing of knowing you. And may the Christ’s mystery be spread. In Christ name, we pray. Amen.










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