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Basic Message 2: The solution to spiritual problems - The solution to all problems


Basic Message 2.txt


   If you look in 1Cor. 2:12  it says, we have not received the spirit of the world. But the Spirit who is from God we may understand what God has freely given us. If we know Christ, there is something that we need to know. What is that? As soon as they know Christ, so many people end up going to the worries of the world. They know Christ, and then as soon as that happens, they go to the church to face conflicts. Tha's very foolish. This type of churchgoer loses hold a lot of things. There is no successful pastor who does it that way. If I've known Christ, what should I do now? It says that we have received the Spirit that is from God, so that we can understand what we have been freely given.


   If the spiritual problem that is inside us can be solved, then everything will be solved. Why? Because mankind is a spiritual being. Animals are not spiritiuyal beings. In Gen 1:27, it says we as humans were created in the image of God. And that is why when you kill an animal, that's not a crime. But if you kill a human being, it's murder. Even if you kill a person 100 years old, and he is about to die, that too is murder. Why? Because we are spiritual beings. That's why if our spiritual problem can be solved, everything will be solved. Why? Becasue God has given us spritual blessings. And we don't understand this, that's why spiritual problems come. 


   What kind of problems? Invisible problems come to us. If it was visible, we can see it and would be easy to solve, but it's invisible, so we can't solve it. Starting from the foundation, things are incorrect, so it's difficult. But I'm not saying stop your studies, and don't live in society, and solve this problem. You see, you do need to live youf life in the world and school but only with your spritual problem being solved, can you do that.


   Now we try to solve the invisible problems with visible things, that's why it's not being solved. We are tying to the invisible thing with the visible things of the world, so it's not going to be solved. And that's why terrorism has risen, and murder, all these problems. We bother other people, or we hurt ourselves. It's because we are trying to solve the invisible problems with the visible things. Does that make sense? And because we are tyring to solve the spritual things with the physical things, it's not going to be solved. That is why in the 21 century we will face great hardship. The method to block this is very simple. 


   This is not gboing to be solved with religion. It cannot be solved with religion. There are many good things with religion. Well, if you go to church and not realize the gospel, that too can be a religion. Some people think that their problems will be solved if they simply go to church, but that's not true. A person without the gospel is the same as the person going to the Buddhist temple. Is religion bad? No. If we got rid of religion in this world, this world will be filled with criminals. But with this spitirual problems, it cannot be solved with religion. I'm not saying that all religion is wrong or that it's bad. No, All religions are good. And we do need religion. But it's not the Christ. That is why if the church does not have Christ, it's just religion. With religion, we can't solve the invisible problems. With religion, we cannot block curses and disasters. We cannot overcome Satan with religion. 


   Satan is not afriad of buildings. Right?Is he afraid of your academia? He's not afraid of your weapons. There is only one thing that Satan is afraid of. Christ. Only with Christ is he trembling in fear. This is the reasion why God sent the Christ. The reason why Son of God appeared is to destoy the devil's work. He openeded the way to meet God. He broke away all of the curses. Those Three things. As a True King, Prophet, and Priest. These three people, you anoint with oil, that's why Christ means The Anointed One.


   And so, God gave us this to us completely by grace because we cannot solve these problems on our own. In Genesis Ch.3 we can see that mankind was deceived and fell into destruction out of deception. Let's say that your friend comes to you and offers you drugs. And Satna in tempting you through a friend. If Satan really came to you in ihis origianl form, would you take it? Satan came to the serpent that was the closest to Eve. The serpent wasn't Satan, but Satan used the serpent to deceive Eve. And most our bad habits we learn through friends. Some people are introduced to drugs through friends and can't quit for their entire lives. And also, certain people, because of their friends, commit murder and regret it for the rest of their lives. Also becasue of friends, they go through fardships. Theis is the work of Satan, 


   Therefore, God with compassion gave us the Gospel. In Genesis 3:15 it says that the offspring of the woman will crush the serpent's heard. The offspring of man, we all have sin, so it had to be from the offspring of the woman. Simply put, it would be the Christ who would come and crush the serpent's head. Satan is not a being that will die off. He crushed his authority. And this, He gave to us by His grace. Because we were still ignorant to this it says, "While we were still sinners" God sent the Christ. And demonstated his own love for us. That's why to those who believe He gives to them salvation. 


   We cannot be saved by our behavior or actions, only through our faith. "I tell you the truth." In John5:24, anyone who believes in me have eternal life. You will not be condemned. You have crossed over from the death to life. That's why in John1:12 it says, "Yet to those who received him... and believe in His name." He gave the right. Not a blessing, but a right to become children of God. Satan doesn't die off; sin isn't something that goes away, that's why He has given us the authority. In Rom. 10:9-10 it says, when you believe with your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is the Lord then you will be saved. What does this mean? The moment you believe in Jesus, you may look the same on the outside, but your spritual status has changed.


Then inside of this are tremendous blessings. All we have to do is enjoy these blessings.

There are amazing, remendous belssings inside of Christ. What are therse tremendous blessings inside of Christ? You have this identity or status as a child of God. It says, from now on, the Holy Spriti is in you. You should believe that. In Eph. 4 it says that He has sealed you. Becasue he himself is living inside of you no one can destroy you. You will not be destroyed at all, but if you don't believe this, you fall into the way of destruction. What kind of status do you have? The Holy Sprit is inside of you. 


   And sncondly, it looks like these two are the same, but it's not. It says that the Holy Spirit is with us. Yes, the Holy Sprit is within us, but He is also guiding us invisible to our eyes. And with the filling of the Holy Spirit, He gives us power. You need power. This is your status. Now, if you can enjoy your staus every single day regardless of the answers, you will have strength. For myself, I enjoy this all the time. And the rest of it, I just follow as the answers come. We didn't creat this meeting; God opened the door for this meeting to take place. And after this meeting, if one person in France can believe in Jesus, that is a great answer. These great blessings have no choice but to come upon you.


   Whatelse is there? What does He say? He gave you the authority, to become a child of God. He says that He would give you the authority. So this authority is tremendous. It's different from a power. Power or strength that you have comes for yourself, but authority is given from above. It's tremendous. It's at this time that from the throne of heaven, God mobilize armies of angels for you. And you can't understand that right away. But in the Bible, it is written in detail. You go somewhere and you think that things happen out of coincidence, but it's really God who is there. And at the same time, the evil forces and Satan, they are bound and run away. Then the devils run away from you. The evil spirits run away from you. "I have given you the authority to drive out the demons." 


   That't not all. Everywehre you go, the kingdom of God will be established. Wherever the people of God are, the kingdom of God is establisehd. Even before you arrive at a place. 

And that's why invisible to our eyes wherever the people of God are, the kingdom of God is there. In all these places are hidden disciples. These are the blessings we have received. 

It's tremendous. And answers continue to come.


   "Yet to all who received Him," "To those who believed in His name," "He gave the right to become children of God." What does that mean to accept Him or received Him? It means that He has come in. If you've received Him, what has come in? In reality, what has come in? 1 Corinthians 3:16. "Don't you know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's spirit dwells in you?" The Holy Sprit is within me so I can be a temple. The place where our embassador works is the embassy. The place where the president stays is the White House. The place where king works or lives in is the palace. Regardless of how bad or great it is. Even if the place is shabby and about to fall aprt, if the king resides there, it is the palace. Although I may be ugly on the outside, if the Holy Spriti dwells in me, I am God's temple. "Don't you know that you yoursleves are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you?" Paul asked this question.


   So after all of this, there are three results. Certain people after they ahve accepted Jesus, their problems are directly resolved. I've seen many people like this. There are people who receive direct answers, but then, there are people like me who receive slow answer. I received my answers more slowly, but like it says in Romans 8:26-28, it comes in the  most perfect fashion. It is amazing. Just with this. One day, I met an elder in France who was involved in a broadcast company. I just thought how great it would be if he was used for evangelism. Then I met a woman who was great in speaking French. They came together and those works began. That's just one example of answers. I don't know if what she says is accurate, but it is refreshing to know that shes speaks French well. Because I had another French interpreter before and it was really difficult to understand her. God works for the good. 


   Then, there is the third type. I'm a child of God. If I continue to pray incerrectly, then God will give you answers in a different form. There are many cases like this. We pray in the wrong manner so God doens't give His answers. Because we are asking for the wrong things in the wrong way. So He gives us different answers. People who are not so smart just think that God doens't answer their prayers. These three ways. God absolutely give us answers. 


   Certain people, who are diseased and admitted to a hospital, accept Christ and the moment they do, they are healed right away. To the point where it's hard to believe. And certain people with mental problems, the moment they accept Christ in their hearts, they are healed right away. That's the case of number one(direct answers). But other people receive answers in the form of number two. Where you see the perfect answer after time has passed. And other people receive in completely different forms. So it seems like you didn't receive the answers before, but you took some medicine and you got better. Or other people took that medication adn they didn't get better. Some people gave their testimony saying that they were solved through some medication, but that isn't so. The possibility for a type of medicine to cure a certain problem is only 30%. Even pharmacists and doctors have said this. Certain medications made for a certain disease or problem only has a 30% chance for it to work. However, this is how God works sometimes. 


   In this manner, God has given us amzaing blessings.But everyday we need to gain strength in it. By yourself. There is no reason why you can't enjoy it on your own. So everyday, on your own, enjoy these blessings.  And then see what will happen after. But instead, we are worrying and doubting everyday. Everyday we fall into conflicts. Some people continue to face problems. Others, if they are no problems, they go and look for proglems. For some, if they don't have any problems, they will go about and make problems. If you just enjoy these blessing, then you'll see the promises that God has given to you exactly as it was recorded in the Bible. I hope that you will experience these blessings. 


   I would like to continue to share the beginning of our ministry. The first lecture that I gave was a lecture that I gave when I first met with people. When I meet with someone that is a sure child of God, I shared this message. I''' share a message next week too.


Let us pray. 

May the grace of our Lort Jesus Christ, who is the King of kings, 

And the great love of God,

And the working of the Holy Spirit; 

Uplon on all the fields of France, Europe and the world, 

Upon the pople who must be saved;

Be both now, and always forever. Amen.


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    David 2020.06.28 14:51
    What to know if we know Christ is to understand what has been freely given to us . Spiritual problems are invisible problems that comes to human being and we cannot solve it because its invisible . Religion cannot solve spiritual problems cannot block curses and disasters. We cannot overcome Satan with religion. 
    Jesus appeared to destroy the works of Satan and show mankind the way to meet God . As the anointed one , the true king , Priest and Prophet , He breaks curses and opened the way of salvation. God demonstrated His love through sending Jesus Christ for answer to spiritual problems . Gen 3:15. We have amazing answers as we believe in Christ , the status of a child of God , holy spirit inside of us, and we are not destroyed . We have Divine guidance and filling of holy spirit which gives power .This result in establishing the kingdom of God and hidden disciples are raised. Lastly , God gave three answers , direct answers , slow or perfect answers and indifferent answers .

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