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Basic Message 4: The answer to prayer (witness - the filling of the Holy Spirit)


Basic Message 4.txt


   Why do I go to church, but continue to face hardship and not receive answers to prayer? Why can’t I really believe in God? Why do I have so much doubt? There are so many churches around, but why do people face so many hardships? Many people have these questions. I go to church, but why doesn’t my prayer get answers? Evangelism is even more difficult. And what are the reasons that the churches of Europe and the world are closing their doors? I know that spiritual problems are here but why are the churches so powerless? People are asking these questions. Why are there churches out there, but hardships continue to come? We only need one person. 


   It’s because you just go to church and live a religious life. A religious life is not a bad thing. Many people think, “Oh, I should have a religion.” So they start going to church. But in that manner, you will not be able to solve your spiritual problems. Satan tries to destroy you, but you cannot overcome him. Many people just go to church for the purpose of ethics. Ethics isn’t a bad thing. It’s a good thing. But with ethics you cannot overcome Satan. With all the hardships you continue to face, you don’t want to go to church anymore. Then people think why they should go to church. 


   And they’ll answer it’s because my family is Christian. But they have no strength at all. Don’t you think? If you go to college, but do not study at all, what’s they use of going to college? Some people do live a religious life. They read the Bible and go to worship. But things aren’t working for them. But it’s because of all these things that we lose hold of important things. 


   While you’re going to worship, there is something you need to remember. God sent the Christ to solve three things. The very first thing He has done was that He opened the way to meet God in John 14:6. How can we meet God? We can’t go to Him. Going to find God is a religion. God came to us. Even now, God is with us through His spirit, the Holy Spirit. This is what happens to those who accept Jesus Christ. It’s from this point on as Mark 10:45 says, disasters subsides. If the light enters the room, the darkness flees. If the Light comes into our heart, then the darkness naturally leaves. But we do have difficult environments. It’s from thins point on that we will be able to overcome that with the authority of Jesus Christ for it says in 1Jn 3:8 that “the reason why the Son of man came was to destroy the works of the devil.” Enjoying this blessing is worship. What is worship? It’s enjoying the blessing of being with God. I said this before; invisible to our eyes Satan is there to b ring us destruction. But the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God that is with us and leads us unseen to our eyes. Invisible to our eyes God give us His Words. Jesus came in a visible form, but He came fulfilled His work, and left. God is a triune God. God is with us and working in our lives through the Holy Spirit. Enjoying this blessing is worship. So don’t live just a religious life, but enjoy the Gospel. The blessings of God do not end here. 


   In Corinthians 2:12 it says that inside of Christ there are tremendous blessings. Our status changes. In 1 Corinthians 3:16 it says that the Holy Spirit lives within us. He’s indwelling in us. The Holy Spirit does not just reside in us but like it says in John 14:16-17 says, He’s guiding us. Just as the evil spirits are guiding that fortunetellers and sorcerers, Holy Spirit guides us toward what is good. And not only that, in Acts 1:8 it says that He is giving us His powers so that we can save lives of others and myself. That is our status. Enjoying this is worship and prayer. This is our walk of faith. 


   Following your status is your authority. God has given you a tremendous authority. It’s an authority to win over the world. There are the blessings that the believers have received. The very first authority that has been given to you. Now there is no reason to fear the devil. We have 500 ex-sorcerers who came into our ministry and there is no more fear for you. Any maybe in your family or family background you have so much idolatry, but that’s all right. Elt’s say that in your family you have mental patients, members who are suicidal, or drug addicts, there is nothing for you to worry about. Maybe you have members in your family or family that have a history of divorces, mental problems, broken family, and hardships, and you’re worried about that happening to you. Do not worry at all. It says that God has given us the authority to drive out the demons. In Hebrew 1:14 it says that God will send us His angels to minister to us and help us invisible to our eyes. While you are living in this world it says that God will be with us in all things. But more importantly, how is He with us? In Acts 1:3 it says that every place that we go, He will bring upon the kingdom of God. Let’s say that his person is going to be an ambassador, wherever he goes the Kingdom of God will come. Invisible to our eyes. In all the places that he works, the Kingdom of God will come. It says that for the sake of Joseph, God blessed the house of Potiphar. That is God’s kingdom. From that point on we see in Matthew 28:16:20, the disciples. You are enjoying these blessings. We should be so grateful. But many of us are losing hold of these blessings. But that’s not all.


   Now we must go out and save the work places, our businesses, families and nation as His witnesses. We must save those who are in the midst of hardships. What is a witness? You are just sharing what you have seen. What is a witness? Sharing what you have heard. What is a witness? It is sharing what you possess. If you’re doing one of these three things then you are a witness. So we’re sharing these blessings, then how can we be a witness? 


   You might think that you are nothing, but in 1 Peter 2:9 it says that you are the “royal priesthoods, a holy nation” God has called you to declare His light to the world. In this verse we can see the three roles of the prophet, priest, and king. Just as Christ has completely fulfilled the work as the prophet, priest, and king, He has relayed that blessing unto you. And now we take that blessing and take it to others. That’s what this verse means. 


   You might ask if there was a blessing like this out in the world. There is. One young man became a judge. There are other senior judges who are in higher positions than him. Every morning he gave a report to the judges. And because these judges are of higher status than him he had to show respect. At the end of the report he said, “Superior, I would like to give you a gift.” And it as a message. A message tape and he can do that right? But his senior judge took that tape and played it in the stereo. After listening to the tape, he called the young judge back into his office. “Who is this person?” he asked. “Oh, it’s my pastor at church,” he answered. “Why did you give this to me?” asked the senior judge. “I just wanted you to listen to it.” Then the senior judge said, “Really? How is it that this pastor knows so much about my family issues?” “Did you set this up?” “Did you tell him about all my family problems, record it and then bring it back to me?” The man said no, and said that this is the Word of God. God know everything about us. That is why He sent the Christ. It really came to him. And the senior judge asked what he needed to do next. So the young judge told hi9m that he could be a child of God. If you believe you can be a child of God. If you believe with your hear and confess with your mouth, you will be saved. So in that very office, that high status judge accepted Jesus Christ with his junior. 


   The judge called in his junior again the next day. He said that he had another request. “What is it?” he asked. The senior asked if he could come to his house. Can you come over and share this with my family? And the junior judge said that he would be happy to come over not just once, but even a hundred times. He went to the judge’s home and his family members were all prepared. His wife and children all accepted Jesus Christ. And all the problems that they couldn’t talk about before and the hidden problems started to revolve. It was an amazing thing. You area royal priesthood. 


   Why did that famous singer, Michael Jackson, who had 300 bodyguards, die that kind of death? He didn’t commit suicide, but it was scarier than that, he had to take medication to go to sleep and he took too much. No one around him was able to share this message with him. There were many who went to church. That is because many of them just went to the church building. But we need people to relay this blessing. It is very simple. When this blessing is relayed, many things happen, but what are these things?


   Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved you and your household. (Acts 16:31) It looks like you’re just believing, but your whole family is blessed. You don’t need to do it quickly because one by one they will be blessed. It doesn’t just end here. 


Another more serious problem is spread throughout the whole world and we need to save them. It is missions. We can go around the whole world and share this Gospel, but for our believer here, since you already travel the world it is even better for you. Before you even do that, God says that He will give you this blessing. You are standing as a witness of that. He is the solution to every problem. 


   I have seen something very important. The cultures of Korea, Europe, and America, they are all very different. But the spiritual things are the same. I realized that. The fundamentals are the same. Even American, if they don’t eat, they get hungry. It may seem like the Japanese people don’t eat a lot, but they too eat a lot when they go to a buffet. If you don’t eat, you’ll be hungry. It’s the same with spiritual problems. And the solution to these spiritual problems is only Jesus Christ. That is why God sent the Christ. 


   In conclusion, there is something I want you to keep in mind. Let’s say you got into a slight accident. It would take about a day to fix the car. Right? If the car is completely totaled, it cannot be fixed in just a day. It would take quite a lot of time. After living your life in your spiritual problems of such a long time, you think that these problems will resolve as soon as you go to church. God didn’t do it that way. He said that He would completely resolve them. That is called the filling of Christ. We also call that the filling of the Holy Spirit. We have to match this direction until these blessings are revealed in my life. We call this the fullness. Of course if God’s power came upon you, you can solve all your problems in a second. But rather than that, God desires for our nature and personality to change accordingly. God also blesses so that we can overcome all the problems that we face. God also blesses us so that we can save others who are facing so many hardships and need salvation. That’s why it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit. 


   If this blessing is revealed in your workplace, that is called the filling of the Holy Spirit. If this blessing is relayed to other people, that is also called the filling of the Holy Spirit. There is water in this cup but it is not filled. It’s not full of water. It’s only filled to about 3/4 of this cup. The Bible doesn’t say to be filled with the Holy Spirit 3/4 full, but filled with the Holy Spirit. If you are filled with the Holy Spirit, the water should overflow. If it’s filled, it should be overflowing. Others can see what is overflowed. When we see it overflow, we call that fullness. When God’s blessings overflow in me, we can save others. I pray that all of those who are listening to this broadcast can do this today. 


   I started by just grabbing hold of this one thing and I have received so many answers. It’s not just about believing in some things of the Bible, but believing 100%. Believing is believing, but you need to believe 100%. The more you don’t believe, the more of a loss it will be. But when you believe completely, it will be of great benefit to you. Will you become strange? No, just more normal. Is it more normal for you to believe in Jesus slightly and receive slight answers or for you to believe completely and receive full answers to save other people? You would be the most normal with the second. I bless you in Jesus name to be the witnesses to save France and all of Europe. Let’s pray. 


   May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the great love of our Father, and the working of the Holy Spirit, upon all the people of God who will save this age, be both now and always and forever more. Amen.


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