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Basic Message 5: The starting of the prayer


Basic Message 5.txt



I pray that everyone in the French speaking nations will receive strength through the Gospel. If you have received the Gospel, there is one thing you must do first. You must have the start of prayer. How can we do this? Even with 5-10 minutes you can start. When you begin this prayer, you gain the greatest strength. It’s about gaining spiritual strength, so it’s very important that you get it. Our brain never stops working and that is why we must never stop praying. That is why even with 5-10 minutes of prayer you can see a lot of effectiveness. Then what kind of prayer should you pray? In Mark 3:14 it says that Jesus has called those that He wanted. It says that Jesus called those He had wanted and the answer lies here. Then what must we do through prayer?


We must have the prayer that enjoys Christ. This is the greatest prayer. For even 5-10 minutes of prayer, it is very important to enjoy Christ. In Acts 1:1, Luke was able to relay his enjoyment of Christ. Enjoying this blessing is prayer and sharing with someone else is evangelism. And that is why at the very beginning Jesus called those that He wanted. And at the very last moments of His ministry, He promises to be with them until the very end of the age. Christ came to this earth so all we have to do is enjoy this blessing.


Inside of Christ it means three things. Jesus was not just a priest; He is the true priest. He was the prophet and king. And all three of these positions were anointed with oil. This means Christ and all we need to do is meditate on this a little at least once a day. We have disasters. There are disasters in this world and Satan works in the background. And most people cannot find their way. That is why Jesus came as the true priest, the true prophet, and the true king. In reality, we must take this into enjoyment through prayer. When I pray, I pray this way. The disasters are gone, the Holy Spirit is now at work, and so we must receive much strength through prayer. The greatest answer of prayer is the filling of the Holy Spirit. Even if you’re just enjoying this prayer 5-10 minutes a day, great answers will come.


The answer of Acts 1:3 will come. That is the answer of the kingdom of God. And Jesus said to pray with this. If you wait a little, the answer of Acts 1:8 will come. So God’s kingdom comes upon us, then comes God’s great power. Only with this strength can we save Europe. That is why Jesus says, “only.” And with this power, I can save myself. And we have to enjoy this through prayer.


Then we can move a little further into prayer. There are blessings that God has given to the believers and we should enjoy through prayer. Inside of the filling of the Holy Spirit, we can see these things. Jesus gave us the very last prayer topics and we don’t have to pray for anything else other than for the filling of the Holy Spirit. Inside this come all the blessings of the believers. We can see two large themes of the blessings.


First, it is the status of being a child of God. Following that status we have authorities. If you look in John 1:12 says that we have the right to become children of God. Easily said, this right is our blessing. Through prayer, we enjoy these blessings. So what should we enjoy about our status first? God is already working upon me, but in 1 Corinthians 3:16 it says, “Don’t you know the Holy Spirit is in you?” In John 14:16-17, it says that the Holy Spirit is guiding us. It all sounds similar, but even in Acts 1:8 He says that He would fill us with the Holy Spirit. This is all about our identity. Whenever I pray, I think about the work of God through the Holy Spirit. Yes, the Holy Spirit is in me and you might wonder why we keep asking for that, but we do need the filling of the Holy Spirit at all times.


Following this are tremendous blessing that are to come. Whenever you pray all the forces of Satan and the darkness are broken and bound. I pray this way. In the Bible says that when we pray, the doors of the God’s kingdom opens and He sends His angels. Everywhere we go, the kingdom of God is established. And then there are hidden disciples that are found. These are all our statuses, blessing from our identity, and our authorities. So we’re going to enjoy this continuously. As you continue to do this, the prayer that is most simple and true to you is formed. When you continue to exercise, you begin to form your own style. If you continue to play golf, your own style and form comes out. And as you continue to pray this prayer, your own personalized prayer starts to form. Then great answers come after that. We are enjoying the prayer of the believer continuously.


What is next? We must pray the prayer that overcomes the world. Rightfully, this prayer must come forth. Nonbelievers, without any exception, are simply ignorant and fallen into John 8:44. You should not see the world strangely, but you must see it accurately. In 2 Corinthians 4:4-5 it says that the god of this worlds is Satan. People are unaware that they are living inside of this. And because things are so difficult for them, they hold onto incorrect things. When an infant is hungry, they will grab anything and start to suck on it. When babies are hungry and they can’t find their mother’s breast, they’ll start to suck on anything even their fingers. Because people have not met God, they start to hold onto other things. This is what we call idolatry. They hold onto other things. That’s what we also call religion. People get addicted and attached to certain things.


That is why in Exodus 3:25 says, spiritual problems continue to arise. And after that, like it says in Matthew 11:28, mental and emotional problems start to arise and naturally follow. Right now, we have so many people with this mental disease in Europe. They are holding onto their heavy burdens. Simply put, the greatest disease is the mental disease. The world is filled with people who are diseased in their mind and heart. There are many more in Europe. As well as in America. We thought that it wouldn’t exist in developed nations, but there are actually more.


So the natural results after this are physical diseases. As it is written in Acts 8:4-8. And no matter how much you try to hold it in, it is relayed to your children. A mother committed suicide because of depression, but a few years later that daughter was diagnosed with depression too. Isn’t that very strange? There was one mother who was a sorcerer in Korea. The daughter didn’t like this, so she moved to America. But even though she was far away, the spiritual condition of her mother came upon her. Can this be solved through medicine or science? Because she was going through so much hardship, she came to me for counseling. But I told her that these are all spiritual problems. And that the Bible says that these spiritual problems are relayed to children. And that is why God sent up Christ. And the only way out is to accept Christ. Being filled with Christ means to be filled with the Holy Spirit and only with this answer could this problem be solved.


As Luke 31:19-31 says, one day you will die. The Bible says that when you die, you will go to hell. I’ve never been to hell, but everything in the Bible had been fulfilled until now, so I know this is true. I’ve seen many people in their last moment of life and before they died. And there’s a big difference between those who are saved and those who are not saved. I’ve even seen people who have died and come back to life. They really did come back to life after three days, not necessarily resurrecting, but in coma. You listen to what they say. And they talk about their little experiences of heaven or hell. But in this way, people face eternal suffering in hell.


One time, I said this joke to doctors. I first asked if people took care of themselves ahead of time, they wouldn’t die, right? If we knew that we were going to get sick, then we would get treated ahead of time and wouldn’t die. But the doctor started to giggle and said, “How can we not dies?” I didn’t have much time, so I gave him a very simple answer. Hebrews 9:27, “Every man is destined to die once and face judgment.” I told him that God knew the day that he would die. It’s not something you fell offended about, but it is something that is already set. After you die, there is judgment. That is what they Bible says. So then the doctor started to listen very carefully and seriously. He asked, next time we meet, can you tell me in more detail? But through that one doctor, a lot of doors of evangelism opened up in that hospital. This is how we begin our prayer.


If we can summarize all of these things then, very important prayers can come forth. And all of these things are actually spiritual things. All you need to do is pray for the filling of the Holy Spirit just 5-10 minutes a day. Then God will give you power. And because so much power is supplied to you, you can do many other things. And whenever I pray, I pray for this as well. The strength to overcome Satan. I say that in the mighty name of Jesus Christ may all the forces of darkness working in the world be bound. For example, I’m going to preach the Gospel to the people of Europe, so I pray that all the forces of darkness and Satan in the fields of Europe be bound. Because the Bible considers this to be the most important. And in the name of Christ. In the name of Christ Jesus. And I’ll say, “Lord, I’m here, but I’m going to Japan tomorrow. May you send your armies of angels to the entire nations of Japan and prepare the doors for me.”


These three things are very important prayers that we can enjoy in Christ. I believe this. I believe that before I even get there, God sends His armies of angels to do the work ahead of time. When the Holy Spirit works, absolutely these other two things are also at work. When the Holy Spirit works that is when Satan is bound and the kingdom of God is established. If God’s kingdom is established, then absolutely the angels that run God’s errands are at work. If you take these three things out of the Bible, there is no reason for you to pray and nothing to hold onto. All you can say is that you’re child of God or that you believe in God. But, if you pray this prayer like I’ve told you, you can summarize it in these three points. Sometimes, I pray this prayer all day long. Whenever I am preparing to give a message at a conference, I pray all day. When I go to a certain location, I pray this way, too. I just simply pray this way and God opens all the doors of answers. I believe that the great work to save all of Europe will arise through you, even if it’s just one person. As you, this one person, listen to this message, I pray that you will save all the French-speaking nations. And I bless in the name of Jesus that God’s great blessing will arise in your life.






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