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Basic Message 6: The start of World Evangelization


Basic Message 6.txt


About 17% of the populations of Korea are diagnosed with depression and taking medication for it. But I see it as about 30% of our Korean population suffering from depression. They might not be in the hospitals or taking medication though. Among the 17%, there are many who suffer from panic disorder and other diseases. There are so many people who live their normal lives, but face these difficulty situations. And there are people who suffer mentally so much that they have to be hospitalized. But there are so many more like them that are not. But about 75% of the population, they are suffering from hardships. There are so many people who say that they are having a hard time or that they’re suffering. And because of the sufferings, they face physical diseases, but even besides that, there are many who are suffering. 


So this is what Jesus says in Mark 3:14. He says that He called those that He wanted. So that they might be with Him and preach the Gospel. Don’t do it in a difficult manner. So many people are suffering, so begin evangelism. There are so many who ask how they should start evangelizing. If you continue to pray, you will begin to see something. You just give the answer to people who need it. Just like you will give bread to someone who is hungry, evangelism is not difficult. If you have bread, you can give it to someone. Because you know Jesus Christ and you begin to enjoy Him a little through prayer, you will be able to see those people who need evangelism. But so many, and most of the Christians, can’t get to that level. For you to quietly enjoy Christ through prayer is a very important quiet time. If you can enjoy Christ in that way, you will begin to see the field of evangelism. 


For me in the morning, I wake up and I get ready for a couple of hours. I don’t just sit down and quietly pray doing nothing, I pray while I get ready. I’m very happy to do this. Also starting about 20 years ago, I made a habit to do deep breathing and that’s my secret to healing and reflection. It’s good for you to try, too. So as I breathe in, I hold my breath, and then when I exhale deeply, I pray. For example, if you’re sitting down and do this, it takes about 2 minutes, but if you’re doing this while walking around doing other things, it takes only a minute. So in order to maintain my health and receive healing, I do this in the morning as I pray. I have been doing this for about 20 years now. It really is God’s grace, but there has not been a time where I felt sick or tired. And so before leaving the house, I would have about two hours of time to pray. When I’m traveling in the car, that is when I am in peace in prayer. When I have to travel for more than 10 hours on the plane traveling overseas, it is even better for me. Prayer is the happiest time. When you have the time to enjoy Christ in prayer, that is truly the happiest time. Then you will be able to see. Then you can give people the answer. 


After receiving the strength of prayer, Peter saw the crippled man in a different light in Acts 3. He said, “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise and walk.” “What I have, I’ll give to you,” “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, rise and walk.” It doesn’t mean that you have to go and lift up all the crippled people of the world. What it really means is that people really need Christ. And you’re giving them this answer, and then evangelism is easy. If you’re with someone, then you’ll know when he or she is facing hardships. Then absolutely it is related to three things. The prophet, priest, and king, Jesus came to solve these three problems. It’s related to that. Also you will come to see that people face a lot of family problems because of their family background. And if you’re working with a person and see how they work, you can see. After that you can recognize that they are suffering spiritually. That is when you give the answer of Christ. If that person can enjoy the prayer of enjoying Christ, then he can receive healing. It’s very important and you can share that without much difficulty. 


You will be able to see then. You’ll be able to see people who are physically diseased or having spiritual hardships. Now they went overseas and they were able to find many people who were suffering mentally and spiritually because of sorcery. At that time, you give the answer again. Now Paul went into another region in Acts 16 and he was able to see people who were fallen in fortune telling and he gave the answer. Someone is America said that we didn’t have these problems. At least not in America. Or Europe. But that’s is a big misunderstanding. 11 sorcerers made the New Age Movement. And the New Age Movement has completely conquered America. It’s just that people are ignorant, but there is so many of these problems. In Acts 19:8-20, you can see people suffering because of idol worship. And people stake their lives to that and bow down to those idols and the problems continue to come. However, you can give them the answers. There is nothing easier than that. And when I give these answers, God sees me as so precious that He blesses us. The problems is that there is no one who is actually giving these answers, they’re just trying to bring them to church. Inviting them to church is the second issue; you must first give them this answer. So, if you look carefully, you’ll be able to see all kinds of different people. Everyone has these fundamental problems and the answer is Christ. Yes, American and Europe are different, but the spiritual problems are the same. Koreans may eat rice and Europeans may eat bread, but the fundamental spiritual problem is the same. Japanese people are different from Koreans, but their spiritual problems are just the same. 


Then the second thing comes. In a little bit, people will start coming to you. They will come to you. They will look to you and look for you and that’s when you give them the answer. That’s evangelism. The reason why we should live an upright life with sincerity and integrity is because those who are close to me will see these things. Oh that person is a really good person. You can work with them. And they’ll think that it’ll be good to work with them. They’ll really think that you’re all right. Then they find out that you go to church. That’s when they’ll start telling you their problems. Right? But let’s say that they saw you as a strange person. They don’t want to be with you. It’s hard to work with you. Then let’s say that they found out you went to church. They will naturally think that it’s a good thing that they don’t go to church. That’s what they will think. But it you can serve them, they will open their hearts because most people like and favor those that serve them. And then that door of evangelism will open. 


If you’re enjoying the answer of number one, then the answer of number two will follow. They will come to look for you. People who are facing these hardships will come to you. It looks like they have so much success, but in their hardships, they’ll come to look for you like it says in Acts chapter 8. People are actually lying to themselves although they look successful. The Ethiopian Eunuch was a man of great power, but even he was going through hardships. In acts chapter 9, we see a man named Saul who was led to the house of Ananias. This is so easy because people come to you. Rather than them looking for you, God is sending them to you. It’s more accurate to say that God is sending them to you. In this way, so many doors of answers open up. They will come. In Acts chapter 10:1-45, we see a person like Cornelius came to Peter and like so, a person like him will come to you. God starts sending them to you and connecting them to you. And even in Acts 19, they were sent to prison, but God sent them there for a reason. And the saying of “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and He will save you and your household” comes from there. Because the jailer asks what he can do to be saved and that’s how Paul answers. If you can really enjoy this answer, then great answers will come. The answer to save Europe will come. You will gain strength. Then you will gain the strength to save all the French-speaking nations. 


It’s at this time that you start the evangelism of going out. This is after you have gained a lot of strength. And this time, you start to go out to the entire world. It’s at this time that you see the words of Acts 19:21, “I shall also see Rome.” There were so many problems in the greatest nations of the time, Rome. They needed Christ. As the greatest nation, they were so developed, and yet spiritually, they were the most problematic. They were even bringing problems to other nations. So it was urgent. They needed Christ. North Korea needs Christ. too. China needs Christ as well. France needs Christ. All the nations that uses French as their language needs Christ. And then we can go. At this point, another answer comes. 


No matter how difficult it is, be strong. “Don’t fear. You must stand trial before Caesar in Rome.” Now a greater answer comes. Even if death is before you, you have no fear. Jesus says to Paul, “Do not fear. You will stand trial before Caesar.” These kinds of answers will come. This is evangelism. Don’t think of evangelism as difficult, but really begin your prayer of enjoying Christ. The greatest gift that God has given is Jesus Christ. What is the Old Testament? It is the promise that God will send Jesus Christ. Then what is the New Testament? The fact that Jesus Christ came. And that’s the evidence. If you can begin the prayer of enjoying Jesus Christ, then great answers will come and you’ll be able to help other people. 


When will be a good time to begin? You don’t have to set a certain time because it would be too difficult to do that. Don’t do it in a set time, but do it in a time that is most comfortable for you. And do it in the most comfortable method for you. And do it in the method that make you most happy. If you’re dreaming the dream of world evangelism as you pray, doesn’t that make you so happy? So in the happiest time for you. For me, I do it in my happiest time, so I just do it all day long. It’s the most comfortable for me that way. I also have a time once a day when I pray very concentrated, but I usually pray all day long. Maybe among you, there are those who have severe spiritual problems. Or facing hardships right now. Or physical disease right now. Or I’m suffering in a way that others do not know. If that’s you, then enter into a deeper level of prayer. In 2 Corinthians 12:1-10, Paul says that he has seen the third heaven. Pray in that way. What does that mean? Are there three heavens, what does it mean, the third heaven? Paul explains it. Paul says that he didn’t really know if he was inside or outside his body. What does this mean? He was really entering in the depths of prayer. That’s when healing can take place. When you enter into the deep prayer through Christ, then you can receive healing. Just don’t use any other method. Because it will be a loss to you. You want to use another method because you want fast results, but the only answer is Jesus Christ. Certain people look to others and they look to organizations, or the church to seek answers and help, but they get bitter and upset, but you just need to look to Christ. The work to save all Europe will arise through one person. I bless you all in Jesus name that you can receive this blessing. 



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