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Basic Message 7: The individual experience related to salvation


Basic Message 7.txt


Right now, there is an increase in people with mental disorders in Europe, even in France. And of course, there are so many with depression. And even if it’s not to that extent, there are people who are addicted to certain things. Addicted to drugs or gambling. And all of this is true despite how developed the nation is. We should not see a further decline like this. Why has it happened this way? In Europe, people do not believe in God. They say, “Do you still believe in God?” “Why should we believe in Jesus of 2000 years ago?” “The Bible is a book from so long ago, why should we believe in it now?” There are so many people saying such foolish things. But the Word of God is being fulfilled even now. 

And that is why we must quickly have this personal experience of our salvation. That is the quickest way to live. If we can have a personal experience of our salvation, then we can explain a lot of things. Why are there so many problems in this world? We as humans have a body. And many people make judgments based on this. We look at the physical body, and the physical things such as fashion. There is so much development in that. We make our faces beautiful. People get so much cosmetic surgery it’s hard to recognize people. This is how much development we see. But within our heart and mind, there is no peace. All of this advancement in fashion comes from Europe, especially France. However, regardless of all of that, people’s hearts and minds are not at peace. Why is that so? If you’re not at peace, at least you can just hold it in, but that’s not going to solve the problem.
The reason is because we as humans have souls. Animals do not have souls. Animals do have thoughts. They do have a mind. But animals don’t have a soul. Only humans have a spirit or a soul. So when God created humans, He made them in His image. We should know God rightfully, but we say there isn’t God. They say, “Hey, there’s so many good things to see and good things to eat. There is no God.” That is why they continue in their hardships. And that is why mental problems are the number one disease that exists. Some might not be diagnosed as a mental patient, but they face depression. And since they are not at peace, they look for other things to do. Certain people fall into drugs or gambling. Can this spiritual problem be healed? Some people turn to alcohol, some just wander, some even commit crimes, and then some people commit suicide. Those who are naturally good-natured usually opt for suicide. They don’t want to hurt others, so they kill themselves. But when you kill yourself, that is the greatest crime. You not only make many people’s lives more difficult when you kill yourself, but you are touching life that God gave you, so that’s the greatest crime. What should we do then? 
You must remember this. When God created man, He created them according to His image. So when God created man, He made them so that he could know God. That’s what human is. Animals are not like that. Only humans can believe in God. Because this happiness is broken, everything is broken. And people don’t know why. For example, if an infant is born but is missing his mother, how is he going to live? He needs to have milk. The child will start crawling around and he would be hungry. If he is hungry, he’ll grab anything and suck on it. Because the baby is so hungry, he will start eating anything and that’s how the baby will die. He should be having mother’s milk. Mankind separated from God and they are holding on to this and that trying to find happiness. Why did all of this happen? If you look in Genesis 3, the being Satan appears. He made it so that man would fall apart from God. They didn’t have to listen to Satan, but they did. After this, they couldn’t find the way to meet God. They could never find it. 
Hoping to find a way to meet God, that is where religion was created. However, you cannot meet God with religion. Why? Because it was created by man. Since they could not meet God that way, people think they can meet Him through good works. It’s a good thing, but you cannot meet God with that. Since that doesn’t work, they think that they can meet Him if they studied a lot and gained a lot of knowledge to be saved. All of this is good, but you cannot meet God through any of them. Instead, you fall deeper and deeper into destruction. Even with a religious life and with good works, you continue to face hardships. When you go to Europe, many say that they attend church. “Oh, my father is a pastor.” Many say that. But even if you have a religious life, if you don’t meet God, you will face more and more hardships. Satan isn’t just sitting here; he takes full control of humans. In John 8:44, it says, “You belong to your father, the devil.” He’s a liar. People get so frustrated that they take anything, created it into something, and call it God. Exodus 20:3-5. Because these things are deceiving them, more and more hardships come to them. This is the world we see today. No matter what they try, it’s not going to work with knowledge, good works, or religion.
Gradually, the diseases of the heart are formed. And people hold it in. They force themselves to grin and bear it, so physical diseases form as well. After you suffer this way for your whole like, problems start to arise in your family. The suffering you face even gets relayed to your children. Then, that’s something to be really frustrated over. No matter what you try to solve it, it doesn’t get solved. Whatever you try, it will not work. Even if you work hard, it would be of no use. The issue is you can’t meet God. That is why we continue to fall in this state. Then one day, you will die. And the day you die is set. When you’re about to die, you speak without realizing what you’re saying. If you stand next to someone who is dying, you realize that there really is hell. Why? Because the demons are coming to take away the children of Satan to hell. Most people who are about to die and in pain cannot speak well. Those who are about to die and cannot speak at all; there is great anxiety in their eyes. And they are in fear because the demons are taking their soul away. Some people are actually screaming in their last moments of their breath. I’ve seen so many people pass away and if you look at faces of saved people, it is different. People who are dying and not saved say all kinds of things. But those who are saved always say the same things; that the angels are here to take them. And they would all ask to sing hymns to them. Isn’t that amazing? So you can tell the difference. This is how all the people suffer. 
Did God leave man to just live in this sin and agony? Even if God asked man to come to come to Him, they cannot. Even when God showed His love to them, they didn’t recognize it. They keep saying there is no God. Or that they don’t believe God. Some even say that they don’t believe in God, but believe in themselves. Some people say that they don’t believe in God, but in their fists. How strong is your fist that you would believe in that? They say, “Does the church put food on your table?” They talk about all sorts of things including the flaws and mistakes of believers. What we must be careful is there are so many church members and believers who are this way, too. I went to Europe and say that most of the people are like that. If you are in this state, it doesn’t matter how long you have been in church. Because this is your identity. 
That is why God opened the door for us. Romans 5:8. It says, “But God demonstrated His own love for us; while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” We didn’t even know we were sinners. While we were still in this state Christ came to die on the cross. And He demonstrated His own love for us in this. By this death on the cross, He solved all the problems of Genesis 3. What does it mean to just believe? If there is something that we can do, then we should do it, but there is nothing of us to do. If there was a way to reach Him, then we should simply go on that road with our own effort, but there simply is no way. If you tell a child that fell into a quick sand to get himself out, he would not be able to. In a quicksand, the more you move, the faster you will sink in. You can’t even swim in the quicksand. You’ll just fall in and die. If you tell him to swim out and try harder to get out, they will just fall deeper and deeper into the quicksand. Those words don’t make sense. A person who is stronger needs to throw out a rope to pull them out. For those who have fallen into the problem of sin and original sin, God sent Christ to break the forces of darkness and resolve this for us. God promised to send the Christ. 
There are three meanings to the Christ. It means that God has opened up a way for us to meet Him. That He broke Satan’s power. And that He broke the curses that we should have received. We call that the Christ. It is the King who broke Satan’s power. And He is the true prophet that opened the way to meet God. He is the true priest that got rid of all of our curses. All we need to do is believe in this fact. That is why in John 5:24, it says, “"I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.” So from death to life He has crossed us over. Why should we believe? Because it’s from God. And this is the fact. This is all that we need. But you go to Europe and people ask where God is. What’s the church? That is how they continue to fall and go through hardships. Even while going through hardships, they ask why they should go to church. Or even when fallen into drug addiction, they ask where God is. At the last moments, Satan will take full control. All those who asked where God is and denied Him will one day meet Satan in hell. Satan will drag them to hell. And later when you fall deeper into drugs, you will even see the evil spirits. If you’re at that level, it will be very difficult to repair. And that’s how people die. It would be all right if they were just to die, but later they will go to hell. Can you believe this? Then why did God create hell, you might ask. It was to sentence Satan in. It’s like a prison for Satan, but simply put, if you follow Satan, then you will go there, too. So mankind tries all sorts of things. It says that those who believe have eternal life. It says they will not be judged. Why? Because he has crossed over from death to life. 
In Romans 10:9-10 it says anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Because Christ has finished this tremendous work, it says anyone that believes in the Lord will be saved. In John 1:12 it says, “Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.” To those who really believe, they received the right to become children of God. Some people receive and believe in prayer, some through just reading.  
But it’s at this time that you begin to experience. What kind of experience? In 1 Corinthians 3:16 it says the Holy Spirit is in you and will work through you. In Ephesians 4:30 it says that the Holy Spirit has sealed you. Now, when you pray, you can receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit as it says in John 14:16. If you can pray just a little bit from now on, you can receive the blessing of the filling of the Holy Spirit. From now on, with this blessing, you can pray. Enjoying this blessing is prayer. Why should we enjoy it through prayer? If you say that you can only enjoy this if you go hiking, then those with crippled legs cannot enjoy it. If you could only enjoy it by going to a prestigious college, then those who are uneducated cannot enjoy this blessing. If you were to use another method, then those without time cannot enjoy it. God has given us the greatest method. It is through prayer. 
So, begin first on your own through scheduled worship and great answers will come. Do you know what happen to those who do not have regular worship? You live your whole life and when alone, you never sing a single hymn or praise. Especially men. There are certain people who live their entire life and they never sang a single song to God. What would happen to their soul? All those who are here you all know, when you go to the hospital to get surgery, you usually get medicine or a shot of anesthesia. And you fall asleep even if you didn’t want to. At that point, you start to say things that are in your self-conscious. And that’s the problem. People who are very good at cursing will start to curse. If you like playing poker on a regular basis, then things about poker will come out. It comes out without you even knowing because it’s so deeply inside of you. But you’ve never had time of worship? Try this by yourself. It’s not very difficult. Try by starting to sing a hymn or praise that you really love and think about last week’s pulpit message. While you sing, pray for someone you love. If you have any worries or have someone to pray for, pray while singing praise. And the most important prayer of all is to pray about your hopes to God. You just need one scheduled-worship a day. You don’t have time to do three scheduled-worships a day. For the rest of the day, have scheduled prayer. Like during lunch or when you go to the bathroom. You don’t need that much time, just 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes at a time. Then later on, you will go to the field. When you go to the field, you can pray by yourself without anyone knowing. We call this continuous prayer. In this manner, you can enjoy the blessings of those who are saved. 
And the most important thing, in order to overcome the world, you need power. Some say, “I’m facing so much hardships and the situation I am in is even worse.” “I have so much to do but I don’t have the ability to do them.” Maybe the road there is too long. There are many times we feel that way. But you can’t leave this world. Knowing that, God promised these things to His believers. If you receive the filling of the Holy Spirit, you can receive power. Then you will be my witnesses to the ends of the earth. There’s something to remember. If you can have a time of focused, concentrated prayer for more than 5 minutes a day, you can receive power. Even a nonbeliever can stare at this towel and pray to it and the evil spirits will be at work. If you take this cup of water and place it on a pedestal, and pray bowing down to it every single day, something will happen. That is the work of the evil spirits. But for you, it’s not so. Because the Holy Spirit is absolutely with you and inside of you, so, if you can focus your time a little, great power will be given. It’s a personal experience. It’s not very difficult at all, just do it a little bit. When you go to church, maybe there is a person and that person has issues with you, but it doesn’t bother you. Why? Because you’re receiving answers. But when you go to church without this answer, then when someone says the slightest thing, you fall into trial. Even if it was the mistake of the people, we blame the church. Even though it was a mistake of a person. Elders can make mistakes. But instead of understanding, they point fingers at the elders and wonder why elders are like that. However, when you have this personal experience, you can understand others who are struggling, see that it’s a mistake and even pray for them. This is what Christian life is about. Then we can overcome all hardships. This is the blessing of God that Europe absolutely needs. Europe has everything but this. They don’t have the Word of God. 
If we were like animals, then we don’t have to believe in God. Animals cannot believe in God. But human beings must meet God. A philosopher named Pascal said this. He was a very famous philosopher. And he was very intelligent. When God created man, He created every one of them with a void in their hearts. And that void cannot be filled with anything else. This blessing given by God cannot be replaced by anything else. The more you try to fill this void, it only gets worse, just as if you were trying to quench your thirst with salt water. The more you drink that salt water, the thirstier you will be. The void in the hearts of man can only be filled with God. This is what Pascal said. And I agree with him. The moment you begin to experience the love of God in your personal life, that problem will be solved. Many people of communism said that there was no God and that He didn’t exist. But after several years, communism crumbled. Niche even said that God was dead. But it was Niche who died of mental disease. Right? If you look in the book of Psalms, it says that the fool says in his heart that there is no God. I pray that a new work of God will begin in all of Europe. 

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