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Basic Message 9: The owner of one's life


Basic Message 9.txt


Because God loves Europe, Europe must be blessed. If you look in the Bible or through History, blessings came through one or two people. Even through one of you, who are listening to this message, all of Europe can be blessed. It will be great if everyone can rise up, but through one individual, Martin Luther, all of Europe was blessed. Also, the Gospel was proclaimed in England through one man named John Wesley. Missionary Thomas was the first missionary to come to Korea and the nation of Korea received the Gospel. Then we who have received the Gospel, what should we do? What should I do to receive God’s blessings and to relay that in Europe? In some ways, this sounds difficult. You might think to yourself how you can do such a thing. But there is a very simple method. 


If God becomes your master and the Lord of your life, important things will happen. Let me draw you a picture. What kind of state are those who have not received salvation in? People who have not received salvation are living as slaves to Satan. And Jesus said this. In John 8:44. Here, we live as slaves to Satan. And have nothing to do with God. All we have to do is believe, but because we don’t believe, we fail. Even if we have success, we’re associated with Satan. And this is the reason why celebrities and famous people suffer through hardships and end their lives. Also, many people who are intelligent suffer from depression. With success, we should be happier, but instead, we face more sadness and hardships. It is because we are living in this state. God sent us the Christ but people do not believe in Him. We say that God loves them but they don’t believe in that. God loves Europe, but the people of Europe do not believe. Because people are in this state, it doesn’t matter how much success they have. And that is why up to ten years ago, suicide rates were ranked number one in Europe, with the most suicides being committed in Germany. But that was during the time when Germany had the greatest standard of living. So, why is that? It is because of this state. 


But then many people have received salvation. They have received salvation, but they’re not able to do world evangelization. Although they have received salvation. They have become children of God, but why can’t they salve Europe? If you have become a child of God, you should be able to save the church or Europe. But why can you not? The reason is because they Lord of your life is yourself. This Satan can attack at anytime. So even though I have been saved, Christ is below. Even after salvation, I face hardships. Continuously being attacked by Satan. So what should we do? 


Christ must be the Lord of my life. God must be the Master of my heart. It must be Christ who is the Lord and Master of my life. And the Holy Spirit. If that happens, works will begin to take place. So when Satan comes to attack, he cannot win. I am a child of God who is inside of Christ and guided by Him. If this is the case, then many works will start to take place. So many people ask how we can come to the point where this happens. Galatians 2:20 says this. “I have been crucified with Christ… Christ lives in me.” “And the life which I now live, I live in Christ.” “I live by the faith in the one who gave Himself for me.” If I can simply receive this answer, then I can do all things. But most people are stuck in this second picture. They live a Christian life, but live in this manner. That’s where conflicts come. And they cannot overcome it. They fight. There’s division. People fall into trials. They don’t want to go to church. And even if they go to church, it’s not very helpful to them. They may serve the church but it’s not very helpful to them. 


They day God becomes your Master and your Lord, works arise. The day that Christ becomes my Master and Lord, that’s when works happen and Satan flees. How can this happen? Many people ask this question. But it’s very simple. If God is with me, then in everything that happens I must seek the will of God. Whatever happens to me, I must seek God’s will. If I pray in that way, then works will happen. Even when a problem comes, you will ask what God’s will is. When Joseph was taken as a slave to Egypt, he asked what God’s plan was. Because he asked that question, he was able to see God’s plan to save Egypt. 


What’s more important than that? The fact that God’s power that was with Joseph began to appear. This is an amazing power, so all we need to do is ask that question. Sometimes, problems can arise. But inside of this problem lies God’s great will. Sometimes, you can live your walk of faith and not find much meaning. It looks like answers are not coming. But don’t be deceived because God has an amazing will behind all these things. For people who accept Jesus for the first time, works arise the moment they pray that acceptance prayer. It is about accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior. And about accepting God as your Lord. Accepting the Holy Spirit of God as my Master. Just simply praying that prayer, the Holy Spirit begins to work. And with this faith, you’ll see that the answers are waiting. Many of us are losing hold of our blessings. 


If you look in John 1:12, it says, “Yet to all who received Him, to those who believes in His name; He gave the right to become children of God.” It’s an authority. You accept Jesus as your Savior, then what happens? It’s easy. If you really find it believable, you’ll accept Jesus as your Savior. That’s why it says, “Yet to all who has received Him, to those who believe in His name,” All of you who are listening in Europe, I hope you have this prayer. I want to believe in God. I want to be a child of God. I don’t want to live in this state. I have faced too many hardships until now. And I have problems that are unsolvable. I go to church, but things aren’t working for me. But the moment you believe and you accept Him in prayer, works will happen. 


1. Physical answers 

What happens? Immediately, physical answers can come. 


(1) Matthew 8:1-17

You could see that disease are healed. Just by simply receiving Jesus as their Savior. Isn’t that amazing? After Accepting Jesus as her Savior, we could see this lifetime disease being healed.


(2) Acts 4:4-8

After accepting Jesus as their Savior, amazing diseases were healed and problems were solved. These two passages in Matthew chapter 8 and Acts chapter 8 are very important. It says here that after believing in Jesus, evil spirits fled. Then some might ask if evil spirits causes all diseases. No. But there are diseases that are caused evil spirits. These kinds of diseases, the moment you accept Jesus, they are healed immediately. 


Certain people do drugs for a long time and they see evil spirits. But after receiving Jesus Christ, that disease was healed. This one young adult confessed that he kept hearing voices. There are many people like that in Europe too. And Japan. They would hear voices. This one person heard voices wherever he went. The demons were speaking to him. But because he was facing this hardship for so long, he didn’t know what to do. Even with medication, it didn’t solve it. He just kept hearing voices. Amazing thing is, he would hear these voices and whatever they said would always come true. The voice would say, “Hey, your friend is going to come today. So do this.” And the friend would come. And so in that manner, that man was bound to that evil spirit. Many people who have that experience end up being fortune tellers or sorcerers. The voice kept telling him to kill his father. “Your father is strange, so kill him.” So he actually ended up killing his father. What happened to him? He got caught. So he had to go to prison. And in prison, he kept hearing the voices again telling him to kill himself. “How could you do such a thing and kill your own father. Now, kill yourself.” The most difficult thing for this person wasn’t the prison or about committing suicide, it was the voice. What would you do? The doctors were not able to solve it. It wouldn’t go away even when he tried to go to sleep. No matter what he tried, it couldn’t solve the problem. 


It was at that time. There are prison wardens. And as the guard was walking back and forth, he said to him. The prison warden happened to be an elder. Most Christians do not even understand these things, but he explained to him. From the outside of the prison cell, the elder shared the Gospel to him. And he accepted Jesus in his cell. The moment he accepted Jesus, the voices went away. And change started to happen to him. We can’t understand these things. But there are diseases like that. What about other diseases then? Perhaps they are not caused by evil spirits, they are related to them. Why? Because it was all started from Gen. 3. So you do accept Jesus Christ and physical answers can come. There are so many people who have received this answer in the Bible. But that’s not all. 


2. Spiritual answers. 

The moment you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, greater spiritual answers are given to you. 


(1) John 14:16-17

It talks about the Holy Spirit that is with us and invisible to our eyes. 


(2) Corinthians 3:16

It says that the Holy Spirit is inside of us and will be with us forever. 


(3) Ephesians 4:30

It says that Holy Spirit is sealed in us. So we have no choice but to overcome. That means the Holy Spirit has sealed you. Long ago, to determine something as your possession, you would have to put your seal on it. And many people who have many books in their home library put a seal or stamps on their books. What does it mean to seal or stamp your possessions? You’re saying that this is my books. So, don’t take it. So if I have an expensive book and I have a seal on it, then Pastor Hwang can’t steal it. Now, in my old home library that I’ve donated, there were many books that were previously owned by Elder Kim. And many of the books he had given me had his seal on it because it had belonged to him. It says that you have been sealed by the Holy Spirit and that’s God telling you that you are His, forever. These are tremendous spiritual blessings. But because we don’t have Jesus as our Lord, we have conflicts on both sides. Even with these tremendous blessings, we live our lives religiously, so nothing is working for us. Yes we do have salvation, but strangely answers are not coming. But the day Jesus Christ becomes my Lord and Savior, these answers are given to me. It’s at this time that the filling of the Holy Spirit comes. If you simply pray just a little bit every day, these answers will come to you. And if you pray moment by moment for just a little bit, works will happen. But many people do not know this. People think that you have to pray a lot, but that’s not true. You can pray just a little bit and answers will come. I have received many because I pray a lot, but there are moments when I received a lot of answers from just praying moment by moment. And if I spoke about all of that, there would be too much to talk about. I would receive answers in those important critical times when I just prayed a little bit. You need to experience these blessings in order to save Europe. 


3. Evangelist

If I really have Jesus as my Lord, it will not just end there. God will give me the blessing of the evangelist. Through you, I will save Europe. And I am going to save Europe through you. I will save your field through you. Who is going to do it? God, who is the Lord of your life. The Holy Spirit said that He would do it Himself, so how simple is that? And in this manner, the doors of evangelism will open. There’s no need to worry about how you should evangelize. The Holy Spirit is living inside of you, so He will open up all the doors. This is what the Bible says. 


(1) Matthew 4:19

It says, “Come follow me.” Come follow me this way, and I will make you fishers of men. And Mark 3:14 it says that Jesus called those who He wanted so that they might be with Him and go out to preach the good news. Also to drive out the evil spirits. These are the words of Jesus. God changes you into His evangelist. In Matthew 11:28, it says “Those who are weary and heavy burden come to me and I will give you rest.” And He says to take my yoke upon you. That is evangelism. And the yoke is light and easy. God will give us Great strength and this is how He changes us. 


(2) Mark 10:23-30

It says if you are persecuted or going through hardships because of me, then you will receive greater blessings in heaven. 


(3) Romans 16:25-27

He says that He will give you the blessings that has been hidden from long ages past, but is now being revealed. All these blessings are for you. So why don’t you try this for just 5 minutes? Not to test God because of doubt, but really try this. If you wake up in the morning and pray with this message for just 5-10 minutes, works will happen. And if you receive a great answer, then at that time, you can pray again. Moment by moment when you pray this prayer, God will work. And at this time, a very important result comes. 



As you pray this prayer, a very important result reveals. 


1. Word of God, Light, the Holy Spirit 

The Word of God begins to be fulfilled. The Word of God begins to work and that also means that God is working. Amazing things will happen. And when the Word of God is fulfilled, that’s when we gain assurance. Not only does God work by His Word, You can see this very important light shining. So you begin to save people. Christ who is living inside of me, you will begin to see the work of salvation arise around you. The Work of the Holy Spirit will arise. And we call this having God, the Father, and the Son, being with us. God the Father works by His Word, and God the Son came as the light of this world. And with that evidence, He has sealed us with the Holy Spirit. But that’s not all. 


2. Army of angels 

If I am living my life as His evangelist, then everywhere I go, He sends His army of angels. So that I can fight the spiritual battle. 


3. Darkness 

And everywhere I go, many of the forces of darkness will disappear. We call all of this the kingdom of God. All these three things put together, we can summarize it as the kingdom of God. It’s the kingdom of God that we can enjoy here before we even go to heaven. And in order for us to enjoy this blessing, He has become the Lord of our lives. So the same works will happen. I went to church for a very long time too. And one day, I discovered this blessing and I began to pray with it. It’s from that point on that answers started to come. And as these answers came, I saw all these hardships of the world. So during my most difficult time, I began to pray the prayer of Lordship. When I was facing most difficulty. God, you are my Lord. God, you’re my strength and my background. God, give me the evidence of God that no man can give. I prayed that prayer. I simply prayed that prayer, and God sent me to a church that evangelizes. I talk about this a lot, but I can never forget it. How is it possible? I’ve been at this church for the last 20-30 years and answers continue to come. But in the midst of all that, yes, hardships continue to come. Every time hardships came, I prayed confessing, “Lord, you are my Master.” The Lord and Master of my life is Christ, it’s God, and it’s the Holy Spirit. After praying that prayer just a little, my worries subsided and answers came. One time, I actually made a mistake and hardships came. There are times like that too. You make mistakes and great hardships come. For about two months, I really prayed this prayer. And because it was too hard for me, I couldn’t do anything else. When you’re really facing hardships, you can’t even read a book. When you’re really suffering from a hardships, you can’t even read a book or even the Bible. I experienced that. That’s when I began to pray this prayer. It’s at that time that God gave me all the answers of evangelism until this day. So many people, not knowing this blessing, go out into the world and they shake. So those who are listening to this message, please remember. 


Ephesians 5:15 says, “Look very carefully.” “Be very aware of those who are fake.” Does the world seem like a difficult place to live? Just look carefully. Be careful. Does it look like this person is a strange person? You’ve seen it incorrectly then. Look carefully. He’s actually weak. So just help him. There are certain people who go out and fight a lot. Look at them carefully. They’re in a weak state. They’re very weak which is why they are shouting like that. Look out into the world. It looks like it is a chaotic place. But if you look carefully, people are shaking so much. We are not looking carefully; we keep looking at the false things. That’s why in Hebrew 11:1 says, “Faith is being sure of what you have not seen yet.” Faith is not something you can see, but being confident in what you hope for. We just need to see one person rise up. If one person can rise up and pray this prayer, then all of Europe can be revived. Why? Because it’s not about me doing it. God, Himself, will do it. Through me. That is evangelism, and that is living your walk of faith. It’s not difficult at all; it’s just that we lack the faith. It’s not about writing a very difficult thesis, you just need to pray. The only issue is that people don’t believe. And this Satan know that we have this disbelief and that is how he attacks us. This is not difficult at all. It doesn’t require any money. All you do is believe and pray, but this is what we don’t do. And that’s how we lose hold of these very important things. I bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ that the true evangelism disciple to save Europe will arise. 


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