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Basic Message: 10 The start of the blessings of an evangelist


Basic Message 10.txt


If you look all around us, there are people who are going through many hardships. That is why we must begin the blessings of the evangelist. Also, wherever we go, there are people suffering from extreme spiritual problems. There are many people who seem to be happy, but in the inside, they’re not. If you want to enjoy the blessings of the evangelist, then there is something that you need to do first. 


This one student wrote me a letter. Telling me how hard it was. That Christian living was hard. There are no churches around me. Because there weren’t churches, giving worship was difficult. And the person said that there’s no one who wants to evangelize around me. It’s hard to be a student as it is, but there are so many corrupted people around me. And the student said that she had no one to talk to when she was going through hard times. In the letter, there were many serious things. The student told me that they get together and they do drugs such as marijuana. The get together quite often to drink, party, and have sex. Inside of this atmosphere, it was hard for that student to live that life of faith. That’s what the letter told me. And I believe what that student told me was true. 



1. Fake Blessings 

However, all the things that they have are fake blessings. When people say that they enjoy doing drugs, that’s a fake. Because greater problems come. Parties with alcohol and sex seem fun, but that’s not true joy. Before we talk about whether we should do something or not, we’re talking about these things that are false. 


2. True blessings 

That is why for all our remnants, evangelists, and our believers, we should enjoy true blessings. The real blessings, but how can we do that? How can we enjoy and begin the blessings of the evangelist? There is something you always need to remember. 


<Main Points>

1. What to throw out

In order to enjoy the true and real blessings, you always have to keep in mind the things you should throw out. It’s really not about changing your nature. 


(1) Misconceptions – don’t be deceived 

Among the things that you need to discard are your misconceptions. Even if there is no one to help you, you are still a child of God. Right? We don’t get answers from our misconceptions. It looks like I have nothing right now, but God knows these things and will answer me. As long as I don’t shake, answers will absolutely come. But instead of that, we shake ahead of time. But as I see it, many Christians shake even before problems come to them. And when problems really do come, 100% of them fall. All for the sake of false things. There is no reason for us to shake because of the fake things. So always keep this in mind. Remember the blessings I spoke about. They are tremendous; there’s not reason for us to shake. So simply put, don’t be deceived. It seems like people are having fun, but in actuality, they’re wandering and not having fun. 


(2) Scars – meeting 

Secondly, there are many scars that you possess whether you know of them or not. You should not hold onto them at all. If you continue to grab hold of these scars, it turns into spiritual problems. One day, it will affect you. Many young students have scars because of their parents. We have a lot of scars because of our families and parents. Many people think lightly of this. But in a very critical time in your life, you face a great loss. Easily put, you meet something very strange. For example, an intelligent girl who studied very well meets a strange person and falls into corruption. If we continue to hold onto those scars, serious spiritual problems can form. There is no reason for you to hold onto them. It says you have crossed from death to life. Christ has taken care of all our curses on the cross. It says that the reason why the Son of man came was to destroy the works of the devil. So get rid of them. What else should you get rid of? 


(3) Disbelief – rational 

Regardless of whether or not we realize this, we keep following our disbelief. There is no need for that. Many believers and especially students think that they can’t study or that they’re too weak. Or that they don’t have money. Or that they don’t have a good background. In that same way, all our disbelief seems to be true. It seems logical and rational. And that’s how we fall. There is no need for that. We are the children of God with these blessings that no one else can have. Always remember that. But for the child of God even with all these blessings of salvation, we’ll never lose our salvation, but we’ll be at a great loss and will not be able to enjoy them. There is something else that we need to do. 


2. What to enjoy. (waiting) 

There’s something that we need to enjoy. It’s something that we need to enjoy always. 

(1) Acts 1:1 Christ 

Jesus is the Christ. We should always enjoy this and wait. When we say to enjoy, that also means to wait. If we simply wait a little bit, answers will come, but we can’t wait. When a problem comes, you just need to wait a little bit and the answers will come. Just enjoy a little. Certain people realize that problems come when they’re lacking the Gospel, but others fall into worries. 


(2) Acts 1:3 Kingdom of God 

If you can just enjoy and wait a little, then the answers of Acts 1:3 will come. If you can enjoy the answer of Christ for just a little bit, then the answers of God’s kingdom will come. That’s when you begin to move.


(3) Acts 1:8 Power (evidence) 

If you just wait a little more, then the answer of Acts 1:8 comes. The great working of the Holy Spirit will take place and that’s when great power is given. Evidence is given. And then you could stand as a witness. More than you can imagine, people don’t wait. You just need to wait a little. If you wait just a little, absolutely these answers will come. This is so for everything in your Christian life. Many people ask when the RUTC or the regional church of Busan will be raised up. I have basic outline of it. Absolutely God will answer. But in the mean time, we must enjoy the blessing of the evangelist. 


3. What to find (myself) 

Then in every field, there is something for you to find. You have to find yourself. 


(1) Acts 1:14 

It says that they constantly devoted to prayer. You should not just understand this as a saying to just pray. Now, if you were to go to Mark’s upper room at that time you could die. It’s about finding yourself regardless of your environment. Can you understand? It’s not about conditional thinking. It’s about having a sense of self, regardless of whether you are a slave or in prison like Joseph. Even being the governor, it didn’t matter. Find yourself. This is so significant. 


(2) Acts 2:42 

This verse is different from the previous. In Acts 2:42, it says that they were devoted to prayer. In many different fields, you’re finding yourself. In the first one, it’s in a crisis. If you are able to find yourself, you will correctly find God’s answer.  


(3) Acts 3:1-12 (eyes), Acts 4:12  

Finally, they were able to open their eyes to see the crippled man. Before Peter and John were able to see him, but now they saw him in a different light. In the same way, you’ll have a different view of things. You should discover that. These three points are important. This difficulty can come or that hardship can come but it doesn’t matter. It’s different to be ignorant of problems, and then to be knowing and still transcending. If you are unaware of the problem, that means you are ignorant. You can know the problems, but the problem doesn’t have anything to do with you. Then you can overcome it. That’s what I’m talking about. You need to find yourself. Inside of the church, there are a lot of people, right? Even inside of that environment, you need to find yourself. Finally when you go out into the world, you’ll be able to see. You should find that. In front of all the leaders, Peter says that salvation is found in no one else. 



When you’re enjoying these blessing, these results come. You’ll be able to stand at the top with Christ. I’ll be able to stand here. And you’ll be able to see everything below you. If you are at the top, then you can see everything below you and you’ll know what to do. Oh, this is how you do it. If you’re at the bottom, then you can’t see everything. That is why all Remnants and all of our believers should have this blessing. And so this is the most glorious place of answers and we can see so many things. If you go in this direction, you will gain these results. 


Let me just give you one example. Joseph. When he was having so many conflicts with his older brothers, he already had the answer of the top. When Joseph was already sold as a slave, he knew the answer of the top. And then he was framed. He went to prison. But he was already standing at the top. So there was nothing to worry about. Even with his success and before the success came, Joseph possessed this. And you too have the eligibility to receive this blessing. So try it. 


If you can try this a little bit, then you can enjoy true answers and happiness. And then when the answers come, follow them. That’s a great blessing, isn’t it? This is the blessing of the children of God. Then one day when you’re looking around, you’ll see the doors of world evangelization is all around you. And one day, even when you didn’t ask God for it, but everything you needed God provided. You’re doing the work of God, so He even blesses your health. So when you’re doing this, God gives you many blessings for your health and in all areas. I bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ that these blessings could spread all throughout Europe. 


Let’s pray. Lord, we thank you. May these true spiritual blessings come up on all of Europe. And may God’s blessings be upon all those who are listening to this message. Let them correctly enjoy these spiritual blessings that we cannot see with our eyes. Open our spiritual eyes so that we are not deceived by the fake blessings. In Jesus Christ name we pray. Amen. 


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