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20200515 Core Message
Title: What Nobody Can Do (Acts 9:10, 15)

Speaker: Rev. Ryu Kwang Su
Interpreter: Claire Rhee

How important is praise, because without praise, giving a sermon would be very difficult. That’s why the place that is most difficult to give a message or sermon is a wedding or marriage ceremony between unbelievers. There was one church officer who was getting married in his older years, and he had a lot of friends who were nonbelievers. He also invited a choir comprised of men, and they were able to sing the song of the sojourners, and they sang very well. It was a gathering of unbelievers, and yet they received so much grace and I could see that in their faces, and it was so easy for me to give the message. I’m so glad to hear the choir singing, and it’s such a great glory to God. I don’t know, maybe I’m at a low level, but whenever I hear Senior Deaconess Kang Ho Ja praising God, I have such a refreshed spirit. I don’t know about whenever I hear other people singing, but whenever I hear her singing, it really refreshes my soul.

What Nobody Can Do ? Nobody (Acts 9:10, 15)
Last week, we heard the message, “The Place Nobody Can Go,” and today’s message title is, “What Nobody Can Do.” It’s really nobody. This is what God has given us. You’re living this life of the evangelist to save the age. However, you may feel that your life itself could be quite difficult. Sometimes, you may feel that those around you are all having difficulties in their own lives, but that’s not the case. Really, just like today’s message title, there’s really nobody.

Introduction ? Nobody
1. Absolutely Impossible ? Calvin. You really need to see that genuinely, there is nobody who can really help you and you’re able to see that there is something that you cannot do. If you ever think that you can do something on your own, that’s a great misconception, and that was the very first thing that I saw in the evangelism field: it’s absolutely impossible.
1) Family - Sickness. And when I was young, the first problem that I saw was in my family: all the illnesses, sicknesses, poverty, and powerlessness were all I saw. I didn’t see poverty right away because I was not working in society, but the first thing that I saw was sickness, and that’s what I saw first.
2) Church. Then I was able to go to church, and when I went to church, people could not evangelize, they were always so struck with poverty, and they were simply gossiping with each other, and I saw and realized that it’s really not going to work out that way.
3) Field ? 100% Spiritual Problems. After I got older, I was able to go out into the field and I saw in the field that it was devoid of God; God was not there. I confirmed that there are so many rich people who were able to live well off without God, but that’s where many people fall into misunderstandings, because after realizing the gospel, I saw it deeply in the field. I confirmed that the field is plunged, drowned in spiritual problems, 100% it’s a sure thing. That’s when I remembered Calvin’s words, that we as mankind cannot be saved. That’s Calvin’s words. We cannot be saved, that’s why God sent the Christ, and since we don’t have any conditions to merit salvation, it’s unconditional. This grace is irresistible because that grace persists until the very end, forever, and those words struck my heart. From that moment on, there was no reason for me to fall into any discouragement, why? Because people are all impossible. There’s nobody that I was able to not forgive, why? Because we’re all hopeless, and that’s why I had no choice but to forgive them. Even though I did curse some people, they’re really the same as me; we’re all the same.

2. Gospel Journey. Then, I was able to see the gospel journey. This is where I gained so many answers as God gave me all the answers.
1) Age of the Origin. God called four individuals and opened up the Age of the Origin. From the very beginning, He absolutely promised, “Whoever blesses you, I will bless,” and explained the reason why, “Through you, all nations will be blessed.” That’s true. To Isaac who held onto that covenant, God granted 100 years of answers. Also, he was able to obtain the very principle source as well. To Jacob who could not realize, God struck him down at the Jabok River and God gave him all the blessings. To Joseph who held onto this covenant early on in his young age, God granted him complete success no matter what he faced, and that’s what I was able to see. “That is right, God is leading my life, so that’s why there is nothing to worry about.” But for those who are always worried, the gospel was lost again.
2) Age of Restoration. That’s why God opened the age of restoration because the gospel was lost. All we have to do is simply follow the gospel, and God restored the gospel with only seven individuals. God started with Jochebed, Jethro, Moses and Aaron, Joshua and Caleb, and the prostitute Rahab, God restored the gospel and it took seven individuals. If you follow this accurate covenant, there’s nothing for you to worry about. Even if you’re diseased, it’s fine. Even if you’re ill or healthy, it’s all okay. Then, I was able to see what was important because this gospel was lost again, and that’s why hardships came about.
3) Age of Fulfillment. That’s why God opened this age of complete fulfillment. In order to fulfill this covenant, God only took four individuals: Hannah and Jesse, Samuel and David. With just four individuals, God brought about the fulfillment of the covenant, but again, the gospel was lost.
4) Age of Conquest [Babylon] (Captives). That is the one and only issue, and that’s why they were confronted with an age of disasters and difficulties, but with five individuals, God was able to restore the Age of Conquest. Elijah and Elisha and Obadiah. These two feeble women: the widow of Zarephath and the Shunammite woman, and they were able to win even without fighting, and that’s the covenant we have to hold onto. Really, it’s not difficult. See how and when Israel faced disaster, but yet again, they fell. That’s why, again, the age of Conquest came and that was the age of Babylon. There are some special characteristics from that. It was the work of captives who were in complete despair who were able to conquer. Satan is only interested in one thing: making the gospel disappear, and we see that the gospel disappeared again.
5) Age of Completion. That’s why God simply brought about the age of completion, and these were the words of Jesus said for the first time, “It is finished.” He finished it all. Jesus said, “It is finished.” And with these thirty people who understood the Word, God conquered the entire world. Only when you realize that it is finished, then you can begin. Are you in destruction? It is finished, so that is why you can start anew.

How can you start? Are you diseased? Jesus said it is finished, so you need to know the start. Only when you acknowledge that it is finished, then you can start. Really, when you understand that, you can start. When I saw this, I was able to see the entire journey. Before in the past, because I didn’t know, I wasn’t successful and I didn’t know any individuals who were successful, and because I was always living in poverty, I didn’t know the lives of wealthy people. But when I went out into the field, that wasn’t the case. These wealthy and successful people were living a harder life, and they’re all lying. That’s why I was able to simply come to this answer. That is why God promised to send the Christ whom all the intellectuals dismiss.

No kings were able to understand, but only the Bible reveals this to us. Even now, I’m sure that President Trump and Prime Minister Abe have no idea about the spiritual things we talk about. “Oh, the church must be crazy!” The Pharaoh said, “You must be crazy! You have not come to your senses yet.” That’s what Pharaoh said, “How dare you confront us?” But what was the outcome? History demonstrates and proves to us, just as we see in the Bible, they do not believe. It is the history that testifies to us that the entire people of Egypt, even Pharaoh, knelt before Moses. God promised that He will allow you to do something that nobody can do, so that you can go to a place where nobody else can go.

1. God’s Preparation (Past). May you believe it. The fact that you’re able to come thus far is all because of God’s preparation
1) Acts 9:1-9. It was Saul on his way to arrest believers of Jesus, but God appeared. Jesus Himself appeared before Saul and it was a perfect timing that God orchestrated as he was on his way to Damascus. It’s something that nobody can understand because the light of God shone upon Saul. You can have all these hallucinations and all these illusions, but it wasn’t the case here. He became blind all of a sudden, he was struck down and knelt, and all of a sudden, he heard his name being called, “Saul!” According to the Jewish custom, the highest way of expressing a greeting, he asked, “Lord, who are you?” Jesus replied, “I am Jesus whom you are persecuting,” and that is when Saul completely surrendered.
2) Acts 9:10. At that time, God already prepared Ananias and attached him to Saul. If you’re prepared, then God will attach an individual that God has already prepared. Therefore, do not worry. If you and if your church are prepared, then God will attach His perfect individuals to you. Or, God will bless the most feeble, weak people in your church. Ananias was so shocked, and he said, “God, he is so infamous and he’s arresting all those who are believers.”
3) Acts 9:15. Jesus said, “No, this man is my chosen instrument to proclaim my name to the Gentiles, to their kings, and to the people of Israel.” That’s something that nobody can do. You just know that that’s how God has called you.

2. God’s Start (Present). Ultimately, we see God’s start, and nobody can block this because it is God’s start.
1) Acts 11:19. At this time, God births the Antioch Church. It’s the perfect timing. According to God’s perfect timing and according to the timing that God has given to you, we see the 237 Center as well as RU. It was so great that Ananias was able to understand right away; otherwise, he would have been hit by God. There is an interesting term here, what do we see here? We see that, because of the death of Stephen, all those who were scattered, gathered.
2) Acts 11:20-21. Before, they were only evangelizing, but now we can see that they were able to do missions.
3) Acts 11:23. All these things we do not see, God’s work and ministry are all invisible, but now we’re able to see God’s grace appear. That’s a very important term. When people see you, they see God’s grace. When they come to your church, they see God’s grace. In the midst of great tribulation, when people went to Antioch Church, they saw God’s grace. Of course, we should not look at people and fall into discouragement, but when we look at others, we can gain God’s grace.
4) Acts 11:26. Then something amazing happened, a great crowd of disciples arose. It wasn’t a great crowd of followers, but it was a great crowd of disciples. Really, it was a work that God was carrying out. What’s even more interesting than that?
5) Acts 11:28-30. When the entire world was suffering from a famine, we see that Antioch Church was greatly blessed because Antioch Church was able to gather so much offering, it even supported the church in Jerusalem. What is it like? It’s like an example of one who is commissioned out as a missionary into the missions field and gathered so much offering, they even support the main church that commissioned them out.

This never happened ever since then, but if I were one of those overseas, this is what I would pray about. If I’m a missionary out in the overseas mission field, I would just get rid of all my motives and greed. If I just get rid of all my motives, people are bound to follow. According to the headquarters trainings, I will raise every disciple, then all the works are bound to arise. When people change, works are bound to take place. God’s hand was with them, and God’s grace appeared upon them. While the entire world was suffering under famine, it was only the Antioch Church that was able to flourish and give support to the church. Why was that? For the sake of world evangelization. Finally, what do we see here?

3. God’s Guidance (Future). So from God’s Preparation, God has prepared my past; and God is guiding my present today; and God leads my future. We see something that is very important.
1) Acts 13:1 (Workers). God selects the workers God is going to use. That’s why we really must pray.
2) Acts 13:2 (Work). They’re worshiping God and fasting and praying, and God reveals the very specific work that they are to carry out. That’s why there’s no need for you to be hasty. The people who are least used by God are those who are most hasty as well as those who lag behind. Really, there are these two extremes, but actually they are the same. One side is very lazy, always lagging behind and cannot be used at all. On the other hand, they are so hasty, busybodies, so God cannot use them, either. They were worshiping the Lord and fasting and praying, so God revealed the work that they are entrusted to do.
3) Acts 13:3 (Place). Even while worshiping the Lord and fasting and praying, God designated the place where they must go, then that’s it. That’s the walk of faith that you must begin. It’s not about whether we need to ask God a question or not; you don’t have to ask God a question. You simply give worship to God in church and God gives you all the answers, and that’s what’s going to happen.

Conclusion ? Anxiety (Health, Finances, Future)
So, perchance, is there anyone who is anxious? Why are you anxious, usually? Health? Of course, that could make you feel anxious. Then, what else? Your financial matters? That may make you feel anxious. All of them put together, you’re so anxious about your future.
1. Miracle of Concentration ? Covenant. It’s the miracle of concentration. May you focus and concentrate on the covenant. The miracle of concentration has been proved by scientists, but the matter is, where do you focus on? The miracle of concentration is already medically proven. I’m not a gullible person, so that’s why unless it’s medically and scientifically proven, I don’t easily fall into it. Also further, unless it is something God said in His Word, I don’t believe it. Even though you give me so many reports, unless I verify it according to God’s Word and prove it medically and scientifically, then I can take in your word. In regards to the miracle of concentration, whether they are medical professionals or psychologists or those who are religious people, they always agree to this, but may you concentrate on the covenant. Secondly?
2. Trinity. It’s not just any covenant, but I told you before. May you concentrate on the work of the Holy Triune God, the fact that He is at work even right now. It’s right now.
3. Identity ? Authority (Throne / Darkness). May you concentrate on using the authority in accordance to your status. Two things will occur. The answer of the Throne will arise and all the forces of darkness will crumble down. So, many medical professionals and scientists come up with theories such as, “You have to concentrate for 10,000 hours and that will change the way you think and it will change your brain.” If that is so, then why don’t we simply hold onto this accurate covenant and concentrate? Are you diseased? It’s God’s message for you to concentrate on God’s power. Do you not see God’s answers? Really, concentrate on God’s important plan. What else? It’s not in vain. Unseen to our eyes, the Triune God is perfectly at work, and that is where we must concentrate on. When you hold onto this covenant and concentrate in accordance with your authority and status, God will mobilize His heavenly hosts and armies, and all the forces of darkness will be destroyed.

This is our final conclusion. May you confirm this over the seven days of the week. The answers are there already, so this is just something you must confirm. This is what is also important. And really, you see the answer, but you cannot misunderstand thinking it’s a problem. I feel so frustrated when I see people like that. God has permitted a conflict inside the church in order to bless the church. However, people misunderstand thinking, “This person is a problem,” isn’t that the case? We can understand if that was the case of Joseph, a case where you’re put into prison because even though Joseph was put into prison, he didn’t fall into any conflict. So, may you confirm.

When you hold onto the covenant, God’s answers are bound to arise. However, people fail when they try to confirm. God packages the true and genuine blessings with hardships and difficulties, but with that, people fall into all these lamentations and complaints. In order to give us the genuine, true blessings and answers, God does package it with some difficulties and hardships. So let’s say there’s a gift that a parent wants to give to a daughter, but the parents are afraid that the son may steal it away. In order to help the daughter to have the gift, the mother may package it and conceal it in a place the son may not see. What’s more important than praying is confirming God’s answers. Even though it seems so trivial, it encompasses the explosive power, but people don’t recognize it.

As I reflect back, I have nothing but to give thanks to God. However, people may just not see it, and I’ve come to realize that maybe that’s the difference. People don’t have the eyesight to see and confirm God’s answers. Really, I don’t do anything else but give thanksgiving to God as I reflect and see all these answers, but I see all these people with torches blazing in their eyes because they’re so concerned and so worried. The one who saw this accurately and was able to confirm this ahead of time was Joseph. Who else? Those were the disciples of the Early Church who were able to conquer everything during the time of completion. Why was that? Because God drove them with the packages of death and tribulation.

If that was so, then I’m sure that all those who were complaining and grumbling in the church would have run away, but that was God’s goal. All those who are nitpicking over their profit and losses, it’s God’s goal to drive them away. Only those who have their spiritual eyes open must see, and only then can world evangelization take place. Therefore, do not fear your tribulation, do not fear the conflicts you are facing, do not fear the problems in front of you. Now, gain your strength because God will take care of the rest. Really spiritually and physically it’s all the same? Yes, it’s all the same. Let us pray.

God, we thank You. Would You grant to us the peace, that You are with us. Would You raise us up as Your witnesses in order to help those who are inside of suffering. God, we thank You so much for You have called us to do what nobody else can do. In our Lord Jesus Christ’s name we pray, amen.