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20200820 World Remnant Conference Lecture 3
Title: Dream ? Absolute Covenant “Enjoy in Advance”
Scripture: None
Speaker: Rev. Ryu Kwang Su
Interpreter: Esther Chang


Link: http://rutc.com/mainplus/message/sunday1_view.asp?vidx=37622&catecd=RA020401&page=1

Remnants, what should you do when you face a great hardship? When you’re thinking, “It’s too hard to go on,” what should you do? It’s at that time that most of the adults crumble, and when you’re facing such hardships because of people, or you’re very lonely, what do you do? There were two among the remnants who had great victory without having hardships, that was Samuel and Elisha. The majority of the rest faced hardships; they even faced death saying they could not go on anymore. But each time, those people, those remnants, held onto something important. There was something they saw in advance within the covenant of God’s absolute sovereignty. It wasn’t just any kind of plan, but it was God’s absolute plan, and they held onto the important things ahead of time. You, too, will receive that blessing, and it’s okay even if it doesn’t come immediately. It’s from this point on that full-fledged, things begin to happen.

[ Enjoy in Advance (Journey) ]
Absolute Covenant
/___Dream___Age (Field) 24 Hour Content
What is dream? This dream is very important, it contains the absolute covenant. The absolute covenant does not change, this is what you must make [into] your dream. Dreams absolutely come true, so if you’re holding onto the incorrect thing, you’ll receive incorrect answers, and if you don’t have a dream, then everything is in vain. If your dream is complicated, then complicated answers come, why? Because dreams absolutely come true, and there is something very important here. What kind of dream must you hold to within the absolute covenant? You’re looking at the age, but it’s not just any age, you’re now looking at the field. From this point on, something important comes to you. No matter how much advancement we have on the internet, if you don’t have this, it’s not going to work. You have this, 24 hour content. It’s 24 hour content.

Now, the content is what’s important. Right now, we’re living in the Age of the Internet, however, that’s not it. It’s about the content. Now, what you possess is important. If that is so, you’ve already seen in advance and you already have the vision God has given to you, then as you see the absolute covenant, you can move forward. How can you enjoy this? The seven remnants enjoyed this in advance. That’s the difference between you and unbelievers. You are enjoying the dream that has yet to come true in advance, and you have to confess with your lips as well; it’s a dream that has yet to come true. That’s why Joseph’s brothers thought he was crazy, and they cursed at him, and they went beyond that; they tried to kill him. But this Joseph enjoyed the dream that had not yet come true. This is the Remnant Journey within the Absolute Covenant. When a hardship comes, don’t be shaken; enjoy this in advance, then a 100 year answer will come, and the more the problems arise, the better it is. When one remnant arose, they created a 1000 year answer. It’s a sure thing. What you see in advance, having in advance, you don’t need much of your own actions for that, but now for your dream, you need your actions. So now, remnants, you have to look at the important present reality.

Introduction ? Present Reality
“Oh, things aren’t working out for me,” that’s your present reality, “”Oh, it’s not going to work out with my family, I’m not even able to get good grades.” You might not say that out loud, but that’s your present reality. “My church is so strange,” that’s something that all seven remnants faced.
1. Small Thing ? My Gospel, My Prayer, My Evangelism. That’s why, starting now, remnants, begin one small thing. What is that small thing? Looking at my family, looking at my field, I realized why I need the gospel. You don’t need great theological revelations. Like the seven remnants, see the present reality and see what you need. Why did my father drink every day and fight with people ever since I was young? Ever since he was young, he did not have the gospel, that’s why that was imprinted in him, so that’s why we have pity on him. That’s what the seven remnants saw. Don’t look for big things; look for the little things, “Oh, this is my gospel.” There is something that comes out from this point on. Find your small prayer. In one sense, even if you just do this once, you’ll receive answers. That’s how it was by my experience. Prior to realizing 24 hour prayer, I didn’t know what prayer was, but the brief prayer I prayed in my heart came back to me as answers, so don’t make it big. Hold to the important thing. “I will stand as a witness in my family,” don’t look for great things, just be a witness in your family. Your present reality is your field, the field we mentioned before, and be a witness there. We call that, “My Evangelism.” You need to put these three things into action. When a problem comes, when you’re worried about something, during those times, find my gospel, my prayer, and my evangelism.
2. Covenant Vision (Dream) Future. Absolutely, within the covenant, you’ve already seen in advance. Within the vision, you already possess this. Then you’ve got the future that will follow you, and what you hold in between these things is the dream, so don’t lose hold of this. Your future comes from your covenant and your vision, but what lies between is your dream.
3. Specialty. From this point on, an important answer will come to you. What kind of answer? Absolutely, it will come.
1) Only
2) Uniqueness
3) Recreation. In fulfilling your dream, God will give you the answer of the sense of expertise or specialty of “only,” “uniqueness,” and “recreation,” so don’t be deceived. You’re not diligently studying, you’re studying what you have seen in advance. You’re finding what God has given to you. But how do you find that? You pray just a little bit and you’ll find it, just a little bit. Even if you just go to church and listen well to the sermon, you’ll find this. People all talk about these special experiences they had, no, that’s all a lie, just go to church and listen carefully to what your pastor says, and you’ll find this. Why is that? Moses didn’t listen well to what his mother said; he listened well to the message his mother gave him. David didn’t enjoy great happiness because he listened to the words the High Priest was telling him; he listened to the High Priest’s message, then this answer will follow undoubtedly. That’s why we’re so thankful and we can overcome when problems come.

[ Answer Power Healing ]
There is something the seven remnants did in the midst of this, what was that? They saw the answer, that’s it. Because you have this answer, it’s okay even if danger comes. Even when a small problem comes, if you don’t know the answer, it’s hard to bear. What kind of answer came? The dream I dreamed while I was young is now coming to me as an answer, and from this point on, what forms? You gain power. That’s why he says, “The LORD is with me,” then you can heal the world. Now, this is your dream. From this point on, you receive this kind of answer.

Main ? [ All Dream ] = 24 [ Age of Aram ]
What does this mean? In all things, fulfill your dream, and from this point on, don’t be deceived. Even the hardships you face will bring about your dream. He thought he was going in as a slave, but he was on his way to Egypt. They thought he was going to prison, but he was on his way to meet politicians. Good things do happen. They thought he was on his way to meet the Pharaoh, but that was world evangelization. All Dream. The important term here is 24 hour content. It gets connected with this all dream. The dream you’re holding onto becomes your 24 hours. It’s not just 24 hours, but it’s the 24 hour dream. That manifests as the content. Then, that’s a sure dream.

“How could you do this 24 hours a day? You need time to eat, too,” but that’s not what I mean. Remnants, you find yourself one day always praying about this. That is a dream God gave you. So, you’ve already found your answer. From this point on, in all things, make your dream come true. The dream that unbelievers talk about, they think that it comes from far away. That’s why they say dreams come true, but those words are not wrong, but remnants, you must remember. What they say is also right, but you have to realize that all things will make your dream come true. That’s why you can use this.

1. 24 Hour Dream Content Start (Posture). The content within this, you have to possess the content of your 24 hour dream. Now, what kind of content will you have? The computer itself isn’t what’s important, but it’s the content, what’s inside, that’s important. We see the important start here. For everything, there is a start, and what do we see here? It’s okay even if hardships come, what is the start? Because it’s a sure thing, you have the right attitude or posture. Going beyond being successful in the future, you must proclaim the gospel through that success, so equip the right attitude. For the content, I’m going to talk about the background of Aram. Whom are we referring to? Elijah and Elisha. In order to explain this properly, I was going to choose one individual, but I decided to choose two. What’s the reason for that? More than being Aram, it’s the Age of Aram. Let’s take a look at the start.
1) Elijah 1 Kings 19:13, 17:1, 18:16-19. If you look at 1 Kings 19:13, we see Elijah’s clothes. It may not seem like much, but that’s his attitude. He already had the attitude and posture of a leader. He wore the clothes of a Nazirite. It would take too long to explain, but this was his posture, his attitude. If you look at 1 Kings 17:1, Elijah stood before the King and prophesized there would be a famine and there would be a drought. He proclaimed that drought. What does this mean? What did Elijah have? The suffering that came from King Ahab was his dream. If you look at 1 Kings 18:16-19, what do we see? He overcomes the 850 false prophets on Mount Carmel. That, too, was not the end. He had a dream, and that was the start of his dream. Remnants, all the problems arising in your life and in your church are the start of your dream. It’s the start of All Dream. Because he had that content, he could overcome.
2) Elisha 1 Kings 19:19-21, 2 Kings 2:9-11. Let’s take a look at Elisha, your attitude is important. When Elijah was facing the greatest hardship, he called Elisha. He should not have stepped forward at that time, but he discarded everything and stepped out to follow Elisha. Immediately, he burned everything and stepped out to follow him. That’s his attitude. Already, he had the attitude of the dream to move the entire world. What did he say? If you look at 2 Kings 2:9-11, everyone else loved their position, material wealth, and what was of benefit to them, but Elisha said, “I don’t need all that.” Do you know what he said? “I vow before the living LORD, I don’t need anything else.” “What is it that you want?” “Give me a double portion of Spirit.” This is the attitude that our remnants must have to fulfill their God-given dream. Let me introduce one more person
3) Obadiah. During the time of Aram, it’s Obadiah. When you look at Obadiah, there is something that our remnants must learn. He was an official of the most wicked king of that age, King Ahab, and simultaneously, he was a disciple of the greatest leader of that time, Elijah. He did these two simultaneously; he really is something, and it doesn’t end there. He hid and raised 100 prophets. Why? Because the king was killing off all the prophets. So you need to begin this prayer. “In the future, I will help many servants of the LORD,” that must become your prayer and you need to have this attitude. What’s going to happen if you’re struggling to even support one church? No, “I’m going to support many pastors and evangelists.” You have to have the right attitude to prepare your vessel. Even if it doesn’t come true, you have to have the right attitude. It’s very important, this attitude.

Honestly speaking, we had made full preparations for the World Remnant Conference, but because of this pandemic, we can’t gather together, and that’s why for the last ditch effort, I called Rev. Jin Park. I said, “Let’s leave out all the praise leaders because the situation is so serious,” so I just directly called Jin Park, I couldn’t call anyone else, so I called him and said, “Send home all the people who are gathered together for camp training. Let’s just have the message.” But they prepared this so well, and everyone was here. We’re going to return all the registration donations. Because of that, yes, we are facing some problems, that’s why we’re asking for your prayers as well as your offering. If not, you can pledge your donation, and it’s okay even if you do that. But even in just doing that, that’s only going to be 1/100th of what Obadiah did.

Why am I saying this? Because you have to give this some thought. Remnants, ever since you’re young, when the church is doing something, think about what they’re doing. Remnants, starting now, take out a tithe from your allowance. Starting now, all the remnants listening to the message, begin doing that. Go to your pastor and go to your churches, and it’s okay even if it’s just one dollar. Give missions offering in prayer. You have to have the right attitude, because if you don’t have the right attitude, you will not receive the right answers. Once you become an adult and the church is doing church construction, you’re not going to be able to give to that because you don’t have anything. The church wants to commission a missionary, but you’re not able to support them? Then what’s going to happen? You can’t do anything, and what’s going to happen if the church is full of people like me? Then the world’s churches are going to close their doors. That’s why I’m saying this.

Now, the dream is the main thing. God already gave you the covenant freely, and the vision, too, was given by God. We just received them for the sake of world evangelization; now, we need to begin enjoying that. That is the journey; that is the real dream. Not the kind of dream you wake up from in the morning. Then, number two.

2. 24 Dream Content Studies. Now, the 24 Hour Dream is the real Dream. Now, the content regarding that, you’re not just starting, but you have to connect that with your studies. What kind of content must you have?
1) Mount Carmel. You have the content of Mount Carmel. Then your dream will absolutely come true, and it’s not just about Mount Carmel.
2) Mount Horeb. You have to have the content of Mount Horeb.
3) City of Dothan. And the content of Dothan. This is the true main content. What do I mean by the content of Mount Carmel? It was the battle between the King and Elijah, isn’t that so? It was a battle between darkness and light. It was a battle of 850 false prophets and one, but who was the mediator there? That was Obadiah. That is your content, do you understand? We’re talking about the content. In serving the LORD, you are serving the church and you are helping out the servants of the Lord. Then, what do we mean by the content of Mount Horeb? God hid 7000 disciples, isn’t that so? So don’t worry, God will change the king. Here, God hid someone named Elisha. Finding them is your content. What else? The Dothan Movement. Then that was it. We have to create this content. That is your dream. What do we see in this content? You know about the city of Dothan, we see the background of the throne of heaven there, we see the heavenly hosts there, and they were able to overcome Aram without fighting. That is your content, do you understand? So, organizing your CVDIP, honestly speaking, even if you just hold to this, it will come true, isn’t that sure? For example, let us say Rev. Jin and I are going to make a contract, and if he’s got the sure thing, I’m going to sign a contract with him. But let’s say a swindler comes to me, even if he tries to approach me, I’m not going to sign a contract with him. All you have to do is just hold to the covenant. Then, number 3.

3. 24 Dream Content Goal. It must be your 24 Hour Dream, and you have to have the content for that, and the one who fulfills it will be God. Now, what’s important here? It’s the goal that takes place after your studies, and there are three important things here as well. Let’s take a look at Elisha.
1) 1 Kings 19:19-21 Personalization. What is this? Personalization. No matter how much grace you receive, if you don’t have personalization, it’s not going to work. Being able to survive wherever you are with this covenant. Your goal.
2) 2 Kings 2:9-11 Establish the Church. The first is First Kings, and the second is Second kings. Establishing in the church. Remnants, you have to save the church.
3) 2 Kings 6:8-24 Establish the Field. Ultimately, the Dothan Movement. What is that? Establishing the field. With the covenant you’ve personally received, save the church and save the field, then that’s it. In that way, be sure of your CVDIP. Last year, I vaguely spoke of the CVDIP, and last year, we just introduced the words CVDIP, and this year, we’re talking about the answer of the CVDIP. If you do it this way, whoever you are, you’ll receive answers. I’m sure you’re with your parents, then your existence itself is a blessing, why? Just the fact that you can share these words of God with the remnants is a blessing in itself. You can serve like Elijah and leave behind these many kinds of disciples for world evangelization is itself a blessing. Let’s come to the conclusion, then you become like this. The dream isn’t just any dream.

Conclusion ? Absolute Dream
It becomes the absolute dream. The dream that people of the world talk about is just about making a good living for themselves, but ours goes way beyond that. It will absolutely come true. What is the absolute dream?
1. God’s Accomplishment. Because God gave it, God will fulfill it. We’re talking about this dream, and you are inside of that. How are you inside of that?
2. Rightful, Inevitable, Absolute. You are within rightfulness, inevitability, and absoluteness, within what God fulfills, within “rightful,” “inevitable,” and “absolute.” You need to go this far.
3. Six Instruments (Yourself). Within the six instruments, what are the six instruments? Your dream is fulfilled as your leverage; your dream is fulfilled as your vessel; it’s fulfilled as transmission. All that Elijah and Elisha did are contained within the six instruments. Ultimately, you’ll go towards nobody and you yourself become a platform; you yourselves are outsourcing. You have to remember, don’t try to make this there; you yourselves are the leverage, isn’t that so? You yourselves are the great lever that moves great things, the lever of Christ. That’s how far you go. Remnants, you yourselves are the vessel, and you yourselves bring about change as the transmission. You yourselves are “nobody,” you are the platform, and you are outsourcing. That’s what happens, that’s the end. So, don’t go looking for this; it’s bound to come. To what extent did Elisha know this? Look at him when Aram invaded. He knew all the movements of the army of Aram. He had gained such spiritual power. To overcome the army of Aram, he overcame them with the armies of heaven. The average people don’t know this, why? Because it only exists in the Bible and unbelievers don’t know. Remnants, you will triumph without fighting, and the messages we have left are the great things that God is doing and we are following after that.

Honestly speaking, Covenant and Vision are given by God, isn’t that so? Honestly speaking, Image and Practice are given by God as well, and you lie in the midst of that. That’s why people of this world don’t know what they’re talking about, and still they say, “You should have a dream,” and they say those things without even knowing what dreams are, but you can’t save the world with those kinds of things. We’re talking about the dream here. Let’s come to the close of our words, enjoy this in advance, and enjoy this in your life as your All Dream. The rest, God will do. Our remnants throughout the nation and the world, may you hold to this great Covenant. Right now, tens of thousands of people are listening to the message together, and already, the Word is being relayed over YouTube. But most importantly, may this be fulfilled in your very lives in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lord, and the great love of God our Father, and the working of the Holy Spirit, upon all the remnants who enjoy the true dream that God gives, be both now and always forever, amen.