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20200819 World Remnant Conference Lecture 2
Title: Vision ? Absolute Plan “Possess in Advance”
Scripture: None
Speaker: Rev. Ryu Kwang Su
Interpreter: Esther Chang
Link: http://rutc.com/mainplus/message/sunday1_view.asp?vidx=37621&catecd=RA020401&page=1

[ See in Advance (Path) ]

Absolute Sovereignty
/___C___Nothing Everything
At this time, our remnants need to see five things in advance. What is the Covenant? It’s the gospel, but how can you see this gospel in advance? You have to view this within God’s Absolute Sovereignty so that you do not commit any mistakes. That is why you can’t find this anywhere else. It’s “Nothing,” it may look as if it’s somewhere else, but it’s not. That’s why all the world is facing problems. That’s why we look to this, everything. Being able to see that in advance. It’s very important, that was yesterday’s first lecture. It’s okay even if you can’t immediately hold this in your hand, because if you realize this covenant, then you’re already on the right path. So accurately, God’s answers will come and you don’t even have to worry about when they will come. That’s the characteristic of the seven remnants. Because they’re already on this path, they need nothing more. That’s why Joseph said, “It’s okay no matter where I am. Moses even said he didn’t need the good conditions in the palace. David said, “The good things King Saul needs, I do not need.” In the case of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, they said, “It’s okay even if we die,” and Esther was taken as a captive, she said, “If I perish, I perish.” The Early Church actually gave thanks for the persecution they faced. This is not about being stubborn. There are many people who are stubborn using this as an excuse, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. This is talking about the remnants who are able to survive no matter what the situation, and the situation doesn’t matter. That was yesterdays first lecture. Today, I will give the second lecture.

[ Have in Advance (Power) ]
Absolute Plan
/___V___Spiritual System Age (Philistia)
Remnants, starting now or even in the future, you need to have or possess this in advance. What did they have in advance? They had this vision in advance, and because they had this vision in advance, they already saw the covenant. They already saw in advance, they could do nothing in the powerful nation, and that was verified. So, what’s happened to Egypt right now? What’s happened to the tremendous Babylon? This is a sure thing, this is what the remnants held onto. Let me say once again, holding onto this is more than enough. The message will continue to come, and if you follow that, then not within your time schedule, but in God’s time schedule, He will use you. Yes, parents need to be careful and leaders need to be careful, but today I want the remnants to be careful. They say, “Why don’t answers come?” Stop asking that question because answers are given by God when you need them the most. If it’s not appropriate now, He won’t give it to you. God is not some petty God or deity. God is the True God, He is Jehovah God, and that’s why, in the most accurate time schedule, He will give you what you need.

If that is so, then what vision must we hold to in advance? It’s God’s absolute plan. I’m holding onto a vision, but if I’m holding onto something that just anyone can hold onto, that’s not the reason why God sent Christ to us. It’s okay even if it comes slowly because this absolute plan absolutely exists. What’s very important here? It has to be the absolute plan that has seen the age. I’ll explain today through Samuel and David. Samuel and David were able to see their vision through the age of Philistia. The important thing here is that they knew there was only one way to overcome all this, and that was the spiritual system. Now, what do we call this? Not only do you know the way, you have power. The seven remnants possessed this power in advance. There are many people who will make a mistake, do we have to go to the mountainside and receive fire from heaven? No, not at all. This is already upon you. Receiving fire from heaven? That’s the direction by which you will receive answers later on, but God’s already with you. That is why, if we just think about it and set in our hearts, then that’s it.

Many people have misconceptions here. “I’ve got this power, I’ve got this spiritual system, perhaps my body might be burning up,” that could happen, but accurately speaking, that’s just one of the results, and perhaps that might just be part of the process, but God already promised countless times that He is with you. It’s just that because we can’t see it with our eyes, we can’t find it believable. If we’re able to see this spiritual system, then we’ll be okay. If we’re able to see God with our eyes, that would be an idol. That is why Christ, too, finished it all, and went up to sit at the throne of heaven, and right now, unseen to our eyes, He is working accurately by the Holy Spirit. It is finished. This is what the remnants must know. Then you gain power, what kind of power?

Introduction ? Field
1. Genesis 41:38. One day, this kind of answer comes, to be filled with the Spirit of God. Why? This comes to you as a result, it comes to you as a part of the process. It is a process on this long path you’re taking, and it is also the outcome of this power you possess. When does it come out? When you go to the important field, also, when things are hard and you’re by yourself. When you’re in a position when you can’t rely on anyone, or when a difficult situation has come upon you, that’s when God works upon you in power. Remnants, remember that. When? It comes at this time.
2. 1 Samuel 16:13. It appeared upon David, the Spirit of God rushed upon David in power. Look at the remnants, at the most important time schedule, this power was revealed.
3. 2 Kings 2:9-11. The power of the double portion of spirit appeared here at the most important time. Remnants, are you facing hardships? If you possess this in advance, God will raise these works in your lives. Is there anyone suffering out there? Right now, God is doing this, and it’s a sure thing. How does it appear?
4. Daniel 6:22. God made it appear upon the remnants this way. God sent His heralds to save Daniel from crises. There is one thing that our remnants must keep in mind before we move on. If you don’t know about this, if you don’t have this power in advance, you will lose to this.

[ The Age of the Nephilim ]
So remnants, you must remember, why does it appear that the three organizations have great power? It’s because they’re filled with evil spirits and they’re doing their work. They’re creating music in a state where they’re possessed by a spirit. What is it now? In a state where they’re possessed by an evil spirit, they’re making masterpieces and in the state of being possessed, they’re making films. What’s going to happen? It’s going to bring about fearsome results. That’s why the entire world is falling over to Satan’s hand, but that’s why if you simply hold onto this covenant, God will work. Now, there is a process that comes from this point on, and you have to change this age.

Main ? All Vision
When you do that, all things change into your vision, that’s what you must hold to. Yesterday, what did I say? Because you’re holding onto this, all things change into the covenant. For those who do not see in advance, when they go to church, everything is a problem, and when they look at people, all the people are problems. However, for those who see in advance, all things are the covenant. You even saw this person doing something wrong, and you’re rather thankful. “Oh, God is telling me to pray for this person, and God wants me to pray for the church.” That’s how you change, but those who haven’t seen in advance will say, “I’m going to leave this church,” and elders may say, “I’m going to leave this church.” Remnants, what’s going to happen? We’ve got parents here listening to the message, if you do that, you’re killing your remnants. Our remnants are doing well, but I wonder. Think about it, you can’t measure that with just a day or a year, but looking at our remnants, all things become your “All Vision.” That’s why I put that in this year’s theme song, all things are the covenant. It’s not someone who’s living their life any way they want, who hasn’t seen anything and talks about this, but it’s someone who has seen this. That’s why David remained unshaken. The LORD is my Shepherd. When was that? When he was walking in the valley of the shadow of death. It says, “The LORD is my fortress,” that’s when he was facing a battle. “The LORD, He is my refuge,” when he was facing a crisis, and when he became king, he said, “The LORD is my King.”

1. Start (Parents, Adult Generation) ? Worldview. First of all, as I said before, all the blessings, our parents and the adult generation are the start. You need to know how important your parents are, they saw this.
1) 14 Generations ? Philistia. Israel was completely being broken down by Philistia for 14 generations. Think about it, how many years is that? 14 generations, they continued to be taken in by Philistia. This is what they saw. You have to make our remnants know this. Even though it’s rightful, you look these days and you know how our nation was occupied by Japan, that means that our nation did not exist. There are many people who rose in opposition, but there were some people who just remained still, and there were some people who just waited. There were various kinds of people, but the problem is that there were people among them who studied, and people who get good grades want to study, and they might be part of the legal profession, they might become a soldier, and there are some who become musicians.

One of those individuals happened to be Ahn Eak-Tai, and think about it, he went to school that way and was the one who wrote the national anthem, but some people say they shouldn’t sing that, and some say they should sing that, and both sides have truth to them, and there are some people who say, “Wow, he went to all these Japanese schools and received a Japanese education and he wrote the Korean national anthem? How can we sing that?” But I want to ask the parents. I believe that this kind of debate can exist, but if we teach that to your children, we will perish. Back then, our ancestors had no strength or power. They did not see in advance that Japan would invade, and we have to repent of that. Even if they did see it, they had no power to oppose it. Back then, Japan was trying to seize China and the entire world, that’s why they had to seize Korea first. That was part of their plan, and that’s what Joseon did not know, and we have to repent of that.

Parents, what do you think? If we teach our children incorrectly, and children, if you teach these children incorrectly, we will be in trouble. Remnants, see this in advance and raise up your power. Of course, we do need to organize things correctly and boldly, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Even if we debate this for the next 100 or 1000 years, we’ll still be overcome. Remnants, you have to see in advance and build up the power God gives you. This is what the parents saw, isn’t that frustrating? So look at this, what did they do?

2) 1 Samuel 1:9-11, 2:1-10, 3:1-4. “God, if you give me a son, I will not raise him. Give me a Nazirite.” Look at the praise she sang after he was born, and I’m sure Samuel knew this as well. Then she sends this Samuel to the temple, and simply put, she sent him out of her home. You know what took place afterward.
3) Psalm 78:70-72, 1 Samuel 17:18. What is this? David’s father Jesse gave what kind of time schedule to his son David? Honestly speaking, shepherding in Israel was the main occupation of the time. Besides that, there weren’t many other jobs. Just like Elijah’s father passing it onto Elisha, Jesse passed shepherding onto his son David. So in 1 Samuel 17:18, it says something important. Jesse said, “Take this on your errand and bring back a pledge or token.” He saw, it was the correct vision. Our parents must pray so that they can give the proper vision to their children. Simply put, this is the important worldview that the parents possess. For us, our worldview is simple: God’s Kingdom, this worldly kingdom, and Satan’s kingdom. If you don’t know this, you will be in trouble. Now, what do these words mean?

] Absolute Plan
If the first is talking about the worldview, the second part is talking about God’s absolute plan. Whether answers come or not, it’s not up to us. If we hold onto God’s absolute plan, then God will absolutely do it.

] Possess in Advance
Think about it, they didn’t just see in advance or hold this in advance, they were able to possess the future in advance. That’s why we put all our prayers together and give out the central message during the World Remnant Conference. So, this is not just up to one person, this is the gathered prayer of all the pastors and all the elders. So in order to possess this power in advance, what must our remnants do?

2. Remnant ? Main Figure. Remnants, in one way, you are the main figures, isn’t that so? So let’s see what the remnants had. In order to possess this power in advance, equip yourself with spirituality and also intellectuality and also equip yourself with skill. This is what you’re preparing. More accurately speaking, God will give it to you, so what kind of spirituality? Look at the spirituality that was given.
1) Spirituality
(1) 1 Samuel 3:1-18. He heard the voice of heaven. Remnants, the moment you hold to this covenant, the moment you really hold to this vision, God will give you His Word, and from that moment, “Not one word Samuel said fell to the ground.”
(2) Psalm 78:70-72. Let’s take a look at this one more, let’s look at the spirituality given to David. It wasn’t just any spirituality. In one hand, it was spiritual power; in the other hand, it was his skill. In one hand, it was faith; in the other, it was life. Look at what took place through these two people.
(3) 1 Samuel 16:1-12 (13). After giving the important covenant, David was filled with the spirit of God. To what extent were Samuel and David?
2) Intellect
(1) Word. God gave intellect to David to the point where he could record God’s Word.
(2) Psalms.
(3) Praise. God gave spirituality and intellect to the point where he could write psalms and make praises, but what’s more important?
3) Skill
(1) 1 Samuel 7:1-15. Through you, God will raise the Mizpah Movement. This is what it means for the remnants to stand as the main figures, and this is your vision, but it doesn’t end with just this.
(2) 1 Samuel 16, 17:1-47. Finally, he breaks down Goliath, but it goes beyond that. They were afflicted by Philistia for 14 generations, but they really made Philistia surrender to them.
(3) 1 Chronicles 29:10-14. He made the preparations to build the Temple that would now house the Ark of the Covenant. This is the covenant our remnants must hold to in advance. You have to have the accurate covenant of seeing why God called you in advance, and starting now, you have to have the accurate vision. Don’t have the incorrect vision; you have to have the accurate plan for the age, and that’s why he gave you power in advance. It’s already for you, but because it’s not matching accurately, you find yourself shaking.

3. Background ? Leader. In one way, it is your background. This is what all the leaders and staff who are raising the remnants must see, and especially pastors need to see this. What did they relay? They relayed this vision. So, make our remnants possess this. There is something Eli did very well.
1) 1 Samuel 3:1-18 (Voice). Samuel heard God’s voice, and he tells Samuel that that’s God’s voice. Even though Eli may have been powerless, he told Samuel, “The voice you heard is the voice of the LORD.” Our pastors, you have to carry out the important role of helping our remnants hear God’s voice. Even though you may be lacking, we can still do this, and from that day on, God begins to answer Samuel. If we give the proper message to our remnants, then holding onto that message, our remnants will begin to receive the accurate answer. Yes, students can receive scars inside the church, and they can receive scars from the family as well, but what you teach them at that moment will change the rest of their lives. If you teach that child legalism at that time, that child will die from legalism. If at that time, you encourage that child with humanistic words, you are killing that child as well. You have to let that child know the accurate covenant, the accurate vision. Isn’t that so? This is very important. Leaders, according to your strange character, if you teach your children, that’s going to determine their future. I always say this, I always tell the American remnants, “Yes, all your words are right, but do you think you can save America with that? Can you? You cannot, then what’s going to happen? That’s not God’s will, you need to save America, that’s why you need to grab hold of this life-saving covenant.

There was this remnant I was raising directly, and he was a very good remnant. But when he went to America, he started shaking. This student got very good grades and was a very faithful believer, but he kept writing things to me, criticizing his pastor. Simply put, he said, “My pastor’s sermon is too hard.” Honestly, if the pastor’s message is filled with life, it’s easy for the believers to receive grace. If the pastor gives a very eloquent sermon, you can receive a lot of grace, but that’s not the proper walk of faith. You want to be a proper believer, now, what’s going to happen if a war breaks out and there is no pastor? You need to be able to survive on your own by God’s Word. That means you have to help the pastor. You have to hold onto the remnants who are shaking because of this, and because he’s very smart, he understood what I said. This conversation, once this remnant becomes an adult, it gets connected with his eternity. It’s so important. Remnants, see how important is the covenant you possess.

2) 1 Samuel 16:1-13. It might sound repetitive, but it’s not. What happened after the High Priest anointed David? An amazing thing happens. What happened?
3) 1 Samuel 16:23. This is not just a coincidence, but of King Saul, he came to see David, and I’m sure he told him even though it was a secret. He didn’t come to criticize King Saul, but he told David about King’s Saul’s state and made David pray for him. What happens afterwards? When David went into the palace to praise, while he praised, the evil spirits tormenting King Saul departed. I don’t look at that as a coincidence. Think about it, when Samuel met with David, do you think he didn’t say a word to him? Without saying a single word to him, he just anoints David and says, “Take care of yourself,” do you think that’s what he did? Think about it, King Saul is alive; why would he anoint David as king? So, Samuel gave a tremendous message to David. So, I don’t know whether David went looking for King Saul or if King Saul went asking for him, but when David praised, the evil spirits fled. The correct message you relay to the remnants will change into the great works of having the remnants chase out the forces of darkness.
4) Ark of the Covenant. I’m sure he told him about how the Ark of the Covenant was stolen from them and how they reclaimed it, why? Because Samuel lay next to the Ark of the Covenant ever since he was young. It was during Samuel’s time of prayer that the Ark of the Covenant was stolen, and afterward, it was returned. There has to be a connection with how not one word Samuel said fell to the ground. That very Samuel told David about the Ark of the Covenant. As evidence of that, David was always worried about the Ark of the Covenant being in a windblown tent, and when the Ark of the Covenant came into the city, he danced. That’s how important it is for evangelists to give the correct message to the remnants.
5) Temple Preparations. He made complete preparations for the temple. See how accurate this is. Remnants, starting now, see the covenant in advance. “What kind of occupation must I have in the future?” If you see the covenant in advance, then God will give you that. Remnants, hold to the vision in advance and build up your power. That power is already upon you, so what I wrote here is just the order. See this age through your parents and also hear this message through your leaders and absolutely build this up. Then we come to an important conclusion.

Conclusion ? Absolute Vision
It’s not just any vision, but we see the absolute vision. That is the conclusion. It reaches here, and in one sense, it’s not even up to you. It’s an answer you must rightfully head towards. You’re not just having a vision; the absolute vision comes to you. What’s the first?
1. Next to the Ark of the Covenant. The Incident of the Ark of the Covenant. The Temple that would House the Ark of the Covenant. This connected these two individuals and it came out as their absolute vision. Right now, our smart remnants, throughout this World Remnant Conference, you need to hold onto your absolute vision. I’m not saying the adults are doing things wrong, but if you can just learn this from the adults, that’s more than enough. Through the adults, you heard well. The world doesn’t have the gospel and that’s why they’re perishing. From behind the scenes, all of our leaders have to give the accurate message, and number 2 [Remnant ? Main Figure], is what you yourself enjoy. You are enjoying your spirituality, intellect, and skill, and you’ll become like that in the conclusion. You see the absolute vision. It doesn’t just end there, but what arose?
2. Mizpah Movement. The tremendous Mizpah Movement. Through you, this is God’s absolute vision. After the Mizpah Movement arose, something very important arose, and it was for the first time in their lives, an incident arose that surprised the entire world.
3. The Incident of World Evangelization (Goliath). What was that? This young remnant David broke down Goliath in one shot, that means he completely conquered Philistia. Ultimately, what arose through those remnants?
4. Ark Movement. We saw that this movement arose, and we also call that David’s Temple. So in one way, they raised a movement to really reinforce Israel. This is when they moved the Ark of the Covenant there, so this is not just any story, but this amazing movement arose so that through you, you can really save the cities and the fields.
5. Temple Construction Movement. Not only did they move the Ark of the Covenant, they built the proper Temple to house it. If you hold to the covenant properly, then your churches will live. Why? Because that’s what the coming age will be like. So now you have to have the important thing to be able to do this in our third lecture. Undoubtedly, that’s why God has called you.

So, we’re in a situation this year where we’re not moving around a lot. We don’t have a time where we can really praise and pray together. If that is so, then we have to really understand God’s plan and hold onto the message and pray and meditate. One word of caution, don’t try to find this immediately, but holding onto the five covenants, continue to pray about them and make it so that it will work for you. While preparing for the remnant conference and seeing the things that were being done, it really made me pray a lot. This coronavirus pandemic is getting worse, and it could even stop at this time, but it continues to increase. The surprising fact that really shocked me is that Rev. Jin Park who was leading this Remnant Movement tested positive, and I’m sure it wasn’t just me, but all of us were praying for him all night long because it’s not just an average problem.

This wasn’t just his personal problem, but it was a problem for all the remnant movement. All the people who were participating in the retreat at that time had to be tested, and whether they tested positive or not, they all had to be quarantined. Yewon Church was put on the news as a church that spread this virus, and the more serious point is that I, too, would have had to quarantine for 14 days, so it affects everyone. But the bigger problem? What would we do about the world remnant conference? Thankfully, he was able to get a retest and we realized that the first was a false positive, so he tested negative. I still can’t tell whether that first test was a false positive or whether he actually got the coronavirus and God healed him overnight. It’s either one of two things, but the sure thing is that God made this possible so that we can all listen to the message together. May this be the important time schedule where all of you receive 100 years worth of answers. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the great love of God the Father, and the working of the Holy Spirit, upon all the remnants who will save this age, upon the remnants who are holding onto this great covenant of power, who will see in advance and possess in advance, be both now and always forever, amen.