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20200819 World Remnant Conference Lecture 1
Title: Covenant ? Absolute Sovereignty - See in Advance
Scripture: None
Speaker: Rev. Ryu Kwang Su

Link: http://rutc.com/mainplus/message/sunday1_view.asp?vidx=37620&catecd=RA020401&page=1

Going beyond our World Remnant Conference, I believe that this year, it is our World Remnant Family Conference, and through the next five messages, may you, on your own, find your personal mission. Once you find your personal mission, you’ll be able to see your journey; that is internship. Then, you realize what you must prepare for your life; that is forum. Of those five messages, I will now give the first. What was the most important thing for the remnants? Of course, it is Christ, it is the Covenant.

Covenant ? Absolute Sovereignty “See in Advance”
Within this covenant, there is something that the seven remnants had first. There was something that they held to first, within God’s absolute sovereignty. This is something that our remnants must ponder over. Our parents need to think about this even more. Our many leaders must take this as their mission. From our CVDIP, the Covenant, the first thing that these remnants had was that they saw in advance. The remnants who moved the world saw in advance; that’s what’s important. This must become your first and foremost covenant.

You might think of this as being very difficult, but it isn’t. When we consider the Darakbang evangelism movement, our pastors and I saw this in advance. Our older pastors like Pastor Jin Park saw this 30 years ago. They saw in advance, that this was the important movement in the Bible, and it’s the people who saw in advance who moved the world, so remnants, take a careful look at this

1. Powerful Nations. Why was it the powerful nations? Because they saw in advance, that’s why they became a powerful nation. It’s the same thing, worldly-speaking.
2. Three Organizations. What our remnants must know are the three organizations. These three organizations were there originally from Genesis 3, they saw in advance what they needed to do to conquer the world. This, then, is not your average problem. While the churches are squabbling over petty things, these people saw the strategy for conquering the world in advance, but this is what Israel was not able to see.
3. Israel (Enslaved). Because Israel was not able to see this, they became enslaved.
4. Church (Old Frame). Now, as you well know, because the churches are not able to see this, they’re still stuck in their old frame, and no matter how renowned they may be, they will lose. That’s why God called the remnants and we have this remnant conference

[ Remnant Slave Captive Colonized ]
Each time this happened, the remnant arose, and these remnants were able to see what the adults could not see. They saw what adults could not see; that’s why they had no choice but to stand as leaders. If that is so, then you, too, can see this. These seven remnants saw this quite easily. The people without the gospel saw in advance. That’s why spiritual problems came. Now, the remnants saw the spiritual world and that’s why they were able to save them all. What was it that the seven remnants were able to see in advance? It’s a simple thing. They knew why they were enslaved. The answer becomes very simple. This is what Joseph saw and what Moses saw. Remnants, it’s very simple. All the renowned people in the world are actually enslaved by Satan. Largely speaking, they’re bound by these three things, the seven remnants saw this: slavery, captivity, and colonization. Even now, the entire world has become slaves, captives, and colonized by Satan. But those who held to the covenant in advance absolutely received answers.

Remnants, what you need to think about is, in about 10 years, we’re going to see some strange things happening. What will happen in about 10 years, after you graduate from the university, you will not be able to get a job, and if you don’t see in advance, you will be in trouble; these people have taken it all. Remnants, you have to see. You have to see things spiritually; you have to see where this world is heading towards. It’s not difficult at all, the seven remnants saw this and were able to save these people. Rapidly over the next 5-10 years, this is going to come. Right now, immediately we see that department stores are losing to online shopping, and in a short while, problems are going to come to the banks as well. The bank employees are trying to rally against that, but rather, the employers like that because if the employees rally, the banks can just cut them. Things are changing, hospitals are going to close their doors as well. Already, tremendous things are happening. The key to all this is that, all the world’s finances are being world by these people in the three organizations, then we’re really in trouble. These people created all these things filled by evil spirits, and now they’ve seized the world with that, but it’s at this time that God has called the remnants.

“How can I see the things that will arise in the world in advance and save them?” That’s what we need to study. I’m a little sorry to say, but someone graduated from Seoul National University, passed the bar exam, and became a lawyer, then a judge. It’s such a necessary and essential job; however, they will not be able to be in the stream of moving the world’s finances. That’s the kind of serious age we’re in. If we’re not careful, then just a handful of people will seize everything as we enter into the fourth industrial revolution. So, at this year’s World Remnant Conference, we’re going to see five things, the things we must see in advance, what we must see in advance in regards to the covenant, and what we must see inside the vision. Those are the important things we will see. Within these five things, we have to find our mission, internship, and forum. Of course, the leaders will speak to you, but what’s more important than that is that you need to find this on your own. Let’s see how they found this.

Main ? Background of Egypt
1. Start ? Parents (Adult Generation) (Problem). The start of seeing in advance. We see that the start was all with their parents. We’ve got our parents here as well, and I’m not just saying this, but when we say the “parents” we’re talking about the adult generation. It’s something you have to really be cautious of. Don’t try to teach your own things to them; then, it’s going to be too late. One parent said, “I think because my child has entered puberty, he locks himself in his room and doesn’t even come out.” I’m sure the parents are listening to this right now as well, “There are times he even locks his door. I’m really worried; I don’t know what he’s doing in there.” The adults and parents may look at that as puberty, but it’s not. Already, the opinions that the parents have don’t match with that child. Does that make the kid a bad kid? Not at all. So, what it is that our adult generation must always remember is that, we cannot teach them our things. Think about it, it’s our last opportunity. If I teach Rev. Ryu’s character or things, then these kids will fail. These things need to uncover the things of God, but the characteristic that our remnants must keep in mind? When slight problems come. More than when good things happen, when bad things happen
1) Genesis 37:1-11. When a family problem came, Joseph was able to see something that no one else could see in Genesis 37, he saw the world evangelization that not even his brothers could see. As you well know, take a look at this.
2) Exodus 2:1-10. You’re familiar with Moses. Already, the nation had fallen and everything was broken. It’s at this time that God allowed Moses to see the most important thing, in advance, before anyone else. You’re familiar with this, but why am I explaining this to you again? Because it’s easy, it’s not a difficult thing. I don’t know about anyone else, but our Rev. Chung Eun Joo is from the countryside, and I’m from the countryside. What does it mean? It means that while we were growing up, times were hard, but it’s that environment that formed a person like him. We weren’t just going back and forth from church; things were very hard back then, but this enabled us to see the tremendous things regarding world evangelization. While I was going to church ever since I was young, I realized that things were hard in my field, my home, and my church. That’s why I held to the covenant in advance.

At first I thought, “I’m not going to live like that,” but now that’s changed. “That’s not God’s will.” That’s how I changed. “The church being so weak is not God’s will. A believer not being able to evangelize and serve their church isn’t God’s will. We’re so poor and so weak; how could that be God’s will? We should be able to do world evangelization.” That’s the covenant I held to when I was young, but that one thing brought about so many things. We’ve got our parents here as well, your children will become great individuals, so do not teach them your things, but teach them the things of God.

In the midst of that suffering, Moses’ mother did not teach her own things to Moses. That’s our Remnant Movement. One thing I’m very thankful for this time is, in the past, when we had the World Remnant Conferences, my heart was always beating so fast, and there were times when I would see all the remnants gathered together, and that would bring tears to my eyes. Especially when our remnants would come in and plant that flag, it would really bring tears to my eyes, but this year, we’re not able to see that kind of conference. That’s why we have to surely hold to the message.

All our remnants, throughout the five lectures, you must see the answer of our CVDIP, but what’s the very first thing that you must hold to? Being able to see in advance. I’m not saying you should become like this, but every once in awhile, we see kids graduating from prestigious universities and not be able to succeed. I’m not saying that you should become like that, but there are those who graduated from a not-so-good university or didn’t even graduate from university, and they succeeded in the world. It’s because those people saw this, seeing in advance is very important. “What must I do in the future?” Our remnants need to be able to see this in advance, and tomorrow’s second lecture, you need to possess this in advance, so don’t lose hold of this at all. Even though you don’t have immediate answers, make this your prayer topic. As you well know, I’m not going to go through all seven remnants in detail here.

3) Exodus 18:1-21. But you know here, who was this? Elder Jethro. When he saw Moses, he saw something important. Look at these many parents and adults that come from these scripture passages.
4) Joshua 2:1-16. The prostitute Rahab had no power or capabilities, yet she saw what God was doing in advance, and that’s where the great works took place.

Today’s first lecture, I’m going to explain it with the background of Egypt, and our second lecture, I will explain with the background of Philistia. Our third lecture will be the background of Aram, so it becomes easy to understand. It’s going to contain things you must not lose hold of. The fourth, Babylon will be the background, and from there, you’ll find all the answers. Our last and fifth lecture will be the background of the Early Church of Rome. That’s the entire story of the Bible. It’s very important.

2. Remnant Who Does Not Need Help “All Covenant”. Now, you don’t need any help whatsoever. Why? Because you don’t need help, we call this “All Covenant”. It’s not about what’s my covenant, everything, it’s all the covenant. Once you see what you need to do in advance, everything becomes the covenant, and from here, three important things come.
1) Nothing ? Everything. You may have nothing, but God will guide you. It’s not that you don’t have any help; you don’t need any help. That is the seven remnants. Through the parents, you receive a lot of grace and much of the covenant, but the real things come from God. This is how you receive this. This becomes the important path for you to see in advance. What’s the second thing?
2) Everything (Incident). In your life path, all these things will be fulfilled through incidents. Let’s take a look at Joseph.
(1) Genesis 37:1-11. In the family, it may appear he was facing hardships in his family, but that became the covenant.
(2) Genesis 39:1-6. He went as a slave.
(3) Genesis 40:1-22. He was put in prison.
(4) Genesis 41:1-38. Ultimately, he became the governor. What is this? This is all the covenant. Remnants, starting now, if you see what you need to do in advance, then everything becomes the covenant. An important answer now comes to you, what kind of answer?
3) Three Summits. You gain the mystery of prayer, we call that the spiritual summit. You now have the mystery of prayer, and within that experience stems your studies. We call that the skill summit. Now, through you, masterpieces will be made that will save others. We call that the cultural summit. The three summits. Of all the covenants, before the end of the conference, hold to your covenant. See what others cannot see in advance. What is your great prayer topic for this year’s conference? Set in advance what you will do in the future. Once you see that, then that’s it.

Remnants, as you well know, look at Bill Gates. He’s a member of the New Age movement, and in one sense, he’s the Nephilim, but he uncovered this. “What must I do in order to lead this age?” He even made these things by dropping out of college, but that overturned the world. So remnants, absolutely, this is prepared for you. So what’s the most important thing for this year’s World Remnant Conference? See in advance what God wants to give to you, then the second lecture will automatically follow. You’ll be able to possess in advance. Think about it, what you see in advance, how do you possess that and move forward with that? Possessing it in advance is the vision because you’ve already seen, you’ll see in advance and possess it in advance. Simply put, what is it? You see in advance what God wants for you the most. There is no greater answer than this. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing right now. Even if you’re a slave, it doesn’t matter. Just see in advance what God wants you to do the most in that field and begin, then you will succeed, and from that point on, tremendous things happen.

3. Fulfillment of the Message (Leader). You’ll see the message being fulfilled, the fulfillment of the message, but how does that happen? Let’s take a look at the Bible.
1) [Genesis (Answer)]. He received the message, but what kind of message was this? It was the message of Genesis from his mother. The message Moses received from his mother was Genesis. The story of Joseph is written in detail, but who recorded that? Moses did, what that means is that Moses was very familiar with the covenant. If remnants realize in advance what God wanted to do through them, then absolutely everything becomes the covenant. What that means is that, everything is connected to the gospel. A problem arises in your family? That becomes the fulfillment of the gospel. Indignantly you were taken as a slave? That becomes the fulfillment of the gospel. A great problem arose and you were thrown in prison? That becomes the fulfillment of the gospel. The important individual who arose afterwards was Moses, and Moses recorded all of this. From here, we see all the answers. From this point on, God’s Word is given as well through Genesis. What is that? Exodus.
2) [Liberation ? Form] Together with exodus, we see all the answers and liberation. If all the answers are within Genesis, then all the forms are within Exodus. This is how the message approaches you. Remnants, don’t lose hold of the message at all. From here, we see what our leaders need to do. Remnants are important, so don’t try to teach them; give them the accurate Word. So, these five lectures are going to be very important. Seeing in advance, how to save the world. We have our many assistant pastors who are listening to the message, you have to see how you’re going to save the world in advance. “I’m an assistant pastor,” or “I’m a senior pastor,” but how am I going to save these people? Seeing that in advance. If you don’t see in advance, you lose hold of tremendous things, and it’s not a difficult thing at all. Think about it, there are so many good assistant pastors out there.

Simply put, when you go to your churches, there are areas and departments you are entrusted with, perhaps the Sunday School or the Youth Group. In just a few days, I ended it all. “I’m going to save the kids with this.” When I prayed that prayer, God gave me that answer. What did I uncover at that time? The Darakbang meeting. No matter how many events you have with these kids, it’s all in vain. I realized that if the word does not go into these kids, then I’m doing something wrong. Through that, countless answers came. I asked this person, “What would happen if you opened up your home so that we can gather students here and do the message with them?” That person really loved it, so I found several of those kinds of homes. At first, I went to each of those homes, and next, I sent the teachers. I, too, was surprised. The church was turned upside down.

I intentionally went to large homes, but what’s more important? Around that area were six schools in Busan, but surprisingly, in front of each one of those six schools, there was one of our church member’s houses. These were the houses I would pass by and think, “Wow, this is an awesome house,” what that means is that these were houses that could gather more than 30 kids. That’s all I did, but later on, we had thousands of meetings. Hold to that in advance. Remnants, this year’s prayer topic is, “How can I do world evangelization through my studies?” For all of our pastors, “How can I save this church?” You have to decide on that. All of our elders, don’t just be an elder, but settle in advance, “How am I going to really save this one part, this one church, this one region I’m part of?” Then the Word will continue to come to you. What came from there was Leviticus.

3) [Worship]. Worship came to life, Leviticus is about worship, and the Word will continue to come to our remnants. Then what came?
4) [Disciple]. Numbers, it’s disciples. What’s more amazing?
5) [Imprint, Root, Nature]. Deuteronomy, it’s Imprint, Root, and Nature. Deuteronomy is about the imprint, root, and nature. In this way, they completely overcame Egypt. Simply put, all seven remnants were like that, but the answer that Joseph and Moses received in advance was how to save Egypt. How is that? It’s already before you. It’s not a difficult thing, they’re already in Egypt, so that’s the covenant they held to. However, they were able to refer to the words their parents told them. Now, holding onto this covenant, in one sense, they didn’t even need their parents, because immediately, God gave them direct answers through “All Covenant.”

Remnants, I’m not just giving a message, but look carefully at the Bible; you have to carefully seek this out. What the remnants must find first? Being able to see in advance, then the Word will continue to come to you. Let me tell you once again, what the remnants must remember, “I don’t need any other thing. Loneliness is okay,” why? “Because I can start with nothing. All things are in the covenant,” and? “I will stand as the three summits.” Tell the parents, as we’re all listening together, “Don’t try to teach your things.” Be the most cautious of that. The grave mistake that our parents commit is that they keep on looking at their kids from their level. That’s a mistake. These remnants are at a much higher level than that, and that’s what our pastors nationwide and worldwide must be careful of. Don’t try to each with your thoughts, your level, and your things; you have to teach them the Word of God that moves the world. Then, we come to the important conclusion.

Remnants, once again let me tell you, now is not the time to worry about your studies. If you’re not careful, you might take my words as saying, “Don’t study,” but that’s not what I mean. After finishing with this year’s World Remnant Conference, study properly. Continuing to do that, that is your mission, internship, and forum. Think about it, if you participate in the World Remnant Conference, you’re world-class. Think of it this way, “While participating in this year’s World Remnant Conference and listening to the five lectures, my life will completely change,” and don’t worry about your studies, and it doesn’t matter if you’re living in Korea or overseas. Do what you love the most, what you like doing the most.

1. Things You Like, Things You Do, [Things You Don’t Do]. Keep these things in mind as you find it, as well as the things you don’t do. What should you do if you want to do something that you don’t do? Think about it, even when it’s music, there is one area that you don’t do. This, in one sense, is the first principle of the Jewish education. Jewish people say, “Don’t follow what everyone else is doing; you won’t succeed that way. You’ve got to create something else that others aren’t doing, and to start, begin with what you like and what you’re good at.”

2. 10 Large Streams. Absolutely, enter into the 10 streams. There are ten flows that are moving the world right now. Take your studies and become aligned with that. Simply put, where are 70% of Harvard graduates? On Wall Street. Quickly read the stream. Think about it, 70% of Harvard graduates are on Wall Street, and you have to quickly catch onto that. What is it that the three organizations are holding onto? With one app, they’re moving the world. The skills for the app aren’t the issue; the issue is the content, and these are the things you need to begin praying about, because world class individuals will come from our remnants, so be very cautious and do these three things. Some parents, as they’re listening to the message, may think, “What’s wrong with my kid?” But don’t think that way.

I remember saying this last week as well, there was a young kid who kept begging his mother saying, “Please buy me a camera,” and most parents will say, “You’re not ready for one,” but his mother bought one for him. That already makes her different. This kid was so obsessed with this camera that he skipped school. Most mothers at that time would probably take away that camera, isn’t that so? Think about it, “I bought you this camera and you’re not even going to school?” But his mother said, “You’re going to have great success in this area in the future.” That’s not your average mother, and that’s why a person like Steven Spielberg was created. So parents, don’t pass rash judgment and jump to conclusions regarding your children. Among our remnants who receive training, nobody knows what kind of individual will come out, and also tell the remnants, stop making excuses and don’t go looking for help. Completely enter into this, the “All Covenant.” The many leaders, don’t teach your own things, but relay God’s important message to the remnants. You are a child of God; you are different, then you’ll be able to uncover an important thing.

3. (Inventions) ? Uncover (God-Given Thing). Worldly speaking, they call these inventions, but more accurately speaking, you are uncovering this. Why? Because God is giving it to you. That’s what people of the world say, “I’ve discovered or invented this,” but for us, we are the remnants who are creating the things God has given to us. Look at the Wright Brothers. They thought about planes when they saw a bird flying. Look at Stevenson. He thought about the steam engine as he saw a lid moving up and down. That power is tremendous. Think about it, it’s the cooks who have seen the tops of lids moving up and down even more than him. Isaac Newton saw an apple fall from a tree and thought about the law of gravity. Think about it, nobody knows what’s hidden inside of our remnants. For Bill Gates, he saw a computer monitor, and he created something tremendous with that. There were computers before Bill Gates, but they weren’t able to have the content inside, but Bill Gates found it and moved the world with it.

We’ll have five important points in our messages. The first? Find this in advance. Finding this in advance becomes your most important key. This year’s World Remnant Conference is a time where many people are not able to see so many things. We don’t have those great times when we can gather together and praise together, so trying to uncover God’s will, we said, “This time, let’s surely hold to God’s message, let’s absolutely find what belongs to us in advance,” and that is our first message. Our remnants throughout the nation and the world, may this be a time when your life changes and you uncover this new thing in the name of our Lord Jesus. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and the great love of God our Father, and the working of the Holy Spirit, upon all the remnants who will save this age, be both now and always forever, amen.