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The Biblical Evangelism Strategy that Remnants must know Part XVIII




A.U.C. (American University of California- Presently Remnant University) where the resources for Biblical evangelism and world evangelization are being collected




Original Author: Rev. Kwang-su Ryu (President of the World Evangelization Evangelism Alliance)


Written by: Assistant Pastor Kyung-do Park (Gwangju Yeil Church)




“The tiger leaves behind its hide after it dies, but man leaves behind his name.”




             On the last Saturday of each month, my mother, who is a nutritionist by profession, prepares a feast for dinner. Of course my father lends a helping hand by raising the overall atmosphere by stating, “There’s a definite difference between a chef and a nutritionist. Don’t eat for taste. Eat for health!”


             As soon as the whole family was gathered around the short-legged table, my father took a small chalkboard and wrote in his large handwriting “Evangelism Resources,” which is the theme for this month. All last month, I thought about what the best evangelism material was. So I bought an assortment of the evangelism booklets and gave it to five of my friends and included a postcard with my handwritten testimony.


             After school, I went to the post office and sent the parcels by registered mail and when I returned home, I showed my family members the receipt. My mother smiled, cleared her throat saying, “Ahem, ahem” then proceeded to recite a short poem.




             Do not hasten to kick the coal briquette.


             For were you


             Ever a source of passion and heat for anyone? 




                                                                                - Do-hyun Ahn’s “I Ask You”




             My brother and I stared at each other in utter bewilderment, and at this, my father cleared his throat and said,




             “The tiger leaves behind its hide after it dies, but man leaves behind his name.”1)




             The coal briquette leaves behind its ashes, the tiger leaves its hide, and man leaves his name. There’s no question about that, but what relevance does that have at all? My father, as talkative as he is, did not proceed to say anymore. Instead, he looked at us looking at him in confusion, and told us to think about it carefully one more time. What is the relationship between the coal briquette and its ashes, a tiger and its hide, and man and his name? I thought about it carefully. And after some time passed, I had a faint idea as to what this statement meant.




Do you have evangelism resources that the next generation can look to and follow?


             There are many famous theological seminary schools and reputable universities. Then, for what reason has God allowed the establishment of the American University of California (A.U.C.)2)? If we are evangelists, we must absolutely consider the reason and meaning behind this. This is because the ministry for the evangelists living in the 21st Century in leaving behind the resources and materials explaining the solution for the future and commemorating the Biblical evangelism content and method for the evangelists and next generation is an urgent ministry that must be undertaken. The purpose for the establishment of the A.U.C. is to fulfill the commission of preparing materials and resources for the Biblical evangelism strategy in saving the region, evangelism materials to help churches and denominations, and materials that will not only save unbelievers and the next generation but will also largely benefit the nation as a whole.3)


             A.U.C. is the place where the theses written by pastors, laypeople, and even pastor’s wives about the field and ministry of the evangelism disciples and the fruits of Biblical evangelism are collected and displayed. For this reason, A.U.C. serves as the engine in pulling forward Darakbang in its entirety through the special lectures that are given every year in the spring (America) and fall semesters (Korea).4)


             In attempting to provide specific grounds for distinguishing between the collection of evangelism resources, first, there is the gathering of materials for religious reformation (Mt. 16:13~20). Second, there is a collection of materials for the Biblical evangelism strategy (Mt. 28:16~20). Third, there is a collection of manuscripts of witnesses for the next generation (Acts 1:1~11). Fourth, there is a collection on the establishment of evangelism theology (Rm. 1:1~17). Fifth, there is a collection of materials for political, economical, societal, and cultural reformation.5)


             The purpose for A.U.C is not simply in learning scholarly theories and obtaining a degree; it is in laying out the content of the Biblical evangelism movement that began in the 21st Century for our next generation. For this reason, it is an undisputed fact that leaving behind a collection of evangelism resources is a ministry that must be undertaken not only by people in America, but by pastors throughout the world, as well as Remnants.6)




Evangelists must leave behind evangelism disciples and evangelism resources wherever they go!


             What is the reason why we must collect evangelism resources at A.U.C.? This is because we must save the region in which we are situated through the regional strategy. In addition, we must help the churches and Christian denominations. Ultimately, we must leave behind important materials that will help unbelievers and the nation at large. There is no exception—this commission applies to Remnants as well.


             This is not a far and distant future. The Remnant Journal and prayer journals that Remnants write in every day are resources for evangelism. We can record our daily evangelism schedule, pray, and continue the evangelism camp. By holding onto the pulpit message and inscribing the Word of God for the field upon our hearts, the poems that we write about the grace that we have received like David, the praise that we sing like Martin Luther will become evangelism resources for the Remnants that no one else can imitate.

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