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The Meaning of Authority (Acts 3:1-12)


* Most Christians absolutely pay no mind to their authority.

We have the authority to break Satan’s power, for angels to be ministered, and the Holy Spirit to be at work. Jesus mentioned them at the beginning (Mark 3:15) and the end (Mark 16:15-20) of his earthly ministry. He spoke about authority to the laypeople (Luke 10:19). It was evident in Apostle Paul’s ministry (Acts 13:1-12, 16:16-18, 19:10-20). You must understand the meaning of authority with these three things in mind.


1. Prerequisite conditions which you must not lose hold of

1) Authority comes from above. There is absolutely no need to keep unbelief. Our standard of measurement in Christian life is God Himself.

2) Christ has restored us. Matthew 28:16-20 says that all authority in Heaven and on earth has been given to Him. Colossians 1:13 says that we have been delivered from the authorities of darkness. Philippians 3:21 says that all creation bows to this Name.

3) There are authorities granted to believers. Think what would happen if you do not use them or if you use them the wrong way. If you use the authority of Christ, God will be at work.


2. When will this authority be manifested? Authority will appear through prayer.

1) Prayer is a spiritual science (Rev. 8:3-5).

2) When you pray, the Holy Spirit will be at work, the angels will be ministered simultaneously to bring the forces of darkness to their fall.

3) See what happens when scheduled and continuous prayer were done in the Bible. Authority is manifested, and we can use it. One day, the answers will come accurately. Prayer is an all-inclusive package. Prayer is complete. Prayer makes all things possible. The answer will accurately come.


3. When will this authority be manifested? Such authorities are manifested when you evangelize.

1) The filling of the Holy Spirit will come upon you as power. The Heavenly armies as chariots and horses of fire will be ministered to bind the forces of darkness.

2) There was a man who was born crippled. One could not change his fate by any means other than the authority of the name of Jesus Christ.

3) We can serve others in many ways: physically, in material ways, and with our time. But the greatest form of servitude is to change another’s fate by the authority of Christ.


Conclusion: What to restore in your life

1) Restore scheduled prayer, which is to enjoy the blessings of Immanuel. Find the filling of the Holy Spirit that is best suitable for you.

2) What should you pray about? You must include the seven blessings of the believers in your prayers.

3) What must you pray for? You will discover prayer topics in the midst of your prayers. You will find the direction for your daily lives and everything else.


-If your thoughts and your inner nature are filled with “the complete Gospel,” answers will come even if you do not pray like this. Laypeople, do not let your hearts remain troubled because of your scars. Enter into the complete Gospel. Laypeople leaders, do not feel burdened because of your work. Completely make them into blessings in the Gospel. Pastors, do not consider your ministry just as a part of your job. Go for it before God!

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