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Extra Form

God-given Wisdom (Acts 5:15-21)


1.What to live for

-we need wisdom. Why? We need to it immediately for your life. 

1)Genesis 1:27 - We are spiritual beings

2)Joh 10:10 - Evil spirits destroy, through success and ways of the world. 

3)Zechariah 4:6 - if we ant to change the world, don’t follow the world; Only possible by God’s power. 

-Not by my mighty or power, but by the Spirit!

-Americanization is not Gospelization. 


2.Why we don’t pray

-we know that prayer can change you and your parents. Why don’t we pray?

1)We do nto believe in spiritual matters, e.g. the evil spirits and the working of the Holy Spirit. 

2)We do not understand how the spiritual world works. 

-It is spiritual science. If we pray, the answers take place. 

3)We have yet to experience the power of the Holy Spirit. 


3.True wisdom

1)True wisdom leads us to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

-True wisdom recognizes the guidance and work of the Holy Spirit. 

2)True wisdom is discovered when we finally believe (Moses at age 80). 

3)True wisdom is accessible when we really pray.

-If you don’t ask wisdom, you make a wrong choice. 



-Communication amongst believers (forum)

1)In the other flow, we will live as a slave to the world. 

2)When free from your bondage, we will enjoy heaven.

3)Wehn each person follows the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we understand one another. 

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